A/N: Valve did a comic to tell the fates of the L4D1 survivors but never says what happens to the L4D2 survivors, it's been driving me crazy. So, I decided to create my own. Enjoy!

The late afternoon sun shone brightly across the deep blue water. Jets could be heard in the distance followed by the occasional explosion of dropping bombs. A military helicopter circled over the destroyed bridge.

The copilot looked out the side window. They had received a radio transmission from some survivors that were on the bridge, looking for safety.

From above, the bridge seemed still and quiet. On the bridge was another story.

"RUN, RUN, RUN!" The heavyset man yelled to his team. He raised his shotgun, shooting over his teammates' ducked heads.

The woman ran past, gasping for breath. She quickly reloaded and turned to fight, waiting for the other two.

"Kid, look out!" The dark haired man in the once fancy white suit, shoved the Southerner next to him to the ground.

A loud growl of rage echoed against the steel beams of the bridge as a small Saturn flew over the two on the ground.

Coach jumped out of the way. The car hit Rochelle and she flew. She hit the pavement hard.

"Boys, I'm down!" she cried frantically.

Ellis pulled Nick to his feet. "C'mon, we're almost there!"

Coach ran over to the fallen survivor and started to help her up.

The Tank beat its meaty fists onto the bridge before running at the survivors.

"Shoot the damn Tank!" Nick yelled, opening fire onto the gaining beast.

Ellis turned and ran back to Nick's side. "Helicopter's here! Let's go!" he yelled over the Tank's growls and the sound of helicopter blades.

Nick ceased fire and started to run in the direction of rescue.

The helicopter hovered above the ground for a moment before carefully landing on what was left of the off ramp of the bridge. The blades whirled, the sound of the engine drawing in more infected.

Nick and Ellis forced themselves forward, muscles screaming and lungs burning. Coach and Rochelle slowed, allowing the two to catch up.

Ellis' legs started to give out and he stumbled. The momentary weakness did not go unnoticed. The familiar pink/purple tongue wrapped itself around the mechanic's waist and throat. He was yanked backward and dragged the way he came.

"Smoker's got me!" He choked out.

The other survivors stopped and turned.

"Ellis!" Rochelle cried.

Nick waved his hand. "Keep going! We'll catch up!" he yelled at Coach and Rochelle. He ran in Ellis' direction.

Coach and Rochelle turned and ran toward rescue.

The tongue tightened around Ellis, cutting off his breath. His hands tried to pry the slimy tongue from around his throat but he couldn't get a firm enough grip. The pavement burned and tore his skin as he was dragged along.

His vision started to blur, his lungs begging for oxygen.

He saw Nick running toward him, gun raised.

"Shoot the tongue..." Ellis managed to choke out.

Nick started shooting frantically, but not at the Smoker that had now come into view.

Ellis froze when he heard the deafening growls. The tongue slackened and green smoke brought visibility down to zero.

Ellis took in deep breaths and coughed. Gunshots rang close by but the smoke was still too thick to see where they were coming from or for what they were intended for.

Nick swore loudly from close by.

"Nick?" Ellis called out.

The Tank was close. The ground shook violently and the smoke swirled as large objects were thrown about.

Pain shot through Ellis' body. He screamed.

The smoke cleared and Ellis looked up into the Tank's face. Anger flared in its eyes. It growled and brought its fists down onto Ellis' body again.

The world exploded and went black.

Nick reloaded and swore again. The Tank growled in victory as Ellis stopped moving. The conman aimed and pulled the trigger.

The monster howled in pain and spun around. His fist hit Nick's abdomen and he flew. The breath was knocked out of him and he couldn't move.

The Tank snorted and started toward the fallen survivor. Nick raised his pistol and met the beast's eyes.
"I have not come this far to die now!" He emptied the clip in seconds and reloaded.
More gunshots accompanied his. Coach and Rochelle stepped into Nick's field of vision. Coach firing at the Tank while Rochelle grabbed Nick's arms and pulled him to his feet.
The Tank fell dead as the sound of an oncoming horde sounded.
"You just can't win." Nick grumbled.
Coach grabbed Ellis under the arms and the kid's eyes fluttered opened and he gasped with pain.
"C'mon, boy, we ain't got time for this!" Coach yelled over the growing noise of infected.
Once Ellis was on his feet, they took off. Nick and Ellis immediately fell behind, limping as fast as they could despite their fresh injuries.
"Almost there!" Rochelle yelled, out of breath.
The group was surrounded as the horde caught up to them.
"I need some help over here!" Ellis yelled. He was down on the ground, zombies stomping and punching him.
"Shit!" Nick ripped the pipe bomb from his belt and threw it as hard as he could.

The infected took off, growling and fighting to get closer to the beeping explosive.

Rochelle bent down and helped Ellis to his feet. "I'm no nurse, but you look pretty messed up... go down again and that's it for you..." she said.

