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Huge warning: This features Marcophilia

Draco fell down into the winter snow. He no longer had the energy to walk through the harsh blizzard. He was cold, hungry, tired, and knew that soon he would be dead. Draco was surprised he had lasted so long in the outside world being as tiny as he was. He was only 3 inches tall, no bigger than a thumb, but even despite his small size his parents had loved him dearly.

That was why he had been so angry when he had found himself kidnapped by a group of frogs during his slumber. They had wanted him to be the groom for their king's daughter, but of course, Draco did not comply with their plans. He escaped from the frog's castle injuring a few guards as he did. Once he was sure he was off the frog's land, he began searching for his home, praying that it wasn't too far away.

He had spent hours, days, and now weeks searching for his home and still he had yet to find it. Now, here he was; lying in the snow, completely exhausted, and waiting patiently for death. He saw a white feather fall from the sky and smiled before closing his eyes. The angels had come, and now it was time for him to leave this horrible world.

Draco heard the light sound of a bird cooing, and the feel of warmth surrounding his body. He opened his eyes, his vision blurring at first, but slowly they cleared, and Draco saw that he was no longer out in the cold but in a house. He looked down to see that he was lying on a wooden table, and was blanketed by a white cotton napkin. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a small plate full of berries and nuts. With a growling stomach, Draco quickly got out from beneath the napkin, and ran towards the plate of food.

Draco grabbed a piece of a particularly bright red strawberry, and shoved the portion of fruit into his mouth. He let out a satisfied moan, as he tasted the berry's sweetness on his tongue. "Ah, so you're finally up."

Frightened by the sudden voice, Draco quickly turned around to see who was in the room with him. He stared into the eyes of a giant, though he quickly reminded himself that it was not the man who was big, just he who was really small. The man smiled at him, his green eyes seeming to twinkle behind his glasses as he did.

"Please don't be afraid of me." said the man, "I don't wish to hurt you, just want to make sure you're okay. Your body felt so cold after my owl brought you here, that I had almost taken you as dead"

"Owl?" Draco said, as he looked around the room. He then spotted a familiar white owl perched on top of a book case nearby. "I remember that bird. I help fixed one of his wings only days ago."

"Oh, so that's what happened." The man said as he stared back at the owl. "I had let Hedwig fly around outside, but when he didn't come back right away, I began to get worried. However, days later he came back with a small bandage wrapped around one of his wings. I guess I have you to thank for that."

Draco felt his cheeks heat up, as the man smiled down at him. "Who are you?"

"My name is Harry, and this is my home. It's not much, but I suppose to you it may look like a mansion, being that you are such a small creature. I hope you don't mind me asking, but are you a pixie?"

"No, I'm a human, a small one," Draco bitterly stated, "but still a human. I was living with my parents until I was kidnapped by frogs during my sleep. I escaped, but since then, I haven't been able to find my way back home."

"Do you, perhaps, know what village your home was in?" Harry asked. "If you do, I could easily take you there by carriage."

"No, my parents never talked about the town much; this is the first time I have every left the house, so I don't know what my village looks like."

"How sad. I wish there was something I could do for you." Suddenly, an idea popped into the Harry's head, "I know, why don't you just stay here with me?"

"What?" Draco said, shocked by the man's kindness, "Are you serious?"

"Yes. I doubt your presence here will cause any trouble, plus it's the least I can do, considering you did to help save Hedwig."

The owl seemed to hoot in approval.

So, Draco stayed with Harry, and during his stay, he discovered many things about the man. He found out that the man was extremely kind. He took constant care of Draco. He made sure that Draco had food to eat, sewed him small clothes, and even built him a miniature house to live in. Draco also began to noticed how incredibly handsome Harry was, and would often notice many females staring at the man whenever Harry would take him shopping. The stares Harry received from females would always make him jealous, which made him aware of something else.

In just the short time he had spent with the man, Draco had fallen in love with Harry. He knew that it was the man's kindness and charming personality that had caused him to be so taken with him, but despite how much he wanted to be with Harry, he knew that their love could not be. Draco was just too small, and because of that, he could not do many things that were required to be someone's lover. He couldn't hold Harry's hand, cuddle against him at night, even the simple task of cooking for the man was out of Draco's range. The small man prayed every night, to every god and religion, to make him bigger, but his prayers were always left unanswered, yet his love for Harry continued to grow, until finally he could take it no more.

Draco had decided he had no choice but to leave; it was too much torture for his heart to be around the man he loved without ever having a chance to be with him fully. But, before he left, he wanted to say goodbye to Harry, in his own special way.

Draco waited to make sure Harry was asleep before walking out of the small house the man had made for him. The house had been placed on a nightstand next to Harry's bed, so it was easy for Draco to tell if the man was awake or not. Harry was sound asleep, resting on top of his bed with a book in hand. Draco smiled, as he realized the man must have fallen asleep during his reading, probably too tired to even cover himself with a blanket.

