Hello Riley here and I am so sorry for the long wait with the last chapter but I'll try to get back on track. Anyway in the last chapter the gang & I had a huge fun snowball fight and a lot of things happened & and now this chapter will take place on Christmas day! YAY! LOL

*It's early, and I mean very early on this morning of December 25th. Everyone is sleeping in their own spots, likce Chris & Morrigan are in his room, Dante & Laura are in one of the guest rooms, & so are Strider & Felicia. And as for Phoenix & I, we're sleeping on the couch in the living room. And it's around 6:12am and of course whose voice fills the house,


Laura: "Ugh...Felicia, it's six in the morning! Go back to bed!"

Dante: "Laura, be nice."

Phoenix: "Did have a good sleep honey~" She whispers to me.

Me: "Of course babe~" And we quickly kiss.

*And then we get up, I'm wearing short & a t-shirt while Phoenix is wearing a very baggy shirt of mine & some pyjama pants. And we walk out to the living and we see Felicia sitting right infront of the tree like most little kids do on Christmas Day. She's sitting while her eyes scan for gifts with her name on them. Then we hear,

Laura: "So everyone is up & about?"

Dante: "Yeah."

Chris: "Yup."

Morrigan: "Yes."

Me: "Wait? Where's Strider?"

Strider: "I'm here. Sorry but I was recovering from Felicia's sudden outburst of energy this morning."

Dante: "What happened?"

Strider: "She jump out of bed so quick that she kicked me and I fell face first on the floor."

Felicia: "Oh yeah, sorry about that honey." She says while hugging him. And he sighs & hugs her back.

Laura: "So when do we start opening gifts?"

Phoenix: "Should we wait for Vergil & Joni?"

Me: "I think it would be nice too. But, I hope they don't take forever." And then right on que there is someone knocking at the door.

Chris: "I'll get it."

*And he leaves to the front door and mean back in the living room every is sitting around the tree, while Dante & Felicia are holding up their gift and gently shaking the boxs trying to guess what they got. And every just facepalms because these two are acting like their little kids.*

Chris: *opens the door and see's Vergil & Joni* "Merry Christmas you two."

Joni: "Merry Christmas."

Vergil: "Yeah, happy holidays." He says with a bored tone of voice. And Joni gently elbows him in the ribs.

Joni: "Vergil, you said you at least try to sound happy."

Vergil: "*sighes*"

Chris: "Well c'mon on in." And they take their shoes & coats off and join all of us in the living room.

*Everyone sits around looking for their gifts and after we get organized every gets their gifts and we start to open them.

Laura: "hm? From Dante. I wonder what it is~?" She says with a smirk & Dante smiles. She opens it and she gets two new tank top's a red & black stripped one & a light blue & white one. And a dark brown winter jacket.

Laura: "Aww thanks Dante." And she hugs him. And he hugs her back. And now Felicia is clawing her gift from Strider who is face palming by her actions.

Felicia: "What did I get? What did I get! OMG IT'S SO CUTE~!" She says while cuddling a giant stuffed teddy-mouse that Hiryu got for her. And that brings a smile to his face.

And now with Phoenix who is opening one of her gifts from me.

Phoenix: "I wonder what it is baby." she says while winking at me. And I smile, then she opens the box and she she becomes speechless.

Me: *Smiles* "so...do like it?"

Phoenix: "Like it? I LOVE IT!" And she glomps & hugs me tight*

Girls: "What? What is it?" And Phoenix holds up a diamond ring. And the girls surround her and starts squealing in joy.

Dante: "Holy shit, how did afford a rock like that?"

Me: "Well, before I moved here, I had a really high paying job back in my hometown and I had a lot left in my bank account."

Phoenix: *hugs me* "Thank you so much babe."

Me: "No problem Jean."

*And then after everyone opens their gift, we clean up all of the wrapping paper, cardboard & plastic. Then theres a knock at the door.

Dante: "Hm? Who can that be?"

Strider: "I'll go get it." And he goes and opens the door and Zero is standing there in dark red winter coat and he has his hair up in a pony tail, but the front is let down. "Zero? What are you doing here?"

Zero: "Chris, texted me."

Chris: "Hey Z. Hm? Where's Hsein-ko?'

Zero: "She's left a week ago." He tells us.

Everyone: "WHAT?!"

Zero: "She never really was a student of our school. She was a exchange student that came here from China for the semester exchange program. And our goodbye was very...heart breaking." He says while looking at the ground.

Morrigan: "Oh yeah...I forgot that she wasn't a real student at our school..."

Felicia: "I'm sorry to hear that Zero. I knew how much you & Hsein-ko loved eachother..."

Zero: "It's ok you guys. I knew this day would come but...I just didn't want it too." And we begin to comfort him and we spend the rest of the day hanging out and trying to cheer up Zero.

HELLO FANFIC! I'm so sorry for the super long wait, I don't know why I haven't written anything for the last MONTH! I hit a writers block and I couldn't come up with any ideas during that time. And then this one hit me. So, yeah sorry. Anyway in the next chapter, we'll be going to a New Years Party at Tony Starks. See you then! :D