TRAGEDY WARNING! I only briefly edited this, and I would love to make it longer, so tell me what you think and let me know if it should be more detailed! :)

A week later, Izuna was curled up on the roof, contemplating suicide for the millionth time that week alone.

During the last week, Izuna's thoughts had been so bad he was unable to be alone, but because Hashirama and his brother were out at the doctor's and Madara was too blind to be able to care for Izuna alone, he was left up to his own devices.

Izuna had already written out a suicide note and it was lying on his desk but, at the same time, he didn't want to hurt Madara more than he already was – but even so, he couldn't bear to live any longer. He just wanted an escape from his pain.

"Mada-nii…" Izuna sobbed, clutching at the wolf teddy that Madara had bought him at the zoo. "…Mada-nii…!"

Izuna knew that Madara was suffering too, and he loved his brother too much to want to have him suffer even more. All Madara ever did was love him and he only ever wanted Izuna to be happy, so what right did he have to take away all Madara held dear?

"…I need to thank aniki…" Izuna sobbed to himself, finally deciding that Madara's happiness was so much more important than his own - Madara deserved Izuna alive after being so selfless for all of the years that the older Uchiha had raised him on his own. "He's always taken care of me, even though he has his own painful burdens… If he can be strong for me, than I can be strong for him… I need to thank Mada-nii for keeping me holding on… Maybe now that Tobi has settled back down, things can get better again… Maybe I should buy everyone some chocolates to thank them for always being there for me…"

Izuna stood up, intent on going back inside and giving his brother the biggest hug he had given him yet with a great big kiss and a heartfelt apology for always making Madara worry and cry about him, but as Izuna began to walk back to his bedroom window, Izuna's footing had slipped, and he screamed when he tumbled backwards, falling off the roof.

"Mada-nii!" Izuna screamed, terror in his voice. As he fell, Madara's face flashed before his eyes, and he clutched at his teddy tighter than ever.

Just before Izuna had hit the ground, he heard Madara inside the house, calling for him - and Madara sounded terrified.


When Hashirama and his brother returned home from the doctor's, they wondered what Izuna was doing laying on the front lawn, his wolf laying a few feet away from his body.

Worry grew immediately in the pits of both Senjus' stomach when they noticed that Izuna wasn't moving. After having run over to the Uchiha, Tobirama screamed when he found that Izuna's neck had been snapped and twisted, leaving it at an unnatural angle.

The younger Senju collapsed beside Izuna, blaming himself for being such a terrible friend to him. He cried so hard, he thought that he would never be able to stop screaming Izuna's name.

Hashirama had ran into the house, calling an ambulance and finding the distraught Madara crying because he couldn't find Izuna.

When the older Uchiha was lead outside to his baby brother's body, Madara could only nurse Izuna's frame, crying hysterically.

Hashirama picked up the wolf, sobbing into its fake fur.

When the ambulance had arrived just fifteen minutes later, they were told the ultimate news - Izuna was long dead and nothing that they could do for him would bring him back.

Police had shown up soon after, and having done a thorough investigation of the accident, suicide was named the cause of death.

"Here's the suicide note your brother wrote." The commanding officer tenderly said, handing the note to Madara. "We are so sorry for your loss… He was so young…"

Madara handed the note to Hashirama, too blind to be able to read it.

"What does it say…?" Madara's trembling voice whispered.

As Hashirama scanned the note, he began to cry again.

If you are reading this, then I am already dead… Hashirama sobbed, reading the note aloud to Madara. I know that you all think that I am strong because I survived to be sixteen, but I'm not strong at all. My wrists bleed every day, and I always cry and scream on in the inside, even when I seem so happy… I really do love you all, so please don't cry over me – I've been dead since I was four. I just hurt far too much to be helped, so please don't blame yourselves… Maybe now in the next life I will be reborn as a wolf and be everything I was not in this life – pretty, elegant, powerful and I'll finally have friends. Please don't mourn for me. I don't want to be missed. I just want to know that I was loved. Goodbye forever – Izuna.

"…" None of them could speak, but as the cops left the scene, a group hug was formed between the two Senju and Madara, everyone shedding their emotions.

"Madara-chan!" Hashirama cried, handing his lover Izuna's wolf. It's Izuna's teddy you bought for him at the zoo…"

Madara cried harder than both Senju, taking the wolf and hugging it tightly, screaming for Izuna.

Without Izuna around, things were going to be so much harder, but together, they would pull through, keeping Izuna's memory alive, and in turn, each other. None of them could've done it alone.

A/N Oh, I cried when I was writing this… It might not seem sad to you, but it's really sad to me… :'( Poor little Izuna… It was an accident… He finally decided that he didn't want to die anymore and then he slips and falls…