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"A wolf, a wolf!" Draco yelled as he rung the large cowbell in his hand.

He watched as people, families even, ran from their houses and out onto the village field where he stood watching over the flock.

"My boy." said one of the male villagers. "Where is this wolf you speak of?"

A smirk appeared on the young shepherd's face. "You fools, I would have thought you've learned by now, but still you come running like moths to a flame every time I ring this atrocious bell."

Draco was suddenly strung up from his collar by a large man who didn't seem too pleased with his antic. "You little shit. I have had it with you and these false alarms. If you were my child I would punish you."

"If I was your child I would punish myself." Draco retorted.

"You son of a-" That man had raise one of his hands, ready to strike the boy, but was quickly stopped.

"That's enough, Mr. Dursley," spoke an old woman, "Yes, what the boy has done was wrong but it would be even worse for an older man to hit a mere teenager."

The man let out a disgruntled grunt before placing the shepherd back on the ground.

"Draco, dear," said the old woman, "This entire village's wealth depends on our livestock. If anything were to happen, to any livestock, including these flocks of sheep; it could send the entire village spiraling into poverty. That's why we take it so seriously whenever you go off ringing that bell. You have to stop with these childish pranks and ring the bell only when you see an actual wolf. If not we most likely won't come in the event of real danger."

Draco rolled his eyes at the old woman's remark and mentally mocked her. "You'll come running no matter if I'm in danger or not because you're all idiots."

He watched as the townspeople went back to the village, angrily glaring and cursing back at Draco as they did. The shepherd shrugged off their heated glances and remarks and turned around to go back to watching the sheep. His body knocked into something hard which sent him falling to the ground. Draco looked up to see what obstacle had caused him to fall, and found himself staring into the most beautiful green eyes he had ever seen.

"I'm sorry. I thought you were aware that I was behind you," said the owner of those gorgeous pupils. The man offered his hand which Draco hesitantly grabbed. As he was pulled up to his feet, the shepherd quickly allowed himself to glance over the man's appearance. He was quite handsome; his body possessed a slightly tan glow, which seemed to complement his green eyes and dark hair beautifully. He wore a pair of black trousers that seemed tightly bound to his skin; and a white blouse which had a few buttons unloose and allowed Draco to see a glance of the man's chiseled chest.

"Who are-" Draco quickly cleared his throat as he realized his voice had come out a bit too raspy for his liking, "Who are you? I surely never had seen you in the village before."

"Really? I've been here in the village for about a week though I don't live here. I am just a passing stranger who decided to stay for a bit as he found the sights here..." The man paused and allowed his eyes to linger on Draco's body, causing the shepherd's skin to flush. "Interesting."

"Well, that's all good and nice, but that still doesn't tell me who you are," Draco said; trying to avoid the man's gaze. He couldn't explain it but it was something about the way the man looked at him that seem to send his heart racing.

"Harry," the man finally introduced himself.

"Harry, is it? Well, I'm-"

"Draco Malfoy; the little shepherd boy who likes to pull pranks on the villagers."

"I am no boy; I turn 17 this upcoming month." Draco pouted.

"I'm sorry," Harry apologized, though there seemed to be an amused smile on his handsome face. "Tell me then, shepherd man, why do you enjoy ringing that bell so much? Do you really get enjoyment from seeing the villagers rush out of their homes time and time again?"

Draco thought over the man's question. "No, not really, in fact I beginning to grow quite bored with ringing this bell every day."

"Then why?" Harry asked.

"I can read." Draco simple stated, "Everyone in this village is illiterate besides me. I read books constantly, practically every day, about far off places, creativity, inventions, and new ideals. If the villagers knew how much the world had to offer they would feel like idiots, which they are. They grow up believing that this entire town is where it begins and ends for them but it's not. Outside this town is a world full of knowledge and things just waiting to be discovered, and the villagers would know that if they just bothered to pick up a book once and a while. They deserve to be treated like idiots, so I will continue to ring my bell and make fools out of them to prove it."

"Sounds like you hate it here."

"I would rather be in hell," Draco coldly remarked.

"Then why don't you leave?"

"It's not that easy. I have no real means of travel, no useful skills that I can use to gain money, no map to tell me-"

"Those are all excuses," Harry quickly interrupted, "If you really wanted to do something it doesn't matter what obstacles are in your way, you will still find a way to do it. The truth is that you're scared."

"So, what if I am?" Draco yelled angrily while staring into the man's eyes; though he wished he hadn't as those pupils seem to once again sent his heart a fluttering. "I'm sorry I can't be a brave wanderer like you but going to new places and meeting new people is frightening. I mean I have never been out of this village, I have never known anyone other than the villagers here. I don't think I can go out into this world by myself, alone, completely surrounded by the unknown and nothing to familiarize myself with."

