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Dear Harry

Six years ago, today, I received a letter that was the begging of the rest of my life, right there, right where you are sitting.


P.S. Thank you.

Harry smiled at the letter while he feed bacon to Tessa. It really had been six years, how time flies. He had graduated from Hogwarts, taken a year off to travel with Severus and then they had both returned, Sev back to potions and Harry to his first year of teaching DADA.

Dear Harry

You lost a friend for being who you were, it was her choice.


P.S. She chose wrong

The lost of Herminie's friendship had been hard but at least he had not lost Ron. The day before Christmas Eve he had received a letter from him saying that he was sorry for the way he acted and that he was to be the twins test subject for the rest of the holiday and for the summer.

When he had told Severus his only response had been

"El poder del Calzon."* Harry didn't get it until last year, when his Spanish had finally been as good as it would ever get without him being a native.

Dear Harry

My gardens are filled with daffodils, my hearth if filled with love and as I mentally write this letter you are full of with me.


P.S. Be quiet or the students will hear you.

Harry tried to keep the blush from rising to his cheeks. Maybe cornering Severus in an alcove near the grand hall had not been the best idea but the view had been grand.

Dear Harry

It should be illegal to look so hot and sexy while playing with Torren. Maybe you should stop stripping, I don't care how messy finger painting can be, just keep your pants on or I will jump you in from of our son.


P.S. You look good in red.

Torren, a little devil that they had adopted almost three years ago. He was only a month old then, now he was just about to turn three. To Severus's delight Torren had gained Harry's eyes and hair during the blood adoption. (and a slightly paler skin color from Severus himself but that was inconsequential to him.)

This had happen almost a week ago, after dinner, when Torren had decided that he wanted to paint. He had tried to use the brushes, it didn't worked. In the end harry had ended up on the floor with him painted as a red Indian and Torren just painted all over just like the floor of their living room.

The best part was that he had been jumped that night. It was at this point that Harry decided that it would be a good idea to pay the headmaster a visit and when the bell rang for lunch Harry made a beeline for his office, and specifically, the fireplace.

Harry stepped out of the fireplace as ungraceful as his first time and every other time after that: face first into the floor.

He laid there until the Headmaster's familiar voice greeted him.

"Hello Professor Potter, comfortable?"

Harry lifted himself off of the floor before replying.

"You know my husband does not like it when I am called that Headmaster." Harry's voice was amused.

"Hello Professor Snape"

"Hello Headmaster Snape" Harry's eyes meet dark obsidian ones. Headmaster Snape. Albus had retired two years ago, taking his now wife, Minerva, with him, therefore leaving Severus as Headmaster, the man hadn't complained.

Harry rounded the desk and leaned against it, watching his husband work.

"Are you busy?"


"Anything important?"


"Want to take a break?"

"No" Harry pouted and stared down at Severus until the man finally relented. Putting down his pen he leaned back on his chair and glared at his Husband. There was no anger behind it so Harry ignored it, put his hands on Severus' shoulders and bent down and kissed him. The hotter the kiss got the closer Harry got until he was finally straddling Severus' lap.

When they finally came back up for air they were both breathless, they rested their foreheads against each other in a sign of intimacy and love.

"Should you not be in class?" Severus' eyes were still closed but Harry could hear the amusement in his voice.

"Its lunch."

"Shouldn't you be at lunch?" eyes still closed but his hands were starting to explore the space between his trousers and shirt, playing with the skin accessible there.

"I never go to lunch. I always play with Torren."

"Ok, shouldn't you be with Torren?" his voice was amused and now, those hands had undone his belt and were toying with the buttons of his trousers, teasing the erection hidden underneath.

"I-I have a-ohh Sev- I have a free period after lunch, I'll see him then." the words rushed out of him. And before Severus could tease him with another question he silence him with a kiss. That was all it took for Severus to forget his teasing.

