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1.3 Posted By: bsbfanatic7

Ponyboy Curtis tossed his cigarette butt into the dirt. He sat on

the porch reading. Soda and Darry inside with Two-Bit and Steve

having dinner but he wasn't hungry. He just hadn't been himself

since Dally and Johnny died. In fact all five of the boys hadn't been

the same. Everybody was always to tense and Darry was even more

uptight than before. Pony and Soda almost got into an argument the

other day which was really very shocking seeing as they've never ever

fought before. "Pony, why don't you c'mon in and have something to

eat?" Darry yelled from the kitchen. "No thanks." Pony said just loud

enough for Darry to hear him. He turned to the next page of his book

and leaned back on the little wooden swinging bench on the porch.

2 Posted By: Fanjj

Darry chewed slowly as he watched his brother take an angry bite out

of his ham sandwich. Sodapop was watching TV, and still upset about

the scuffle with Ponyboy from the other day. Darry sighed, shaking

his head at the thought of his brothers feuding. He didn't know about

the specifics of the disagreement, and it bothered him more than he'd

like to admit.

After the deaths of Johnny and Dally, Darry found himself taking his

role as the head of the household more seriously. Not that he hadn't

been serious before; he cared very much about the well-being of his

younger brothers. Darry joked around with them less. He found himself

repeating familiar phrases - ones that their father used to say. He

had set up a curfew, as well as various other rules, that Soda and

Pony more or less obeyed. Darry felt that he was doing the right

thing by being more parental than fraternal. He did feel somewhat

shut out, though.

2.1.1 Posted By: bsbfanatic7

"Um, Sodapop." Darry began a bit hesitantly. He didn't know exactly

what he was going to say to him. "Yeah?" Soda mumbled not looking up

from the television. "What was that, uh, little dispute that you and

Pony had the other day about?"

2.1.2 Posted By: punky_molly

Sodapop took an immediate interest in the whole in his shoe as he

mumbled, "Ah Darry, it was nothin'."

"It didn't look much like 'nothin' to me."

"Really Darry, it was nothing," Soda said fingering the whole then

quickly getting up and heading down the hall. He pushed the door

open then flopped down onto his bed, with an exasperated sigh.

Darry was in the door several seconds later, "Hey little buddy, you

plan on going to work today?"

Soda was instantly on his feet once again, "Crap!" He looked at the

clock, 10:00; he was supposed to be there in 15 minutes. Sodapop was

in the shower and out in record time, but he couldn't help but scold

himself for letting everything around him get to him again.

"Darry, would you drive me to work today?"

"Sure," Darry sighed, he still wished his brothers would let him in

their lives at least a little. "Listen I won't be home when you get

off work us big grown-ups gotta work too, but Pony ought to be here

you got that?"

"Huh?" Soda looked up from the floorboard of the truck as he finished

tying up his shoe, "Oh yeah, right Pony's supposed to be home. I got


Darry just sighed.

Soda hopped out of the car and applied a perfect Sodapop Curtis smile

and headed over to the pumps. His feet fought him and his smile

faded as he was frozen in his place staring at a very familiar face.

"Hey Soda, how'ya been?" The beautiful blonde of Tulsa, known once as

Sodapop Curtis' girlfriend, Sandy returned a smile under her lightly

freckled nose and tanned face.

Posted By: bsbfanatic7

Sodapop stood stunned. Millions of emotions rushed over him, all at

once. He was overwhelmed. How many times had he lied awake staring

at the ceiling wishing for this? How many times had he cried about

the possibility of never seeing her again? How many times had he

prayed that she would come back to him? But she had left him. She had

left him lonely and hopeless in Tulsa, Oklahoma. "But, She's back!"

Soda yelled at himself silently. "Oh, please let this be real."

When he had finally grasped the fact that she was standing in front

of him he was only able to produce one word. "Sandy...?" She smiled

at him, eyes sparkling. "I was in town, and I wanted to see you

again." She said casually. Soda stepped closer to her looking

directly into her eyes. Her beautiful shining eyes. Sodapop only

stood there just staring at her. "Well aren't you going to say

something?" She asked. "Say?" Soda thought. There were a million

things he wanted to say to her. He wanted to tell her he loved her

and he wanted to hold her forever. He wanted to tell her how gorgeous

she was, how he had kept that image of her sparkling eyes in his mind

since the day that they had met. But at that moment what he wanted

to ask the most was why? "Why'd you leave me Sandy, Why!?" He wanted

to yell this out but he didn't. He contained himself for a minute and

smiled back at her dreamily.