"You can come with me."


"You can come with me," Harry repeated. "I know the ways of the world and I can teach you what I've learned over my years of traveling. You'll be able to fit in better with my help and you wouldn't be alone because you'll be with me."

The looked on Harry's face was guileless with a small glimmer of hope twinkling in his lovely green eyes but what the man was offering just couldn't be real. Harry was given Draco a chance to see the world, something the boy has always wanted to do ever since the day he had picked up his first book. But reality couldn't be this kind; it couldn't let him have what he always wanted without paying some type of price.

"You know what, I shouldn't have offered. You clearly don't know me well enough to just go traveling across the land with me," Harry chuckled; though it did nothing to hide the disheartened tone in his voice. "It was nice talking to you, Draco."

The man walked away from the shepherd and into the woods, probably going off to a place that Draco would never once again be offered to see.

Throughout the entire day, Draco mentally argued with himself whether it was good or not for him to take on the stranger's proposal. One minute he was congratulating himself, thinking it was good he hadn't accepted the man's offer. He really didn't know this Harry fella. For all he knew the man could have been some type of psychopath. Hell, Harry probably wasn't even his real name just something he made up to lure unsuspecting villagers, like himself, into following him so he could do god knows what once they were in private. But then the next minute, Draco was yelling at himself for not taking the stranger's offer. The man had basically given him the chance to live out his dream. Not to mention of all the people he could go out into the world with, there were far worse choices than the handsome stranger; and seriously what were the chances of a man that gorgeous being a killer?

In order to give his mind a break from thinking, Draco decided to have fun with the villagers once again. The moon was out, a full one at that, and the shepherd knew that most of the townspeople would be very angry this time around as they were most likely getting ready for bed.

"A wolf, a wolf!" Draco cried as he shook the cowbell in his hand. The shepherd's waited for the villagers to come pouring out their houses once again, but none did, not even a simple light in one of the house came on.

"A wolf, a wolf!" Draco yelled louder while shaking the cowbell even harder. Again, there was no response.

"Looks like they're not coming, Draco."

The shepherd turned around and gasped. It was the stranger, Harry, except he looked nothing like he did earlier that day. He had somehow grown taller, Draco didn't know how, but that man had grew about 6 inches since the last time he had seen him. His shirt was gone and that chiseled frame was now illuminated by the moonlight. And his eyes, those beautiful green eyes from before were now yellow and glowing brighter than a lit fireplace.

"Harry?" Draco questioned.

"You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this moment." Draco shivered in fear as he noticed the long fangs inside Harry's mouth as he spoke. "Ever since I entered this village, I wanted you. But you kept ringing that damn bell, alerting the villagers. I waited for days, hoping that during one of your pranks the townspeople would decide not to come. You were right, Draco, the people in this village are stupid. I didn't expect it to take them this long not to come to another one of your false alarms. However, the fact remains that they didn't come this time, which means I finally have you to myself without worrying about being interrupted."

"Wh-What are you?" Draco asked as he felt fear course through his bones.

"I have many names." Harry replied. "I am often called a monster, others say beast, some even say a miscreation."

"Are you a demon?" The shepherd asked.

Harry chuckled. "No; a wolf."

With speed clearly unknown by man, Harry pounced on to the shepherd causing the two males to fall on to the ground. Draco gasped once he felt his back hit the cold, wet grass beneath him. Harry noticed the man's parted lips and pushed his tongue inside the shepherd's sweet, wet mouth.

Draco let out a heated groan, a groan that shouldn't have happened considering his current situation. The wolf's tongue was swirling around in his mouth, mapping out every region inside his wet cavern and sucking vigorously on his own pink appendage. The action should have felt foreign, bad, wrong even but it didn't. Every twirl of the wolf's tongue set his heart racing, his body shivering, and a sudden twitch to his hardening cock.

Draco shook his head away from the wolf, breaking the kiss and the trail of saliva that hung from their lips.

"You wish to eat me, don't you?" Draco rasped.

"It's true, I hunger for your flesh, but not in the way you think." Harry suddenly flip the shepherd over with such great speed that it took Draco a few seconds to realize that he was now facing the ground. With his long claw like nails, Harry slowly began pulling off the young shepherd's trousers.

"What are you doing back there?" Draco cried as he tried to remove the wolf's hand from off his behind. With using only one hand, Harry grabbed onto both of the man's arms holding on to them tightly so they wouldn't stop him from finishing his task.

"Help! Wolf! Wolf!" Draco cried.

"No use calling out for help. No one will come, they don't believe you," Harry said with a wicked smile plastered on his face. He had finally rid the shepherd of his pants and before him laid the man's delicious pale ass. He rubbed his free hand softly over the man's buttocks before carefully placing a single digit inside the man.

