Two years later the group gathered for a birthday party. Remus was turning twenty five and the night was to be a full moon. He felt awful during his party and when presents were opened he got a potion from Severus.

"What is this?" he asked.

"Drink it and I'll tell you." was the answer.

"Is it going to turn me pink again?" Remus asked.

"No this one will turn you blue." he answered sarcastically, "Just take it as it's your birthday present."

Remus downed the potion as requested and he did indeed turn blue. He looked at Severus with a look that said "Really?" as the room busted up laughing. After ten minutes the blue faded and he asked, "So what did the potion do?"

"You'll find out tonight." Severus answered, "You're staying in the play room right?"

"Yes in my play room with my chew toys and friends." he replied, "Is this a new wolfsbane?"

"No." Severus replied, "It's to help with the physical pain of transformation."

"Really?" Remus sounded excited, "By the way you've improved the taste of the potions greatly."

"I try." Severus answered as the birthday party broke up and everyone left except James, Sirius, Severus and Remus.

"Ok Vulpes what should Moony expect?" Sirius asked.

"It's a surprise Padfoot." Severus replied.

"I want to know." Sirius whined.

"You will know just as soon as the moon comes up." James answered, he'd developed a lot more patients since becoming a father. Most especially since said child had turned two.

"How did the visit with the Weasleys go?" Remus tried to move them off the subject of the potion.

"Great. Harry and Ron played for a while until Molly sat Ginny down with them. After that Harry forgot Ron and was completely intrigued with the baby." James grinned, "He kept patting her head and saying baby. Ron got bored and went to irritate the twins."

"Is that the first time Molly's let her down to play with Harry?" Severus asked with a sly grin.

"Yes, what's that look for?" James asked.

"Just how well do you like the Weasley family?" Severus asked avoiding the question.

"They're fine." James answered confused, "Nice family. Polite kids. The twins are a hoot."

"How would you feel to have them as in-laws?" Severus snickered.

"What?" James was confused, "Harry?"

"She is a red head." Sirius picked up on Severus' teasing, "I'm sure you passed the curse on to Harry."

"She is a cute kid." James shrugged, "But I'm not ready to think on that idea yet. We have years to worry about it."

"I give them ten years before they start kissing." Sirius made the first bet, "How about a galleon?"

"I'll take that." Remus said, "If he's anything like his Dad he won't get that kiss until he's at least sixteen."

"He'll do better than that." James responded getting into the spirit of the bet, "I'll bet fourteen."

"No way you are not taking into account her Weasley genes." Severus waved them off, "He's doomed already and she'll kiss him by the time she's five."

The argument continued as they walked down to the basement and into Moony's playroom. It was a reinforced room with a heavy door and windows well out of reach and barred. Scattered around the room were large bones that looked like giant dog chew toys, a few balls that were charmed not to break and several old tires. The four men settled down onto the floor to wait until the moon came out. They didn't have to wait long before Padfoot's watch went off and they all changed. When the moon came out Remus waited for the pain to start.

After a few minutes he looked around and said, "I didn't change."

The three others changed back and Severus was the first to speak, "Now all we have to do is see how long it lasts."

"Do you mean I may change later tonight?" Remus asked.

"Later tonight, next month or twenty years from now. I just don't know if it's a permanent fix or temporary." Severus shrugged.

Tears were falling from Remus' face but he was too stunned to speak. All of them sat in that stunned silence for more than an hour before Sirius stood up and stretched.

"I think this calls for a change in decorations." he stated and pulled his wand. He conjured a bed in one corner and three dog mats of various sized near it, "Bed for Moony and we'll stay in animal form in case he transforms later. Come on let's get some sleep." Sirius then levitated Remus onto the conjured bed and moved towards his own as the other two animagi did the same.

"Thank you." Remus was finally able to get out a few strangled words, "Thank you."

"My pleasure Moony." Severus answered and then turned into his fox and curled up on the bed.

"Only took him twelve years." Sirius yawned. Then Padfoot curled up on his own bed.

"Well whatever curse you try to lift next just leave the Potter curse alone." James yawned amongst chuckles from his friends before Prongs joined the others and was soon asleep.

After three months with no transformations Lily had a suggestion, "Doesn't lycanthropy show up in a blood test?"

"Yes why?" James asked.

"Why not just get tested?" she suggested, "Marlene is a healer she'd keep it quiet."

"I'll suggest it to them." James said, "Maybe Vulpes can do it. What made you think of that?"

"I had to go for a test today and they took some blood and confirmed it." she said flippantly.

"Are you alright?" he asked concerned.

"Nothing too bad." she said, "Although it's going to take about seven to eight months before I'll feel like myself again."

"Love." James sounded really worried, "What's wrong?"

"I'm pregnant again." she smiled widely.

His only reply was a grin and a yell that woke little Harry from his nap. It was several days before he remembered Lily's suggestion and they got Remus tested. When he came back with no lycanthropy the party lasted for two days. It only stopped because Lily said they needed to share the good news.

By the time Rose Marie Potter was born seven and a half months later the furor about the cure for lycanthropy was finally easing off. Severus could walk through Diagon Alley without being mobbed now. So when he went to get the second Potter child a present it didn't take all day. Later as he sat with Lily he got to thinking about his money situation. He had never charged anyone for his cure but even so he was presented with many gifts as a thank you for curing someone or someone's loved one. His quiet chuckle gained Lily's attention.

"What's funny?" she asked.

"Remember years ago I labeled the four of us?" he asked.

"The poor, the abused, the afflicted and the mother." Lily laughed.

"It's all changed now. I'm no longer poor, Sirius isn't abused, Remus isn't afflicted and James is now a father." Severus chuckled, "He still takes care of us though."

"It's like you told me years ago, it's just the way he is." she smiled gently, "You were always right about things."

Three years later Severus was proved right again when for a fifth birthday present six year old Harry gave Ginny a black kitten with green eyes. She was so excited she kissed him on the lips and ran off to play with her new kitten leaving a stunned and embarrassed six year old boy in her wake. Many galleons made their way to Severus' pockets on that day. Not that he needed them.