One is Two

A Mummy/UC:Undercover crossover.

Ardeth Bay's death is foretold by an unexpected source. Can five strangers from the year 2002 save him in time?

Disclaimer: Karri and I do not own Ardeth Bay, (darn!) Frank Donovan, (darn!) or anyone else from The Mummy and UC: Undercover. I own Safti, Suhaylah, Na'im, Shamara, and any other original characters.

This story was written by both my friend Karri (the author of, "Where's Frank?" in the UC:Undercover section) and myself. Thanks to Rae and Dreamscape for helping me figure out a vague summary for this, LOL and to Dreamscape for getting me some info on something that I needed. ;)

Karri and I hope you love this story as much as we do! (Don't let the beginning of this chapter make you sad; things are not always as they seem, lol!)

Somewhere in the Egyptian desert, 1934

Alex stoically watched as Ardeth Bay was gently placed into his grave. He knew he should cry or scream or something – that's what everyone else was doing, what everyone else expected him to do, but he couldn't. Ardeth Bay was dead. He knew it, but he couldn't believe it. It wasn't possible; it couldn't be real. Ardeth could not be dead, so how could he cry?

Alex felt a presence behind him, but he paid little attention, assuming it was his mum. She was worried about him, worried because he wouldn't cry. He didn't want her to worry, but he couldn't seem to make her understand that he didn't cry because Ardeth couldn't really be dead, and had given up trying. Feeling a gentle hand on his shoulder, he sighed and looked up, but the face he found hovering over him was not his mother's, and Alex flinched away.

"Do not fear, child, I mean you no harm." Alex heard, soft and low. "Take this." He found an amulet suddenly in his hand. "To save him, you must reunite it with his soul," the stranger said. "Only then, when the one is two, may Ardeth Bay live to fight another day."


"The amulet will guide you, simply listen as it speaks."

None of it made sense and Alex glanced up, hoping there was more—some sort of explanation—but the stranger was gone. Searching the mass of faces surrounding him, Alex sighed as he spotted his mother coming toward him, the same mixture of grief and worry on her face that had been there since…

Alex looked away. It didn't happen. Ardeth wasn't really dead. He couldn't be.


Chicago, 2002

For reasons he couldn't explain, Alex O'Connell found himself hovering near the entrance, watching each couple and group as they entered the exhibit. He had no idea who he was looking for, any more than he understood what had drawn him to this museum in the first place. It was true that the exhibit of Egyptian artifacts was breathtaking, but he'd already seen it enough many times while it had been in London not to feel the need to fly all the way to Chicago to see it again. Yet, he did feel the need, and irresistible pull, and so he was there, in the museum, standing by the front door, waiting for…

An exhilarating tickle fluttered through his old, weary body as a small group paused just inside the doorway. Alex couldn't believe it. After all these years, he'd given up hope of ever finding him—of ever finding the man that could save Ardeth Bay's life. He fought the urge to rush over, not wanting to frighten him away. After all, the man might not know about his destiny. Fortunately, the museum was packed, making it simple to nonchalantly follow the small group, waiting for the right time to approach. He had no clue when the right time would be, but the amulet would tell him, as it had told him to come to Chicago.

Noticing that the group was preparing to leave, Alex made a beeline for the door. Nothing was telling him yet to approach the man, but, surely, it would happen soon. The amulet couldn't have brought him all this way for nothing. Stepping out the door ahead of the group, Alex waited silently in the shadows. He watched them leave and move down the sidewalk, but still felt nothing. Then, suddenly, as the man was almost out of sight, Alex felt a sudden, irresistible urge to follow. 

"Excuse me," Alex gasped breathlessly, catching up to the man he'd sought for so long.  

"Yes? What can I do for you?" Frank Donovan replied to the elderly gentleman approaching him.

"You can take this," Alex informed him, extending his hand, the amulet dangling from his fingers.  "You must take it, please!"

"What is it?" Frank's brow wrinkled as he took what the elderly man offered.    

"It's your destiny," Alex informed him, before quickly turning away. Moving more nimbly than he had in years, he managed to disappear in the vast shadows of the dimly lit sidewalk as he made his way back to the museum. It was done! Finally, after so many years, he'd reunited the amulet with Ardeth's soul. The exhilaration made him want to skip, but Alex knew his seventy-seven year old joints wouldn't like it very much if he did, so he settled for walking more briskly.  