"Ah!" Draco screamed as he felt something foreign enter him. He didn't know what it was but he felt it stretching him causing him to feel an odd yet slightly painful sensation. "Wh-What are you doing?"

"Calm down." Harry spoke, "It will feel good soon. I promise." The wolf continued pushing his finger inside the man; resisting the urge to growl in approval as it felt the tightness and warmth that surrounded his digits. His finger finally hit something round and firm deep within the man, causing the shepherd to suddenly shake violently and release a powerful scream.

"My god, what was that?" Draco panted. He didn't know what had just happen but the wolf had touched something inside him that caused his vision to go white and his penis to be suddenly attacked by small waves of pleasure.

"That is how I plan on making love to you" Harry said as he slid his finger out of the man's ass, "but in order to do that I would have to prepare you properly which requires two hands. Do you want me to make you feel that intense pleasure again?"

"Yes," Draco stated without a second thought.

"So, if I let go of your hands, you'll promise not to try and fight me?" Harry questioned.

Draco nodded. Harry smiled and let go of the shepherd's arms which fell limply to his sides. With his now free hand, he spread the man's cheeks apart and lowered his face so he was now directly staring at the man's pink, twitching, entrance. His tongue came out and circled around the hole before diving straight in.

Draco let out a tiny squeak as he felt something wet and smooth enter him. He turned his head to see what had replace the wolf's finger and turned bright red once he saw the wolf's faces buried deep into his anus.

"No, not there. That's disgu-ugh!" Draco let out a large groan as felt the tongue twirling around inside him, stretching out his walls before hitting the spot that had caused him such great pleasure before. "Harry!" The shepherd moan louder as he felt the wolf's tongue now jab mercilessly away at that sensitive area.

Harry purposely abused the shepherd's prostate. He went from taking quick thrust to making slow long licks on the sensitive flesh. He wanted, no needed, to see Draco cum as well as make him feel like he was losing his mind in the process. And considering that the shepherd's was now shaking violently as well as sputtered a list of incoherent words he had already succeeded on the later and was about to accomplish the first.

Draco's body felt like it was on fire, his breath was coming up in short pants, and his stomach was twitching intensely. The shepherd didn't understand what was going on with his body; no one had ever done this or made him feel this way before. He body was thrashing with pleasure, his entire flesh suddenly now more sensitive as the wolf swirled his incredibly large tongue inside him. Yet, despite how good he felt, it just didn't feel like enough. He needed something to push him over the edge, even though he didn't understand what the edge was. Harry hit that delicate area inside him once again and felt a something like liquid fire pushed down from the pit of his stomach and went straight to his dick. The shepherd screamed, probably loud enough for the whole village to hear, as he felt something white and hot shoot out of his penis and onto the ground below him.

Harry removed himself away from the man's ass and allowed himself to enjoy the sight of the shepherd experiencing what was probably his first climax.

Draco let out a whimper as he felt the last of his seed spill out onto the ground. He then turned around, shaking slightly, and looked into the wolf's eyes. If it was possible, they looked even hungrier than before.

"My, my, my, what an amazing sight you make," Harry said as he stared down at the flustered man below him. "Flushed skin, beautiful face, and nice redden cock that seems to already be coming back to life despite the intense orgasm you just had; but what's this?" Harry's hand rested on the shepherd's gray blouse. "This won't do; you're still clothed."

A loud rip, broke through the air and Draco didn't have to look down to realize that the wolf had shredded his shirt.

"Much better." Harry grinned as he stared lustfully at the now fully nude shepherd. "Now that your entire body is revealed to me I guess it is only fair that I do the same."

The wolf took off his pants and Draco gasped at the man's rather large cock. It was probably about the same length as his except the wolf's member looked so much thicker. It was fully erect, bright red, and the head and shaft were both covered with pre-cum which seem to glisten in the moonlight.

"Would you allow me to put this inside you?" Harry asked as he held the base of his harden member.

"That?" Draco questioned as he couldn't imagine such a large thing being placed inside him.

"It will hurt at first, but then it will feel so good. Even better than the pleasure my finger and tongue has brought you."

"Better," the shepherd moaned as he couldn't even fathom something to feel better or even as good as what he had experienced only seconds ago.

Draco nodded his head and Harry quickly took a hold of his hips. He then looked towards the village and growled. "What's wrong?" the shepherd asked.

"I hear people coming," The wolf said angrily; his eyes suddenly glowing brighter than before. He got off the ground and picked Draco up bridal style. Before the man could even blink, he found himself and the wolf hiding behind a tree that was only a few distances away from the field they had just been lying in.