It was an awkward moment and Soda couldn't stand it. He couldn't hold

back any longer. Sandy found herself in Soda's arms. He held her

tightly to his chest and fought back sobs as best he could. She held

him back, stroking his hair softly. "I'm sorry." She whispered. Oh,

how he had waited for that moment. Tears trickled down his cheeks and

landed on the top of her head. "Thank you so much God for bringing my

Sandy back."

2.1.3 Posted By: punky_molly

Sandy pulled back and repeated, "I'm sorry Sodapop."

Soda shook his head and smiled, "It's so good to see you again


Sandy shook her head and bit he bottom lip, "Soda it's good to

see you too. I'm...I don't know how to say this...but I'm

back home to get married; I wanted to get married in at my


Soda was instantly thrust back to that time just a few months

earlier when Sandy had disappeared for Florida; his heart

ached equally to that day.

"You're what?" He asked hoarsely.

Sandy nodded with a solemn expression, "I didn't mean to hurt

you. I made some bad choices though."

"What do you mean bad choices?" Soda asked near tears.

"I'm having a baby Soda."

Posted By: ladyzevie

He didn't reply. He couldn't. At that moment he couldn't even breathe.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you," Sandy said quickly. "It's

just been so long, I thought you'd be okay with it..."

Soda stared at his former girlfriend, barely seeing her, hardly able

to will himself to hear her words beyond the rush in his ears and the

pounding of his breaking heart.

Sandy looked away, biting down softly on her lip and pretending she

didn't notice the pain in Soda's face, the tears that were slowly

running down his cheeks. "Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe I shouldn't

have come," she said softly.

"No, no Sandy. It's okay. I'm just surprised." His voice was steady

and sure. His words comforting. It was exactly what he should have

said, exactly what Sandy needed to hear. He was being the wonderful

man she had known and loved, the fantastic, perfectly understanding

ex-boyfriend. Wonderful Sodapop. Perfect Sodapop. And how he hated

himself for it.

Sandy smiled, shyly, tentatively. "I didn't come to hurt you," she

began, "but I...I wanted you to come."

What?? What was that? He couldn't have heard properly. He must have

misunderstood. She didn't mean that.

"To my wedding. I mean, you were one of the most amazing people in my

life. I just thought it might be nice? You could bring Darry and

Ponyboy and Johnny..."

He almost lost it. He almost told her to get the h*ll away from him

and never come back. Soda's mouth was open, his body tense, ready to

scream and rant and swear and he said:

"Yeah, okay."

And only when she had smiled and hugged him and waved, trotting back

to the car he hadn't seen, did he turn around running, crying, and

call out in desperation "STEVE!!"

2.1.4 Posted By: bsbfanatic7

Steve got out of his car. He had just pulled up in time to see Sandy

waving goodbye. Soda ran over to him out of breath, tears covering

his face, and heartache written all over him. "Soda was

that...?" "Yes!" Soda cut him off. "She's getting married Steve!

She's pregnant!" "What?!" Steve asked in surprise. Soda nodded, his

lip trembling. Steve placed an arm around his friends shoulder. The

look on Sodapop's face worried him. He hadn't seen Soda this upset in

a long time. There was long silence. "Soda... Sodapop I'm so sorry."

Steve finally managed to say. "I thought she'd come back to me." Soda

sobbed. "I was... I was so happy, Steve. I just..." "Hey," Steve

said. "It's gonna be all right, buddy. It's gonna be ok." Soda nodded

and straightened up, wiping the tears away. "I'm ok." Soda lied. "You

want me to drive you home?" Steve asked. Sodapop thought for a short

moment and then nodded. "Yeah, ok." They got in the car and Steve

drove his friend quickly back to his house. "Thanks, Steve. Listen

you can go on back to work. The boss will be ticked if neither of us

come today." "You sure Soda?" Steve asked. "Soda nodded. I'll be ok."

he lied again. "Well, all right." Steve agreed reluctantly. "I'll see

you after work then." "Ok." Soda nodded and waved goodbye to his

friend walking up to his front door and swinging it open. He shut the

door behind him and slowly dropped to the floor, hugging his knees

and leaning against the wall. Soda began to sob endless cries of pain

and hurt. Cries so loud he was sure the whole world could hear. Cries

that came from the bottom of his broken heart. He cried so hard his

throat hurt and his eyes grew sore. He eventually cried himself to


Darry pulled up to the driveway that night. He walked up to his front

door and stepped inside. The first thing he saw was his little

brother red faced and asleep on the floor... Posted By: punky_molly

Darry pulled Soda up onto the couch, "Soda? Soda? Are you alright?"

