Jonathan creek - A new start

Chapter 7:

Finally they had arrived. Jonathon got off the train and helped Maddy down afterwards, he was such a gent.

They took a nice leisurely stroll down the country lanes to his windmill, it was so nice, peaceful, it almost made Maddy forget what she had to tell him.

Maddy: wow

She said making Jonathon look at her and smile, it reminded him of the first time she came here. No matter how many times Maddy saw it she was always fascinated by it, it was such an amazing place to live.

Jonathon: Still like it then

Maddy: I love it

Jonathon opened the door and they made there way in.

Jonathon: shall we go up and then I can make us a cup of coffee if you'd like

Maddy: You got anything stronger?

She said making Jonathon think, why did she need something stronger? What was wrong? What did she have to say that was so private?

Jonathon: Okay sure, got something up stairs

They finally made their way upstairs. Maddy could still see the pictures of Masculine and Cooke on the wall, the great magicians Jonathon adored and idolised. She placed herself on the sofa whilst Jonathon poured the drinks.

Jonathon: Is whisky alright?

Maddy: Yeah fine

She said quickly, he could see her perched on the sofa, her hands in her lap, she kept fiddling with her hands, she looked so nervous and had a sense of fear in her eyes. He handed her the drink and sat down next to her.

Maddy: Thanks

She said taking a large sip.

Jonathon: Are you okay?

Maddy: Yeah I Just…. Ummm

Jonathon: What is Maddy?

Maddy: I have something I need to tell you

She said taking in a large breath. Jonathon took a sip of whisky, he had a feeling he'd need it, Maddy suddenly seemed so tense, he finished his drink and placed it on the floor.

Jonathon: Okay go for it

He said, he seemed so relaxed it made it harder for Maddy to tell him, one minute he thinks everything is swell and then she has to tell him this and rock his world.

Maddy: Okay…Ummmm… You know when,

She took a deep breath out, trying to prepare herself

Maddy: When we slept together

Jonathon: Yeah I can remember

He sat there reliving the moment. The first time they slept together. It was just after they solved the case at…. They went back to the B&B had something to eat, something to drink and one thing led to another. It was inevitable it was bound to happen sooner or later. It was a magical moment between the two of them but of course it was never to last. I got a phone call and like an idiot I got up and went straight away leaving Maddie alone in our bed and for what. Of course when I got there it was Maddie up to her old tricks again. It confused me I wasn't sure how Maddie Felt. Maybe she was about to tell me, maybe this was our second chance at something.

Maddy: Well you…..

Maddie started, looking into his eyes, she was about to bring his world crashing down. Change everything as he knew it, suddenly she felt great guilt for not telling him earlier.

Maddie: You….

Jonathon: What? What is it?

She looked deep into his eyes and she realised she couldn't do it, her hands were shaking, she felt sick, but she knew if she told him he would feel a hell of a lot worse and she cared about him, she just couldn't do that to him.

She looked around making sure her exit was clear, she had to go and run, yeah I know its all i've been doing all my life but this great man that sat before her didn't deserve this, he needed to get on with his life like she had to get one with hers and she didn't want to ruin it.

Maddie: No….

She said confusing Jonathon even more, he didn't have a clue what was going on which was nothing new in their relationship.

Jonathon: What?

She said now getting slightly annoyed

Maddie: I cant… I should go

She said getting up with such haste as she headed towards the stairs

Jonathon rushed after her with even more haste than she'd left with.

Jonathon: Wait, you cant just start something and then run off

Maddie: I'm sorry I should have never of come

She said as she grabbed the door and bolted outside, suddenly Jonathon charged after her and grabbed hold of her arm, which took Maddie quite by surprise.

Jonathan: You cant just run away again, it must have been something pretty important that you had to come all this way to tell

Maddie: It was a mistake, I'm sorry

She as tears where forming in her eyes. Jonathon was so confused now he didn't have a clue what was going on and he was sick of Maddie keeping him in the dark

Maddie tried to walk away again but Jonathon again grabbed hold of her almost trying to shake it out of her.

Jonathon: No Maddie, you tell me

Maddie threw her arm away from him and blurted out her secret

Maddie: You got me pregnant.