Jonathan creek - A new start

Chapter 1:

Announcer on intercom: Last call for flight J46 to New York, last call, could all people on J46 to New York please make their way to departures. Thank you.

New York, now that did seem tempting but she couldn't run away anymore and as things weren't working out in Texas she had little money to jet set around America.

Just enough for a phone call home before she set off home.

She dialled the number in without thinking, hoping she wouldn't wake him up, Barry. It would be about ten o'clock at night now, 6 o'clock in the morning when Maddy touched down in the UK and Barry would be there waiting for her. Bless him he was such an angel, the one she could really rely on, he had always been there for her no matter what. She couldn't wait to get home and see him again.

Barry: Hello

Maddy: Hello Barry, its Maddy

Barry: Maddy, Hay you okay?

Maddy: Yeah I'm good thanks, I'm just in departures waiting for my flight to be called, apparently its on time so should be back about 6.

Barry: Oh brilliant, No problem. You looking forward to coming back?

Maddy thought about it she had no money, she had no choice she had to come back, if she could keep running away from what happened then she would, but she knew it was about time she spoke to Jonathan, he had to know the truth, he had every right.

Maddy: Hmmm yes and no, I want to come back I've missed home but I'm just not looking forward to facing Jonathon

Barry: I know, it isn't going to be easy but he has every right to know

Maddy: I know

Barry: But don't worry I'm going to be here for you, no matter what okay

Maddy: Thank you so much Barry, I don't know what id do without you

Barry: Hay no need to thank me, just give me a big hug when you arrive wont you

Maddy: Yeah I will

Announcer: Can everyone going on flight JK26 to London, England please make their way to the departures gate for boarding. Thank you.

Maddy: Oh I better go we're boarding

Barry: Okay well you have a nice flight and I will see you soon.

Maddy: Yes thank you Barry see you soon, Bye

She said as she placed the receiver down, preparing herself for her flight.

She made her way over to the departure gate with her luggage.

Flight attendant: Hello

Maddy: Hi

Flight attendant: Can I check your passport and boarding pass please

She said smiling with a sickly sweet smile, Maddy just returned the smile and handed the documents over, which were glanced over and handed back.

Flight attendant: Thank you, Have a nice flight.

Maddy: Thanks

Maddy said as she took them back and stepped towards the plane, the one that would be taking her home, god knows what was going to await her when she got back.

She sat down in her seat still in contemplation. She wondered how Jonathan was, what was he up to? Did he still work for Adam? But most of all was there anyone in his life?

She wanted him to be happy, she did, but to see him with another women was going to be hard for her, she cared about him a lot and wanted to be with him. Maybe she didn't show it all the time but she didn't find it easy, she had been hurt so many times before and found it difficult to let down her defences and let someone in, especially after what happened.