Harry's trousers and pants were vanished and Severus did not even bother to take his off, only to pull himself out. Their kiss did not break until Harry thru his head back as a pre-cum slick cock was slid in between his cheeks. It was torturous teasing. The wet, spongy head catching on his eager hole only to slip pass it again. The hands on his hips restricted his movements allowing him to only place his own hands on Severus' strong shoulders and hang on for the ride.

"Sevv... Please-" the words where not pass his lips before they were claimed at the same moment that the thick head was finally pushed pass the tight ring of muscles. No preparation other then precum.

The hands on his hips bounced him up and down on the hard cock, not waiting for him to adjust. The speed was quick, the aim spot on as his prostate was pressed again and again, the chair squeaked with the movements and Harry's wizard robes teased and tickled his naked bum. But it was not until he felt Sev bite the mark on his neck that was never healed that he finally came, his orgasm taking him by surprised. Severus followed shortly after, his teeth never letting go of the abused flesh until it was over and Harry had no strength left but to collapse into the man under him. His head resting under his lover's chin, a warm comforting hand drawing circles on his back.

When Harry woke and turned over in bed it was to find himself alone, his lover nowhere to be seen. Frowning he sat up, glaring at the spot where Severus was suppose to be, only to find a carefully folded note.

Dear Harry

Happy Christmas Eve

Torren is with Tala.

In the past letters I have told you about moments we have lived. Some of them are happy, some of them are not. Some will repeat themselves for the rest of our lives and others only come once in a life time.

Follow the clues, I wait for you at the end.

"Find Tezza, she will be at the place where I first meet her"


Harry was out of bed, showered, and clothed in record time.

'Find Tezza...Where I first meet her' Grand Hall, teachers table, Severus' old seat.

And that is how he spent his day, running around the castle, looking for notes that would lead him to his husband, his present, while he visited places from the past.

It was not until he found the second to last clue that he came into any trouble. It was a simple piece of paper, just like the rest, except this one came with a present: and Slytherin green dress shirt made of the softest silk. It was matched with black dress pants. But it was not the clothes that gave him trouble, it was the note. It simply read:

"The last clue is in my heart, my heart is next to yours"

With a frown Harry spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about it until it was starting to get dark outside. He had checked the simple wood box were Severus keeps all of the letters Harry sent him, the box were their wedding rings were kept before the ceremony, where their toys were kept and a million other places until Harry got frustrated.

With a deep resentful sigh Harry got in the shower, letting the hot water wash away his stress. Getting out, he towel dry himself quickly and automatically reached for his locket. It was a simple thing, oval shaped, two inches long, one inch in width. The gold was aged but the engravements were still as beautiful as the day he first saw them. The beautiful daffodils with their lighter gold color and right under them 'S. Snape'.

Severus had gifted it to him on that first Christmas six years ago, he had felt silly holding the simple, black, Acromantula silk cloak that he had ordered for Severus. Compared to the beautiful family heirloom, his present had felt worthless.

"This will allow you into my home. It was gifted by my grandparents to my mother on the day that I was born. They did not liked my father so this ensured that only my mother and I would have access to the Prince's wealth.

I know that we don't know much of each other yet, but still I welcome you into my home, my life… My Heart…."

With a gasp Harry opened the old locket only to have a small piece of paper fall out. With trembling hands he unfolded the paper.

"If you go to the Forbidden Forest behind Hagrid's hut you will find a tree with a red marking on it. Near it, a little farther in, you will find another, follow the trail... I wait for you at the end.

Getting into the outfit presented to him by Severus, Harry ran out of their rooms.

The walk to their meadow had never felt longer, and it was with relief that he finally crossed the wards and there in the dark under the Yule moon surrounded by fairy lights sat his husband, on the same spot where they had shared their first kiss.

"Your late…"

"The note didn't give me a time…"

Severus snorted and held out another piece of paper to him, Harry looked him in the eye and took it. He unfolded it, gave it a quick look and threw himself at his husband, kissing him passionately.

There on the grass, next to the Daffodils that have witness it all sat the small piece of paper.

P.S. I Love You

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"El Poder del Calzon" means "The Power of the Underwear" saying that guys cant think with the head on their shoulders

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