Hi, so this is my first Witch and Wizard Fan fiction, even though I have written seven other stories for House of Anubis.

Okay, so I finished reading The Fire two days ago, and is it just me, or did everyone else get up, stomp down the stairs, and scream at their mom- "IT. IS. OVER!", and then stomp back to your room?

Anyways, this is my idea of what happened after The Fire.

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'Because now, the magic is everywhere.' -Whit, page 328, The Fire

Two days later, the streets bustled with activity, as every woman, every man, every child, came out to see the light of our world shine completely different then it ever had. Wisty was busy at play, helping people find their way. We have made our choice.

The way we want to rule the world.

The Resistance way.

I am now on my way to Garfunkel's, or at least the barren spot it had been at. It would take a while, but I'll get there.

Janine was by my side. Her solemn face brightened by every flash of teeth given our way from the old New Order citizens. Every small face of a child was happier than it had been in a long time. But, unlike Janine, and Wisty, with their smiling faces, longing to help everyone else, I wasn't very excited, far from happy.

To admit it, I was scared.

Because, I swear, everywhere I look, I seem to see the face of Pearce, or a New Order soldier, or a One, just waiting to come up behind and kill me, ready to take their control.

But, as I walked through the familiar streets, without a trace of the blood stained sidewalks from the Plague, I can't believe what I see up ahead. And as I shout to Wisty, and nudge Janine, and point. We all see a New Order school up ahead. And, it doesn't look like those soldiers leading them, ushering them, as quick as possible, inside, have heard that I, my sister, WE, defeated them.

Before I can stop her, Wisty is in flames, running like she is mad straight towards the school. Slightly zigzagging, like she is dodging bullets, she reaches the gates and begins trying to, melt, them.

That is Wisteria Allgood for you.

Apparently, the gates know better, or more like the watch tower guards, and begin to surge with electricity. Wisty isn't affected by the electricity, but is by the snarling grins of security children march out, ready to protect their school.

That had me angry.

I ran behind her, and used my rubber soled shoe to kick down the gate, of course with the help of a really warm Wisty.

Janine caught up as the miraculous number of kids ran up to us, ready to fight.

My strength wasn't at the full it could be, and I had still been moping about Celia, and I really wasn't in the mood to hurt, or even kill these kids I thought should be hugging us right now for saving them. But I guess this excitement never ends…

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