Soda shook his head wearily and the tears threatened to return. It

took him several seconds to recover and realize what was going on

around him, "Yeah Dar, I'm okay. What time is it?"

"Near twelve."

Soda nodded, "Can we talk in the morning, I think I need a good

night's sleep."

Darry nodded, "Sure little buddy."

Soda pulled himself up and lazily slithered down the hall. Darry

watched Soda disappear and shook his head, hoping both his brothers

would open up soon; they'd been so distant it was disturbing. Darry

moved to get up but Soda was down the hallway standing before him as

he began to move.

"I thought you were tired," Darry said, surprised by Soda's quick


Soda just shook it off, and asked, "Darry? Where's Ponyboy?"

"You mean he's not asleep in your room?" Darry asked with quickly

rising fear.

Soda shook his head, "No, he's not." Posted By: bsbfanatic7

"Didn't you see him at all this afternoon?" Darry asked. Soda shook

his head. I've been sleeping all day. I wouldn't have known if he

came in." "What do you mean you've been sleeping all day? I dropped

you of at work." "I came back home." Soda said really not wanting to

explain but he knew Darry would want to know immediately. Darry was

about to say something but just then the phone rang. "Saved by the

bell." Soda thought. Darry picked up the phone right away. "Hello?

"Hey, it's Steve. Is Soda there? I've been calling for hours and

nobody's picked up." "Yeah, hang on a second." Darry said and handed

the phone to Soda. "It's Steve. Ask him if he's seen Ponyboy." Darry

said. "Hey Steve. Yeah, I'm ok. Hey, listen have you seen Pony

anywhere? All right well I gotta go. Ok bye." Soda hung up. "Well?"

Darry asked. Sodapop shook his head. "He doesn't know." Darry sighed

and brushed back his hair nervously. This was not good. Last time

Ponyboy had done this there had been big trouble.

Posted By: Lorelai Anastasia

After twenty minutes of waiting, pacing, and worrying, Darry decided to go

out looking for Ponyboy in his truck.

"I'll be back, Soda, I'm goin to look for Ponyboy," Darry called to his


"Alright. Just bring him back, Darry. Please." Soda watched his brother

leave, a silent prayer in his heart.

Darry scoured street after street, getting more worried every second. What if

something had happened to Pony? His baby brother. He didn't have to worry

long. As he rounded the corner of Pickett and Sutton, he saw Ponyboy leaning

on a street sign with Tim and Angela Shepard, calmly sipping a beer.

Posted By: bsbfanatic7

"So anyways then we was..." Tim stopped talking when he noticed

Darry's truck on the other side of the road. "Hey, Pony don't look

now but I think your brothers looking for you." Pony looked to were

Tim was pointing and almost choked on his sip of beer. He put the

bottle down quickly. Darry was looking straight at him. He rolled

down the window motioning for Pony to come over. "I gotta go guys."

Ponyboy told his friends slightly above a whisper. Pony started

towards Darry's car on the other side of the road leaving his beer

behind of course. He reached Darry's car and got in slowly afraid of

what Darry'd do. After Ponyboy had his seat belt on Darry swerved

back onto the road and drove home quickly. He fought the urge to rant

and rave. He at least wanted to wait until they got home. Posted By: punky_molly

"Ponyboy," Darry bombed nearly shattering all the windows of the

Curtis home with the force he used to shout.

"Darry, I just-"

Darry held up a hand for his brother to silence, "I'm exhausted! I'm

tired of all this! You're lucky today, I want you to go to your room

and sleep because that's what I'm going to do...go to my room and

sleep; but don't even begin to think this is over. You got that?"

"I got it!" Pony answered. And with that he turned and disappeared

in his room. Darry looked over to a wide eyed Sodapop, and before

Soda could say anything Darry turned and stomped off to his bedroom.

Quickly slamming the door Darry went to his father's old armchair

that he used to sit in and read the paper while Mrs. Curtis made

supper. He picked up the picture of his parents that sat on his

bureau and flopped lazily into the chair. "Pa, guide me," Darry told

the picture. "What would you do?"