"What's that?" Cody asked, peeking over his boss' shoulder. 

Frank didn't answer; instead he continued to study the amulet. It made his fingers tingle, and the feeling seemed to be spreading, up his arm, down the other, into his chest…his heart began to beat faster.

"Hey, check it out!" Cody exclaimed, as Frank turned the amulet over. "What is that?"

"Looks like some kind of writing…Arabic, maybe," Alex replied, moving closer to her boss to get a better look.

"Don't suppose anyone here reads Arabic," Jake quipped. 

"I can read a little Arabic…unfortunately, not as well as I speak it," Frank announced, earning four incredulous stares. He was too enthralled by the amulet to notice. "It says…something about two men…born of the same soul…joining together in time and place to…something..."

Frank turned abruptly and began to follow after the elderly man. After a quick exchange of glances and shrugs of their shoulders, the gang followed. 

"Hey, Boss, any chance you're gonna clue us in to where we're going?" Cody inquired, trailing in the rear. Still engrossed in the amulet, Frank didn't seem to hear him.

"Frank!"  Alex shouted, also failing to get his attention.

"DONOVAN!"  Jake bellowed, practically directly into his ear.

Frank stopped, whipping around to face his subordinate. A flash of annoyance flickered across his usually stoic features, disconcerting all four of them, but especially Jake. Standing directly in front of Frank—within inches of his nose, in fact—with Alex only a foot or so to his rear, buildings on his left, and parked cars blocking his right, Jake had no escape route from beneath Frank's irritated glare. 

"Um…yeah, sorry about that, Frank, just trying to get your attention," Jake managed to stammer out.

Frank's glare softened a bit as his stoic mask returned. When he finally spoke, his voice was calm and steady. "You've succeeded, Agent Shaw. Is there a problem?"

"We were just wondering where we're going," Cody chimed in, mercifully deflecting Frank's attention.

Frank's brow wrinkled. "After the old man," he replied, sounding as though he believed they should have been able to figure it out on their own. With that, he spun back around and headed down the sidewalk.  

"Well, excuse us," Cody muttered under his breath, watching Frank go. "It's not like we asked to be here."

"Actually, you did," Alex reminded him, with a smirk.


"Remember, last month when the exhibit was announced in the paper, you were griping because it was already sold out and quipped that Frank should set it up to get us in on official business."

Cody stared at her blankly for several seconds, before realization dawned on his face. "Ah geez, you think he heard that?"

"He got us in, so I guess he must've," Alex stated. Cody sighed, realizing unhappily that he probably owed Donovan now. 

"Hey, we're losing him," Jake pointed out. His companions nodded and the four of them hustled to catch up. They did so just as Frank reached the old man. 

"Excuse me," Frank requested, scooting around to block his path.  "Cou…"

The sound of squealing tires and a revving engine cut Frank off mid-word. Whipping around toward the street, he just caught a glimpse of the semi-automatic peeking out the rear window before it fired.

"GET DOWN!" he shouted, an instant before the first bullet exploded into his shoulder. Crumpling to the sidewalk with the impact of the second and third, his eyes fell onto the amulet. He wondered hazily how he'd managed to hold onto it. 


He heard and turned his head toward the old man's voice, but his fading eyesight couldn't find the source. Too tired to keep looking, his head lolled to the side. His eyes fell, again, on the amulet. Watching his blood ooze toward it, Frank wondered abstractly if it would get swallowed up before the encroaching blackness swallowed him.  


Frank heard the voice again, but didn't pay much attention. The race was coming down to the wire.  The blackness had narrowed his vision to hardly more than a pinpoint, but it was just enough to see the pool of red ooze engulf the nearest edge of the amulet. He felt an odd measure of satisfaction as the pinpoint closed and he slipped into blissful unconsciousness.

Jake suddenly heard Alex gasp, sounding awe-stricken. Firing once more at the fleeing vehicle, he turned to see why.

"What the…" he exclaimed, watching Frank's blood shoot up from the amulet in a swirling spiral. It continued to climb until it was taller then Jake, then abruptly collapsed, sucked into the center of the amulet. As the last drop vanished beneath the surface, a blinding red light exploded from the amulet, engulfing the small group as it knocked them all senseless.