Draco walked toward the edge of the nightstand; he looked down to make sure he was above his target before jumping of the ledge and onto Harry's pillow. He landed with a soft thump, and slid down the cushion until he was lying on the mattress. Draco looked back to see if his movements had woken Harry, but fortunately the man was still asleep.

Draco walked down the bed, occasionally climbing over small lumps and ripples that had been formed into the bedsheets. He finally made it towards the man's legs, which fortunately for him, were slightly spread apart, giving him enough room to enter inside the man's nightshirt. Draco walked in between the man's legs, entering his gown, and only stopping once he came upon the man's limp cock. Draco stared in awe at Harry's massive length, which rested neatly on the man's ball sac. He was aware that it probably only looked huge due to his tiny size but still the man was impressive.

Draco took off the tiny clothes he was wearing, and made his way over to Harry's penis. His heart pounded with excitement, as he got to the tip of the man's length. With shaking hands, Draco pushed back the skin of Harry's dick, slowly revealing the pink, bulbous head that was hidden within. He kissed the mushroom shaped flesh, enjoying the taste of the light clear liquid that coated his mouth. He then began licking away at the tip of the cock, dipping his tongue into the hole of the head as often as possible.

Draco heard Harry make a loud groan, and quickly paused his actions. He stayed perfectly still, listening for signs to tell if the man was awake or not. When he once again heard Harry snoring, he sighed in relief.

He let go of the head of the man's dick and carefully began climbing on the thick flesh. He wrapped his legs around the shaft of the cock and moaned in contentment, as his own length made contact with the warm flesh of Harry's. Draco began rubbing against the man's shaft; whimpering in pleasure, as he felt the friction that their cocks created grinding together. It was such a wonderful sensation, made even more satisfying by the fact that it was Harry's cock which Draco was riding on.

Harry began to release more moans, which Draco was oblivious to, as he concentrated on nothing else except humping against the man's dick. Draco began to feel the length rise, and held on tightly, as he realized Harry was now becoming erect.

"Harry." Draco moaned with joy at seeing the man's awakening cock. He was so happy that, even despite his small stature, he could still somehow give the man pleasure. He began thrusting against the the man's now reddening shaft more vigorously, bringing out heated moans from the both of them.

"Fuck!" Draco heard a loud curse before he saw the nightgown be pulled off him. The small man looked up and saw Harry staring down at him with a flushed face and glazed eyes.

"Draco, what are you doing?" The man asked in between pants. Draco did not answer, instead he took a hold of the bulbous head once more and began licking and sucking it, while continuing to grind his body into the man's cock.

Harry moaned loudly, before falling back onto his bed. "Oh god, that feels so good."

Draco pushed rapidly up and down Harry's shaft, his body now sticky and wet, as it was covered thoroughly with the clear liquid that poured from the tip of the man's penis.

"Draco." Harry tried to warn.

Draco felt Harry's cock shake violently, before feeling something move inside the man's shaft and up towards the head. Draco did not stop his frotting, even when he felt Harry's warm, white cum sliding down from the top of Harry's cock and onto his body. The small man was too busy seeking out his own release to care.

"Harry." Draco hollered, as he came onto the man's length.

Harry let out a content moan, before grabbing a small napkin on the nightstand next to him. He gently took a hold of Draco, who was lying motionless on his now limp dick, and cleaned him of the semen that was coating his body.

"Okay, what was that." Harry rasped, once Draco was cleaned.

"That was me saying goodbye." The small man explained, "though I hadn't planned on you waking up. You're usually a heavy sleeper."

"You'll be surprised how quickly a man wakes up when feeling a tug on his groin," Harry chuckled, but quickly changed his expression into a more serious one. "Wait, good bye? Draco, do you plan on leaving."

"Yes." Draco said, while looking away from Harry.

"Why?" Harry asked,looking deeply hurt, "Do you not like it here? Have I done something to offend you?"

"No, none of that. You could never do anything to hurt me or make me hate it here." The small man stated

"Then why do you wish to leave?"

"I love you." Draco confessed, "But, I can't be with you. Not that it matters, since I know you do not wish to be burdened with a lover of my size. But, despite knowing that you can never love me, and despite being so small, my heart still aches whenever I'm near you, and it's getting to be too much for me to take. That's why I need to leave, Harry. I don't think I can handle feeling this way any longer."

"Draco." Harry said, as he gently brushed a finger over the small man's hair, "I love you too."

"What?" Draco said while looking extremely flabbergasted, "But I'm so tiny."

"Yes, you are small, but you have such a big heart, and that's what really counts in a lover. It also doesn't hurt that you're cute too." Harry joked, "Draco, please don't leave me. My heart and this house will feel empty if you leave."

"Are you sure, Harry? There so many things I can't do as a lover because of my size." Draco reminded him.

"All I need is for you to love me, and that is enough." Harry stated, before kissing the man's forehead with his bottom lip. "Now if you don't mind, I would like to go to sleep; your little 'farewell' has caused me to become quite tired."

Harry laid back down on his pillow, while placing Draco right next to him. The small man watched as Harry closed his eyes, smiling as he did.

"Goodnight, Harry." Draco whispered, as he slowly drifted off to sleep.