Soda slowly peeled himself off the couch and trounced over to the

bedroom he still shared with his kid brother.

"Hey Pon."

Pony was sprawled out across the bed, face buried in his arms as he

sobbed, "He didn't even listen to me Soda! He didn't even give me a

chance!" Posted By: bsbfanatic7

"Well, tell me." Sodapop said. "I'm listening. What in the world was

he so mad about?" Pony did his best to stop crying. "To make a long

story short, I was drinking beer with my friends and he saw me." Well

that explains it." Soda sighed. "It doesn't matter." Pony said lying

his head back down. "I could come up with a brilliant excuse and he'd

still act the same way. Soda lied down next to his brother and put an

arm across him, ruffling his hair. "It'll be ok Pon. He'll be cooled

of in the morning." "Tomorrow Morning..." Pony groaned. "I don't even

want to think about it." Soda had a flashback of what had happened

with Sandy played back in his head and he remembered Darry finding

him sleeping on the floor. He'd have some questions to answer in the

morning too. "I wish he'd back off." Ponyboy said. "Yeah, I know."

Soda agreed. Pony continued. "He doesn't give us much space.

Especially since all that's happened. "Why's he gotta be involved in

our personal and social lives anyhow.?" "Well he does have some say

in it." Soda pointed out. "Well, I wish he'd just let me grow up."

Pony said. They talked for a while more but soon fell asleep.

Darry waited at the breakfast table the next morning impatiently for

his brothers to come. He needed to talk to both of them. He didn't

know whether to be more worried about what had been bothering Sodapop

so much or his youngest brothers misbehavior.

Posted By: ladyzevie

Soda woke slowly, to the delightful smell of food. He shoved himself

off the bed, and staggered to his feet, yawning widely.

"Wake up Pon," he said groggily. "Darry made breakfast." He stumbled

out into the kitchen and came face to face with his stern looking


"Alright," Darry pointed at the chairs around the kitchen table, "you

first. Sit down. You don't get any food until you tell me what's

going on."

Soda stifled a groan but sat down obediently. "What do you mean?"

Darry sat down beside him and raised his eyebrows. "I mean, what's

going on, little buddy. Why were you sleeping on the carpet? Too

tired to walk the extra two feet to the couch?"

Soda waved off his brother's sarcasm. "I WAS tired."

Darry gave him a look.

"But if you really have to know I was kinda upset," Soda added

hastily. "I met someone..."

"Someone? Like..?"

"Sdy," Soda mumbled, suddenly looking away.

Darry snorted. "What?"

"SNDY." Soda's ears were tinged pink.


"Sandy!" he yelled suddenly.

Darry went quiet. He hadn't expected that.

Soda picked a hole in the checkered tablecloth, refusing to meet

Darry's eyes. "She's getting married. Some guy...she wants us to

come. I told her we would. Okay?" He said all this very quickly.

"Soda, are you sure you can handle it?" Darry said urgently.

Soda looked at his brother, his face determined. "Sure. Why not? Me

and her...that was so long ago. It's no big deal." He looked back to

the hole. "But you'll come with me...right?" he asked in a small


Darry shrugged and tried to keep his voice neutral. "Sure thing,

Pepsi-Cola. We'll both be there. Me and...Ponyboy! Up so early? Why

it's nearly 10 o'clock!"

Ponyboy walked into the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from his

eyes. "Lay off Darry I was tired," he grumbled.

"Well, maybe that was because you were off running with hoods at 12

o'clock last night." Posted By: punky_molly

Ponyboy pushed past his brothers and sat down, "Well, where's the


"No food until you tell me what you were doing with those hoods?"

Darry folded his arms over his chest.

"Darry I'm starving," Pony moaned.

"Yes, and you'll continue to starve until you tell me what the hell

you were thinking!" Darry boomed.

"I wasn't thinking," Pony said, then he continued this time

mumbling, "They ain't hoods."

"They aren't what?"

"Nothing," Pony got up and headed out of the room with his head at

the floor. Darry didn't hesitate; he followed his brother out into

the living room.

"Ponyboy!" Darry shouted, but he went silent when he reached the

living room, for in the doorway stood Sandy.

"Hey," she said from behind the screen door, "is Sodapop here?"