"How did you-"

"Shh," The wolf quickly hushed as he stared out into the field. He saw two people, a man and a woman, walk out onto the groung with lit lanterns in hand.

"Why are we even out here, Mrs. Mcgonagall?" asked the man, "Obviously, this is just another one of Draco's pranks."

"I don't know about that, Dursley," remarked the old woman, "He sounded serious this time and did you hear those screams."

Draco felt something pressed against his entrance. He looked down and saw the wolf's penis slowly entering him. He let out a strangled groan.

"Hush, if you make a sound they'll find us, and I don't think you want them to find you like this." Harry whispered.

"Don't you think we should at least wait for them to leave first?" Draco said, his voice coming out in pants as he felt the wolf's member pushing further inside him.

"Nonsense, I won't have my mating interrupted by two nosy humans." Harry then thrust deeper inside the shepherd, fully sheathing himself inside the man.

Draco had to bite his lip to keep himself from screaming. The wolf's cock was so big that it stretched him to the point that he almost felt as if he was about to break. It was a painful feeling but slowly he began to feel it go numb.

"My god, Dursley look at this!" Draco was no longer looking out on to the field. He was too busy concentrating on the wolf's face as well as the being's member inside him. However, from the sounds of it, the two villagers must have found something interesting.

"Remember," Harry whispered into the shepherd's ear. "All it will take is just one little sound and they'll find us."

"It's his clothes." Draco heard Mr. Dursley speak.

Harry pulled out of Draco leaving only his head inside the shepherd's entrance before quickly slamming back in. Draco dug his nails into the wolf's shoulder and buried his face into the creature's neck to prevent himself from letting out a loud scream. Harry's cock had hit the nerve deep inside him with force; which had caused a strong and intense tingly sensation to be sent straight to his own length.

"It looks like they've been torn."

Harry took another thrust inside the shepherd.

"You don't think a wolf has gotten to him?"

And another.

"I see no other possible explanation."

And another and another and another, to the point that Draco was sure that the man's shoulders must have been bleeding at how deep his nails were digging in to them now.

"Quick, let's go back to the village and round up a mob to go searching for him...or what's left of him."

Draco listened carefully to hear if the two villagers were gone, all the while Harry continued thrusting into him with great animal-like speed and powerful strokes. When he no longer heard footsteps, Draco let out a tiny whimper which quickly turned into a scream as he allowed his body to sing out the amazing pleasure he was feeling. His vision was now completely blurred and the only thing he could hear was the sounds of his own moans as well as the wet sound of the wolf's cock fiercely plunging into his body.

"God, you feel so good!" Harry growled. The shepherd's was so tight, every time he pulled out of him it felt like the man's muscles were trying to cling to him so that his cock couldn't leave Draco's ass. It was such an exquisite feeling and the hot heat that was offered from being inside the tight entrance only added more to the sensation.

The two fucked intensely for what seemed like hours but could have only been for mere minutes. Both trying to give as much pleasure as they received. Finally, Draco could no longer hold back anymore.

"Har...ry...I need..." Draco could only say in pants.

"Cum, my mate, let the entire town hear me bring you to your completion."

Draco closed his eyes and let out a scream so loud that he was sure that it had alerted the distance villagers of his and the wolf's location. His seed sputtered violently on the wolf's chest while he tightened his muscles around the creature's length as he rode out his orgasm. The sudden increased tightness of the male's ass sent Harry over. He let out a powerful howl before releasing his cum deep inside the shepherd's ass.

Draco felt amazing. His entire body felt tingly and his mind felt hazy yet clear all at the same time. He wanted to enjoy this sudden euphoric glow his was feeling, but was stopped from doing so as he felt the wolf quickly pull out of him and placed him back onto the ground.

"Quick, we need to go." said Harry.

"Go? Why?" Draco questioned; suddenly confused at the wolf's strange behavior.

"I'm pretty sure we alerted the villagers of our location and it will only be a few seconds before they come here with torches and pickaxes in hand. We need to leave now."

"Leave..." Draco stated, before staring back at the village he had spent his entire life in.

"Do you still not wish to come with me?" Harry asked; his face now suddenly taking on a hurt expression.

Draco looked at the man before him. The man who was a wolf, the man who probably had many more secrets that the shepherd wasn't aware of, but also the man who had caused his body to feel such wonderful things, as well as the man who was now offering him to live his dream.

Draco grabbed a hold of the wolf's hand. "No, I want to come with you." Harry smiled.

"But I think I should put on some clothes-Hey!" Draco yelled as he was once again picked up bridal style by the wolf. Harry then began to jump from tree to tree, moving farther and farther away from Draco's village.

"Don't worry; I'll give you clothes once we get to my mansion."


Harry looked down at the shepherd's puzzled face and laughed. "Oh, there is so much you'll soon learn about me."