Hey everyone Riley here with my newest story, I kinda had this idea for this story maybe about halfway through my last story, 'MVC3 Tokyo Vacation'. And this one is going to be about me, a normal eighteen year old guy trying to fit in at a new school with other students that who are, let's says 'different' or 'talented'. [PS: And this story doesn't follow my other two fics.] {PPS: So me and a bunch of other characters are in Grade 12 and it's our final year. Mostly everyone will be 18 or 17 years old.}

[NOTE: Most of the cast will be students and some will be teachers. And other character from other Marvel comics and Capcom games that were not in UMVC3 will be in this story. Just as Extra's] (Now with the story)

*It's 8:14am on this Monday morning and it's the first day back to school. I'm standing at the subway station in this new city that I moved into about three days ago. I look around and see a bunch of people wearing suits or casual clothing. Compared to me, I'm wearing a baggy Breaking Benjamin t-shirt and black jeans and I have a binder filled with paper and a few pencils & pens. And I keep coming back to that phone call yesterday.

[Flashback 6:34pm]

*I'm sitting on the couch watching a 'Big Bang Theory' marathon, and then suddenly my phone starts ringing.

Me: "Who the hell can that be?" I say as I get off the couch and walk across my living room and grab the cordless phone and ask,

Me: "Uh...hello?"

Man: "Yes is this Riley Ironstand?" A man with a deep sounding voice asks,

Me: "Yeah that's me." I reply,

Man: "Hello sir, I am calling to see if you registered at 'UMVC Highschool' this morning?"

Me: "Yes I did, I filled out the forms this morning and they told me that the first day is tomorrow and that I should be getting ready."

Man: "Ok I was just making sure. And have a good day sir"

Me: "Ok thanks."


*I suddenly get knocked back into reality by people passing me because the train has arrived at the station. So I quickly get on the train and find a seat and I put my 'skull candy' headphones on and turn my iPod on, and after a few short minutes we take off and I think to myself,

Me: ("So I guess my new school life begins then...")

*After around twenty five minutes, the train stops and I grab my binder and walk out of the train and I see a two signs: 'MVC Highschool - left. Downtown district - right.' So I turn left and after two blocks I see a huge school with other students driving into the parking lot or walking towards the school. I take one deep breath and I walk towards the school.

Me: "Wow this place is huge."

*I say while looking at the three story school. I walk into the school and I immediately notice some strange, A lot of the students and staff here look different,

Me: "Wow, everyone here look like they belong in a videogame or a comic." I say to myself.

* I walk down the main foyer area and I get to the office, and some teenager opens the door and walks pass me and our shoulders make contact.

Me: "The hell is your problem?" I say to the brown-haired boy wearing a blue winter coat (for some reason) and blue jeans.

Boy: "Get out of my sight!" He tells me and then he walks to the front doors and leaves.

Me: "Jeez, who pissed in that kid's cornflakes?" I say under my breath.

I walk in and ask for my class schedule. They hand me a piece of paper with my locker combination and a list with my classes on it:

Period 1 – Science 30 (Gr.12) w/ Mr. Magneto [9:00am – 9:55am]

Period 2 - Spare (No Class) [10:00am – 10:50am]

Period 3 – Math 30 w/Professor X [10:55am – 11:50am]

[LUNCH] [11:55am – 12:55pm]

Period 4 – Gym 30 w/Mr. Haggar [1:00pm – 1:50pm]

Period 5 – Music 30 (Guitar Class) w/Lord Raptor [1:55pm – 2:45pm]

Period 6 - English 30 w/ Ms. Crimson Viper [2:50pm – 3:30pm]

Me: "Looks like I'm going to have a chaotic day." I say as I leave the office and I end up bumping into a student who looks to be about 18 years old. He's wearing a red coat & Black jeans and boots and he has shaggy, white hair.

Boy in red: "Hey watch it."

Me: "Oh sorry dude."

Boy in red: "Never mind...Hey, are you new here?" he asks

Me: "Uh...yeah."

Boy in red: "The names Dante. Welcome to MvC high." [Couldn't think of a good name for the school LOL]

Me: "Thanks."

Dante: "No problem." He says while extending his hand out to me. And we shake hands. "Hey do you mind if I see your schedule?" He asks,

Me: "Uh...sure." I say while handing him the paper. And his eyes quickly scan the paper.

Dante: "Oh sweet."

Me: "What?"

Dante: "Looks like we have period 1, 4 & 5 together."

Me: "Really! Sweet." I reply and then we hear,

Voice: "Hey Dante, there you here."

*We turn and see another boy who looks about 17 walking towards us. He was brown spiky hair; he's wearing a blue sleeveless bunny hug and blue shorts. And he has a red scarf covering the bottom half of his face.

Dante: "Hey Strider!"

Strider: "Who's he?" he asks as he stands beside Dante & me.

Dante: "New kid. His name's Riley."

Strider: "Nice to meet you."

Me: "Same to you."

Strider: "So Dante, I heard that you hooked with Laura during the summer." He says while lightly punching Dante in the arm.

Dante: "W-w-who told you that!" He says while blushing.

Strider: "Morrigan posted it on everyone's wall on facebook."

Dante: "*Grrrrrr*...That god damn Succubus!" He says while clenching his fist.

Me: "Well, what classes do you have Strider?" I ask him and he hands me his schedule and I see that we have period 1 & 5 together.

Strider: "Are you new to this city or only to this school?" He asks me and I reply with,

Me: "I just moved to this city just a few days ago."

Dante: "I've been here my whole life. I know this town like the back of my hand." He says while holding out his hand, then he says, "When the hell did that get there!" And the three of us laugh. Then the bell goes off and then Dante says,

Dante: "Alright c'mon you guys, Mr. Magneto has a short fuse for student who are late for class." And the three of us walk down the hall looking for the classroom.

*Hey everyone, I hope that you enjoyed this chapter and in the next one we'll see how the rest of the day goes at my new school. And I'll probably meet some new friends and faces. Review or Favourite if you want. So until then, see you around.