Posted By: sesalian

"Yeah," said Darry, "He's in the kitchen." He moved out of the way

so she could open the door and come in, trying to study her without

staring. He wanted to know how she'd changed... if she'd changed. She

looked the same. Sort of. But there was something different about

her. She walked past him and into the kitchen, avoiding eye contact.

He sighed, and turned to Ponyboy.

But Pony was gone. Cursing softly, Dally realized where he'd probably

gone. Tim's. He didn't know what would happen to Pony if he continued

to hang out around Tim. But living with him.... His little kid

brother, turning into a Tim or a Dally and getting himself killed at

age 20. He turned and walked outside. He didn't know if he should go

to Tim's or not. Posted By: bsbfanatic7

Darry looked out the door. He didn't know whether to go find out

what was going on in the kitchen with Soda or go find out if Pony was

over at Tim's. He was mad Ponyboy had left like that without saying

he was going anywhere but those thoughts were interrupted when he

heard a yell from the kitchen. "Who do you think you are!?" Soda

bellowed. Darry rushed in. Soda has lost all patience. He couldn't

stand it anymore. "How can you just come walking back in here one day

and expect me to except all this and go on happily with my life?

You're acting like this is easy for me. I tried to stay calm but I

can't take it anymore!" He was yelling at Sandy. Darry was shocked.

Sodapop had never yelled at her before. Not ever. He hardly yelled at

anyone. Sandy was close to tears. "Soda, I told you I'm awful sorry

about all this. I know it's shocking." "Well, I don't care anymore!"

Soda lied. "I hope you and your beloved boyfriend have a swell

wedding and a swell time raising that baby, but don't expect me to be

beside you for any of it!" Soda marched out of there. Darry grabbed

his arm but Soda pulled away. "Leave me alone, Darry!" Soda ran out

of the Curtis's front door and down the street.

Darry sat at the kitchen table twenty minutes later in deep thought.

Sandy had left and gone back home or wherever she was staying shortly

after Soda ran out the door. He had to find his brothers. Who knows

where both of them had ran off to. He just didn't know who to go

searching for first. He got up finally and went out to get in his

truck and drove into the main part of town. There was no point

sitting in the kitchen hoping they'd return home soon.

Posted By: punky_molly

Darry scoured the town unable to locate either of his

brother's in his heated rage. He finally pulled into an empty

parking lot and turned the truck off. He got out and stood in the

fresh air for several seconds just thinking when he heard a familiar


"Hey-hey-hey!" Darry turned just in time to see Two-bit

sling an arm across his shoulders and lean limply at Darry's

side, "Darry, what're you doin' out over here?"

"I'm looking for either of my brother's. You seen `em?"

Two-bit blinked awkwardly, and Darry knew he'd been

drinking. Whenever Two-bit got a complacent yet confused look on his

face he'd been in the booze, "Uh, yeah; I think I saw Pon headed down

to the movie theater."

Darry's eyes went wide and he grabbed the tipsy Two-bit by

his leather jacket, "Of course, why hadn't I thought of that!"

Roughly swinging his intoxicated friend into the truck Darry roared

up the engine.

"Whoa," Two-bit smiled cheerily as he nearly fell onto

Darry's lap, "where we goin' so fast?"

It wasn't until that moment that Darry realized Two-bit

wasn't only drunk, he had been jumped. He was far too concerned

about his brothers to notice Two-bit at all and he felt like a real

heel because Two-bit looked like hell. There must've been a bunch of

them because Two-bit's a tough guy and can definitely hold his own

but he had a serious slash running from his temple under his eye

toward his nose and several ugly appearing bruises.

Posted By: ladyzevie

"I was thinking we'd go searching for Pony, but maybe we oughta take

a detour for the doctor's." Darry reached over and gently touched a

finger to the cut on Two-Bit's face. The drunken greaser jerked back,

wincing lightly.

"Dun touch," he mumbled.

Darry shook his head, staring at his friend and nearly running

through a red light. He slammed on the breaks at the very last

minute, throwing them both forward onto the dashboard. Darry took the

opportunity to question Two-Bit. "What the hell happened, huh?"

Two-Bit shrugged. "Shoshes," he slurred, laying his head down on the

dashboard. "They jumped on me."

The light changed and Darry put the pedal to the metal [A/N: love that

saying] jolting Two-Bit back into his seat.

"They're getting mighty brave these days," he muttered, his eyes

glued to the road in front of him.


"Where'd you say you saw Pony?"

"Darry, I'm getting-"

"Movie theater? You know which one?"

