Well, the idea I got was what I named this document on my computer. "Ayanami was so tired that he went to Hyuuga's room." I didn't plan on setting this in their time as students, but thnat happened. So Ayanami is molre than 14cm shorter than Hyuuga in this.

Just a little tired

07 Ghost: Hyuuga x Ayanami (fluff)

Hyuuga heard his bedroom-door open, and he sat up to see who it was. There weren't anyone who was supposed to have a key, and his eyes widened in surprise when he saw who it was.
"Hyuuga," Ayanami said, voice in its usual low tone. "What are you doing in my room?"
"This's my room, though, Aya-tan? Did you get lost?"
Ayanami glared at him. "I do not get lost." he stated coldly.
For a moment, Hyuuga was silent, then he grinned. "'course not, how silly of me."
"You don't believe me?" It wasn't a question. It was a statement, and Hyuuga could feel that his friend was more than displeased.
"'fcourse I do. So, Aya-tan, what are you doing in my room?" Hyuuga asked. He wrapped his arms around his legs and leaned his chin against his knees. Watching Ayanami stand and blink. "Are you tired?"
"I'm perfectly fine." Ayanami replied, then grunted as Hyuuga got out of the bed and pulled him to it. "You can borrow my bed tonight. It's cold outside, so just sleep with me." the man with the jet black hair smiled. He waited, letting Ayanami settle against his chest. "I am not cold, however." Ayanami protested, but he didn't move away. He made no movement of hitting Hyuuga, either. Hyuuga leaned his head agaisnt Ayanami's shoulder, and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. He didn't say anything for a moment, then he tilted his classmates head back, giving his lips full attention for a moment. "You're so cute, Aya-tan. I could eat you all up like a sweet little lollipop." he chimed, and Ayanami hit him on the head. It wasn't very hard, though, and Hyuuga decided to pull the other into the bed properly. He pulled the sheets around them, and tucked Ayanami into the bed beside him. "Good night, Aya-tan." he said, burying his nose in the smooth white locks. Ayanami grunts again, muttering something about having to get up early due to homework, but Hyuuga just ignores it for now. He was used to being late, having to hurry, and not getting his homework done in time, so he don't really bother. And Aya-tan probably finished his stuff, anyway, and he has to learn to take a good rest as a change. Not that Hyuuga will wake up when his alarm rings, anyway. If Ayanami will, he don't know. But right now, he has his most adorable classmate in his arms, feeling all warm and cozy and fuzzy inside.