It took us a couple of months, but Banjo and I were eventually able to beat Bottles', Humba's and Blubber's challenges (after L.O.G. had brought them back from the dead), in that order. Not only did we get the Jiggies, but also the T.T. Trophies. Three in a row was something that hadn't happened before.

Banjo and I had decided to stick around in Showdown Town even before we got 75 Jiggies to go back home, and we went on a mission to collect every T.T. Trophy in every challenge. Starting with Nutty Acres, we managed to clear up to Act 5, and went up to the volcano to talk to Humba. For once, the farm wasn't under a threat, but then Mr. Patch reappeared in the sky and blocked the sunlight, so Humba wanted us to blast his patchy butt away.

Okay, no big deal, I said to Humba. Just take my plane, shoot him a bunch of times. Easy T.T. Trophy, right? We had the stroke of good luck, right? Right?


I couldn't even see the patches. Patch kept turning in the air, making it harder to fly so I could shoot him. It took so long that I ran out of time to get the Trophy and Jiggy, so Humba would only give me Notes.

I then had an idea of making a "plane" out of mostly ammo, a few engines and some fuel tanks. Since I ran out of wheels on other vehicles, I had to fling the "plane" off the volcano with L.O.G.'s wrench, jump in and take off. I took too long for the T.T. Trophy, but instead of restarting the challenge I just went for the Jiggy and got it.

"Okay, Banjo…" I said. "Let's try for the Trophy."

"You're a little obsessive, Kazooie…" he replied.

We took out the plane again, and yada yada we lost over and over. Blah blah blah. I got so tired of it that on my millionth try, I actually got the Trophy.


"You sure you know what you're doing, Kazooie?"

"Just trust me!"

Banjo shrugged and flew the plane just under Patch. We jumped out and broke the chain, attaching it to our plane and flying up and out of Nutty Acres. Screw the challenge and the T.T. Trophies. I just wanted to beat Patch again.

We flew him out to Mayahem Temple and landed in front of one of the dart shooting tiki heads. I got out of the backpack and ran behind the tiki head, steering it so that it sot at each of the patches.

"Better let go, Banjo!" I shouted, just as the last one popped. Banjo let go, and we saw Patch fly away once again.