"Your car!" Two-Bit yelped, and Darry swerved. "I'm getting blood on


Swearing under his breath, Darry glanced around the cab of the truck.

He knew he'd left some tissues somewhere. Two-Bit was really in bad

shape. Darry finally spied the cardboard box, squished under his

chair. He reached down, taking his gaze from the road for just one


WHAM! They slammed into the next car hard. Two-Bit, not having the

sense to put on his seatbelt (drunk or sober) was thrown forward

violently, and was only saved from cracking is head on the window by

Darry's outstretched arm. Consequently, Darry found himself banged up

against the steering wheel, which was a lot harder than he'd expected

it to be.

Cursing his carelessness, Darry shoved back Two-Bit and leapt from

his seat, anxious to inspect the damage. If he'd hit them too

hard...the last thing he needed was a trip to court.

He waited on the sidewalk, grimacing at the beaten up car he'd hit.

The door slowly opened, and, amongst a stream of viscous curses, out

stepped the last person Darry wanted to see: Tim Sheppard.

Posted By: bsbfanatic7

Tim wasn't exactly thrilled to see Darry either. Darry might try to

break his jaw for giving boos to Pony but at the moment Tim was

to mad about his car. "Look what you did!" He yelled. They had

broken of the hubcap but that was it. Tim was fine. They hadn't

hit the car to hard. "Yah, I'm real sorry about that Tim." Darry

replied sincerely. "You ok." Tim grumbled. "Listen just find out

how much am damage costs to fix and I'll pay for it." Darry said.

Tim was satisfied enough with Darry's response. "Fair enough."

He said looking over at Two-Bit now noticing how bashed up he

was and forgetting for a moment about his hubcap. "What

happened to you?" "Two-Bit belched in response and got back in

Darry's truck. He was to boozed up to be thinking clearly. Darry

rolled his eyes. "Listen Tim, like I said I'm real sorry but were

kind of having an emergency right now so I gotta go. Just call me

when you find out how much and I'll give you a check, ok?" Tim

nodded. It was surprising and relieving that he wasn't more

upset. Darry nodded at him as if to say goodbye and got back in

his truck to find a half asleep Two-Bit. He sighed and drove more

slowly towards the movie theatre.

Posted By: starjessie2001

Darry glanced over at Two-Bit, torn between continuing towards

the theatre to find his kid brother or taking Two-Bit to a doctor.

He was concerned that if Two-Bit had already been jumped there could

still be a Soc or two out looking for a Greaser to jump & he was

determined to get Ponyboy off the streets & out of harms way. "Two-

Bit, will you be o.k. if we go get Pony before we go see a doctor?"

"Yeah, we better get the kid first or there could be two of us

needing a doctor if those Soc guys find him first," Two-Bit answered


Darry nodded thankfully & drove carefully to the theater, not

wanting a repeat of the Tim accident. As he drove, Darry began

rehashing the events of the past few days in his head. His middle

brother torn up over his ex-girlfriend, his kid brother acting out

all of a sudden, Two-Bit getting jumped, himself struggling to find

enough work to keep the money coming in & now the expense of having

to pay for both repairs to Tim's & his own truck. He wondered how

much worse things could get before they got better. Thinking back to

the deaths of Johnny & Dally he knew that things could get much worse

again before they improved. He was scared! Everybody thought he

would always handle everything but he wasn't sure just how much he

could handle. Exhaling deeply he resignedly pushed his feelings &

worries down-he'd have to handle things...who the heck would if he


Posted By: bsbfanatic7

He found Ponyboy shortly after to his relief. He was walking along,

almost at the theatre but as far as Darry was concerned he wouldn't

get there. Darry pulled over beside his brother who hadn't noticed

him until Darry got out of the truck. "Ponyboy, I am sick of you

running of like this. Get in the car!" "I aint gonna." Pony replied

surprisingly cocky. It didn't help Darry's temper. He took a firm

hold of Pony's arm and forced him into the truck. Pony sat in the

back angrily rubbing his arm where Darry had grabbed him, probably

harder than he had intended. Pony noticed Two-Bit right away. "What

happened to him?" "He got jumped." Darry said plainly. "We're taking

him to the Emergency Room and then we are gonna go find Soda,

wherever his is." "Where'd Sodapop go?" Ponyboy asked. "If I knew I

wouldn't be out here looking for him, now would I?" Darry said, a bit

annoyed. "No." Pony said meekly.