Max grabbed two plates of grilled ham and cheese sandwich with french fries that Oleg passed through the kitchen window. As Max turned around and prepared to deliver the plates to the customers, she saw a familiar figure come in the entrance. "Oh no..not Mr. Snow White. And with a skanky girl too!" Max scanned around the diner. "Is Caroline there?" She asked Oleg in a hushed voice.
"Yes, she's here...marrying the bottles of ketchup. Why, wazzup?" Oleg asked, raising his left eyebrow.
"See the table at 3 o'clock?"
"Wanna-be white jock and anemic Kim Kardashian?"
"Yup, you got it! Except the wanna-be white jock is Caroline's ex-boyfriend."
"You gotta be kidding?" Oleg exclaimed in amazement. "Maybe I have a chance with her, after all."
"If you see Caroline about to leave the kitchen and head to the dining area, give me a signal.
"What kind of signal?"
"You think of it, while I bring these plates over to the table of yellow hipsters over there. Do something very Oleg, so everything will seem normal."
"Remember, Oleg. Signal!" She eyed Oleg to make sure he understood. Oleg nodded.

"Two ham and cheese specials for sharing." Max lay the plates down on the center of the table. She pulled a bottle of mustard from her apron's front pocket. "And a side of mustard. Enjoy!"
Max heard a megaphone blast loudly through the entire diner. "Max, mi amor!" Oleg announced in a deep husky voice.
"What the?" Max darted her eyes towards Oleg. Oleg pointed at the kitchen door. He mouthed: CA-RO-LINE.
Max started swearing. "Shit! Shit! Shit!" She rushed to the kitchen door, just as it swung open.
Without thinking, Max put her hands over Caroline's eyes and nudged her slowly back the door to the kitchen.
"What are you doing, Max?" Caroline removed Max's hand from her eyes.
"I need to talk to you about something." Max said in a hurried tone. Her mind was racing for ideas.
"Right now at work? We can talk when we get home, silly." Caroline dismissed, and proceeded to the door.
NO! Max pulled Caroline back, placed her arms around her head, closed her eyes, and kissed Caroline on the mouth. Caroline froze for a second and stood motionless. Then, she tilted her head and pressed her mouth onto Max's.
Oleg watched the girls making out. "Free live girl on girl action. I love my job!" He beamed. "Do you ladies need any help? This can become even more interesting, you know?"
Max raised her middle finger at Oleg's direction.
Oleg giggled. "Ok, I get your drift. You enjoy exclusivity."

Max pulled her mouth away. "Ewww, tongue! Gross!" She grabbed a paper towel and wiped her tongue frantically. "Do I look French to you?"
Caroline's cheeks were blushing a rosy red. "Sorry, I got carried away. We can do it again. No tongue this time, I promise."
"No, Caroline. This never happened and we are never going to talk about it."
"But Max, it's good to talk these things out. You can't keep your emotions bottled up. Frankly, I'm flattered that you have a thing for me." She chirped in a high-pitched voice. "You don't have to be ashamed. Katy Perry and her millions of fans think it's cool."
Max put up her hands. "Whoa, I don't have a thing for you. You're not even my type!"
"Oooh, I smell a cat fight brewing. Can this day get any better?" Oleg murmured, watching the two girls intently.