Me:Mwahahahahaha i own twilight

Edward: No you dnt...

Me:but...i do

Jasper: Srry Vikki but u dnt..


Emmett: Listen Babe you dnt ok now how bout you say u dnt own Twilight so we can get on with the story? hmmm...

Me:(alil dazed) But

Carlisle: Victoria Rose im goin to give u 5 seconds to say u dnt own twilight.

Me: But Carli-

Esme: Victoria...


Alice: It...

All: NOW...

Me:(crying) i-i ddnt ow-n tw-twi-twilight...(sniffles) SM does..(shaking and sobbing)(runs ans hides)

Emmett: Awwwe we mader her scared and sad...good job guys u r all fucktards!

Rosalie:(smacks him across the head) shut up...

Emmetts POV.

I saw something last night that made me cry.

I was walking to my house and saw something I didnt know what at first but it broke my heart.

A beautiful angel fell from the sky.

I mistaken it for an angel she was sooo beautiful..even with the bruises and cuts she was still the most beautifuk thing i have ever seen

Torn from someone she loved so much...

She kept repeating im sorry im sorry please dont go...

She looked so fragile, I dared not touch..

All i wanted to do was lift her up and comfort her but she looked soo broken

Her tears fell like a gentle rain

I reached to wipe a tear...but she flinched back..

Trying to wash away her pain...

Those were the tears of pain she wanted to go away

I watched the glow around her die..

I saw her relise shes defeated and slump

With every tear came from her eye

I myself felt Defeated...

I asked her 'why are you this way?'

I kneel infont of her and ask "Why are you this way?"

She softly whispered and turned to say

My heart broke even more when I saw the pain on her face...

'My wings are broken, it hurts to fly"

I thought I was goin to cry..

It hurts so much, I dare not try'

I wanted to bring her home and make her feel better

Breached from someone she knew so well.

In her eyes I knew she loved this person and she knew him...

Forsaken to this earthly hell

She has to live now with a broken heart in this crewl world

Knew that here she could not stay.

But she knew this and could not stay

Slowly got up and walked away

She got up soo slowy and walk away.

It made me wonder as she got on her feet

She stumbled a bit once she was on her feet she was gone as if she was never here on the street broken

How many fallen now walk our streets?

Is there more angels that have been broken from abuse from the ones they thought they loved...

Just how many have fell from above?

and thought that they loved them back...

How many angels are killed by love?

Which ones were lucky enough to survive?

Ummm ok this is a poem and i kinda saw the angel being Bella and Emmett being the one who finds her broken after edward beats her up...and her finally reliseing tht he didnt love her...plz tell me if i should do more of these or not thnx :)