"Thanks, Ro," Ellis gave her a weak smile.
"OH HELL NAW!" Coach yelled and took off.
The helicopter, there last source of rescue, was lifting off the ground and taking off.
"Hey! We're right here!" Rochelle screamed. The team sprinted the last few meters to the hovering aircraft.
"Jump!" Rochelle jumped into the back of the helicopter. She turned and held out her hand to the three men still running.
Nick gritted his teeth against the pain and jumped and landed next to Rochelle. She grabbed the back of his coat and pulled him in the aircraft.
"Are you OK?" Rochelle asked.
Nick nodded and wiped the blood off his chin from his split lip.
"Hey, stop the helicopter!" Coach yelled. He jumped and landed with a thud on the partially raised ramp. He slipped and almost fell. Rochelle grabbed his arm and held on with all the strength she had left in her arms.
"Hold on!" she cried.
The helicopter lifted high above the ground and took off.
Rochelle looked at the makeshift landing pad. Another tank stood where the helicopter had been moments ago. Dozens of infected swarmed around him.

"Where's Ellis?" Rochelle asked quietly.

Nick grabbed Coach's other hand and started to pull the man up.

Coach looked down. "You alright there, young'n?" he asked.

"Fine," Ellis choked out. He gripped Coach's ankle and shut his eyes tightly, forcing himself not to look down. His grip was slipping.

Nick and Rochelle struggled to pull Coach and Ellis up. The helicopter rolled.

"Shit!" Coach cried as he almost flew off ramp. "Hold on, boy!"

"C'mon, Coach!" Nick grabbed a handful of the older man's shirt and pulled with all his remaining strength. Rochelle bent down and grabbed Ellis' arm once Coach was in the helicopter.

Coach turned around and helped pull the youngest survivor into the helicopter.

The ramp closed with a metallic clang and engulfed the small team in darkness.

Nick slumped next to Ellis who was lying on his back, breathing heavy.

Nick sighed. "It's been a long time since I felt this bad..." he muttered. He felt Rochelle move up against him.

Ellis groaned. "I hurt so bad I don't even see right."

"It's alright, we're safe now. We just gotta get through this helicopter ride." Coach said.

"Let's just hope these pilots don't become infected like the last one." Nick muttered.

Ellis groaned again. "I don't think I can survive another helicopter crash."

Rochelle shot Nick a piercing glare in the darkness. "Don't worry, Ellis, we'll be fine."

Ellis tried his best to sit up. "But you saw what them walls said. Kill all carriers, what if we're carriers?"

"Then once we get there, they'll line us up along a wall and shoot us." Nick snapped.

"That's enough out of you, Suit!" Coach yelled.

Ellis coughed violently, a searing pain radiating through his chest cavity. Every inhale felt like swallowing shards of glass.

"Ellis, sweetie, just lay down and relax. The military's not going to be shooting any of us." Rochelle said in a calm tone.

In the near darkness, she could make out Ellis' silhouette, laying back down.

She closed her eyes and sighed. Her mind floated back to the past 24 hours. Walking along the streets, Ellis and Nick in the lead. Bodies covered the streets, but that was something they had all grown used to. What Ellis said, however, made her stop dead in her tracks.

"None of them bodies are zombies," the kid muttered in a quiet horror.

Rochelle looked down at the woman at her feet. The woman's eyes were a clear blue instead of the illuminating yellow of the infected. Her skin was pale but not the sickly pale like the zombies. The bodies next to her were the same.

Later on, once in safety behind the red steel door, she watched as Ellis paled upon reading the graffiti on the walls.

"Kill all carriers?" he muttered. He looked up at Coach with wide eyes.

Coach sighed deeply as he also began to read. "Immune but still carry the disease." he read.

Nick snorted and went about healing himself.

Rochelle walked over and stood on the other side of Coach.

"They're shootin' innocent people 'cause they might be carriers?" Ellis asked.

Rochelle swallowed. "Settle down, Ellis."

Ellis turned back to the wall. "What if we're carriers?" he asked quietly.

"What you talking about, boy?" Coach asked.

Ellis continued to stare at the writing on the wall. "What if it was 'cause of us that helicopter pilot got infected... and what 'bout Virgil? What if we spread it to him too?"

Now, in the safety of the helicopter, Ellis' and Nick's words rang in her head. Rochelle opened her eyes and looked at the three men beside her. All three had fallen asleep.

Rochelle leaned her head on Nick's shoulder and closed her eyes again. What she saw frightened her.

She was facing a brick wall. Nick stood to her left, Ellis to her right.

She looked at Nick, his fist were clenched and he was softly shaking his head. He was muttering something to himself over and over. "I told you so, I told you so, I told you so."

She turned her head and looked at Ellis. The young man was shaking with a few tears silently falling down his face. He looked at the ground, his lips moving in what looked like a silent prayer.

Multiple shotguns were cocked. Rochelle tensed and her eyes opened as the guns went off. Tears were streaming down her face.

She hugged Nick's arm tightly for comfort in the darkness. The beating of the helicopter blades soothed her. Rochelle sighed, letting her heartbeat slow to normal. Coach's snores echoed in the small space along with Ellis' shallow, ragged breaths. Nick muttered something in his sleep and adjusted.

Rochelle sighed again and closed her eyes. The image of the wall flashed back again. Dear God, after all the fighting we did, please don't let that be our fate...