Crimson Moonlight

Chapter One: Silver Heart, Blackened Soul

Zero Kiryuu and Hibari Kyoya were the head prefects at Cromori Middle School, and both of them just happened to be vampires.

Zero, however, took the place of second-in-command. He was fifteen years old, but his hair was a bright silver, the color of moonlight. His eyes were a metallic gray, but lilac flecks decorated the irides. Lavender specs that sparkled with the beauty of a vampire. His skin was pale, and his body slim. He and Hibari also shared a look of indifference in their eyes.

Hibari had the same sort of form, but his hair was black as night, his eyes a cold, bluish gray. He was sixteen years old. On the sleeve of his leather coat, there was a pinned on badge bearing the kanji for 'Head Prefect.' Although both he and Zero were vampires, the rest of the students were not- leaving the two of them to keep their kind a secret.


"Hmm?" the silverette hummed, glancing up at the older man. Hibari sat down beside him, and leaned into him a little.

"Almost done with your reports?"

"Yeah," Zero replied, absorbing his senpai's warmth with a smile on his face. "Hibari."

"A little later, the moon will rise. It's to be a full moon tonight, too. I think we should head out to discuss what to do about that Tsunayoshi child."

"Right, right, Tsunayoshi," Zero sighed. "But why waste a full moon talking about that?"

"I know it's a pleasant night- and romantic to our kind, but Zero, there are NO female vampires in Cromori," Hibari sighed, now reaching to hold the silverette's hand. "It's just us."

"Just us. Just you and me. Just a couple of bachelors," Zero sighed, his head brushing against the Head Prefect's. "Maybe that's why it seems so romantic."

Hibari got the hint, and blushed lightly. "Come now, Kiryuu," he murmured. "Two males?" Zero flushed red, not intending for the other to hear him.

"Sorry... that was nothing..."

Hibari watched the other as he fumbled with his finished reports, and finally took the papers from him. "It's all right, Kiryuu, okay? So calm down..." The silver-haired vampire nodded, and gently bit his lip as Hibari went to file the reports.

"Hibari!" he called.


"We're still going out, right?"

"Of course. We'll go down to the bridge over the river, and we can relax there. Maybe even watch the full moon rise."

Zero glanced back at his senpai, his eyes shining with excitement that he quickly masked. "That'll be nice," he said. "It's been a long time since I've seen something like that."

"I thought it would be a nice experience for the both of us," Hibari replied, "but we can't stay out too long... we do need our sleep to make it through tomorrow."

Zero frowned when he thought of awakening to a morning sun. A bright, blinding sun. He and the older prefect were both better suited to a nocturnal lifestyle. But in order to keep living the life they currently enjoyed, they would both need to continue waking to sunlight.


The silverette was snapped out of his thoughts by the call of his name, and he looked over by the door. Hibari was signaling for him to come with him. He sighed, and got off the couch to meet his senpai by the door, nodding to signal that he was ready. The two vampires headed out, side-by-side, hand-in-hand as they walked down the halls and out of the silent school.

"Hibari," Zero murmured as they walked out into the field, darkened by dusk. "Where's the moon, again?"


The silverette followed his senpai further as they walked through the field, and Hibari said, his voice quiet, "Maybe we shouldn't waste a full moon discussing Tsunayoshi."

"That's what I said," Zero snorted.

Hibari ignored the somewhat rude remark and continued to walk through the tall grasses, until they came out upon a stone road, that lead up to a bridge. "There," he said, smirking. "Hurry, Kiryuu." The pair walked along the road until they reached the bridge, and Hibari picked up a piece of cloth hung over the rails and placed it over his shoulders. "Ah, much better," he sighed, trying the material around him.

"A cape?" Zero said, grinning at the childish idea.

"Hey, my father gave this to me," Hibari growled, "I come here a lot."

The older vampire sat down on the rail of the bridge, then turned so that he was perched rather precariously over the river below. Zero hesitantly followed suit, then squinted at a thin line of white in the distance. "Is that the moon?" he asked.

"Pfft. No, it's Pluto," Hibari laughed, before settling into quiet chuckles.

"Well, sorry, it's been a while," Zero sighed, still feeding the sliver of moonlight his longing gaze. "I haven't watch the moon rise since my brother, Ichiru, was alive."


The simple grunt from Hibari made the younger vampire smile in adoration. The raven-haired vampire, on top of being gorgeous, had a permanent secure aura that radiated off of him. Perhaps it was because he and Zero were the same- middle-ranked vampires hidden among a sea of humans. If they didn't have each other, they wouldn't have anyone. Because of that, the silverette felt safe when he sat by Hibari's side, even if he preferred not to directly admit that.

As the two leaned against each other, their bodies sharing warmth between them, they enjoyed the light of the beautiful moon before them.

-End Chapter

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