Crimson Moonlight

Chapter Two: Two of a Kind

"The moon looks quite beautiful tonight," Zero commented, attempting to break the silence.


Even though the sound was short, Zero was glad to get even the tiniest reply. But the silence easily became unsettling once more, and Zero began again. "Hibari."


"You're... as beautiful as that moon, you know that?"

Hibari turned, his stone-blue eyes wide with suprise at Zero's remark, but he soon relaxed into a soft smile. "Thank you, Kiryuu, that was quite the compliment coming from you."

"Well, it's the truth," Zero replied, wanting to keep the conversation going. He leaned over to emphasize his point, and said. "You're pitch-black hair, hanging loosely around your face, your pale skin... Hibari, you even smell delicious."

"I could say the same about you, Kiryuu," Hibari said. "When I look into your eyes, I can practically see a sakura tree."

Zero blushed, and said, "You're also very firm. It's nice to know I'm working with someone with a solid, iron fist."

"And you're stronger than any other vampire I've ever met, Kir-"

"Call me Zero."

Hibari blinked slowly, then looked away. "To that, I cannot comply."

"Why not? I want you to call me by my first name!"

The older vampire frowned, looking into the lilac-flecked eyes, and murmured, "But that name doesn't suit you."

Zero arched a brow, then shook his head. "Come on, Hibari, it's really... just my name."

"Fine... Zero... but then, I request you call me Kyoya."

The younger vampire smiled, then glanced at the moon. "Kyoya... I've always wanted to call you that."

"Why didn't you?"

"Fear of offending you." The two vampires looked back at each other, and Zero blushed when he saw a spark of red glow inside Hibari's eyes. "Kyoya, are you...?"

"I'm sorry."

Zero's suspiscions were right; what he had said had clearly triggered his senpai's vampire instincts. This would be a first for the both of them. Zero leaned in, and moved his collar aside, whispering, "Go ahead. Take it."

Although slightly hesitant, Hibari came in, and his fangs lingered over the younger vampire's neck before he bit down, making the movement as painless as possible, but the silverette still winced at the sting. The fangs sank in slowly, before they began to take from him, stealing blood from his body. Zero blushed darkly when he felt the sensation, and clutched his senpai's shirt as he wondered if his blood tasted good to the older. He hoped so, considering the fact that Hibari hadn't yet parted from him.

"Kyoya," he breathed, tangling his fingers in the raven-colored hair. "I think I... love you..."

There was a pause in the drinking, before Hibari dragged his tongue over the wound to start sealing it, and came up, and substituted the bite for a kiss. Zero's face flushed red as he felt the lips against his own, warm, and a little sticky from the blood still clinging to them. And when he opened his eyes, staring into the dark, blue pools of gray that shone in the soft light of the moon, he knew it was right. Hibari soon parted, however, and smirked at the younger vampire.

"It's about time," he husked.

Zero blushed, and his eyes fluttered closed when he heard the ragged breathing of his senpai, coming in to kiss him again. He smiled against the other's lips, adoring the feeling of kissing his fellow vampire. He then backed up, and asked, his voice quiet, "Kyoya, do you return my affections?"


Zero blushed and embraced his senpai, nuzzling into his shoulder. "Thank you."

"Now, Zero... have you forgotten?" Hibari said, smiling.


"We are... two of a kind."


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