I have recently found the outnumbered fanfic website and have decided to attempt to make one myself.

Warning- may be a little morbid towards end but I have this thing about writing fics where someone gets hurt.

Chapter 1

"Mummy, I need the toilet." Karen said, from the back of the car. There was sigh from Sue Brockman, who was sat on the passenger side of the car.

"We just left 20 minutes ago, you should have gone then." The Brockmans had just finished their camping holiday; it had been to say the least disastrous. Ben had filled the tent with mud and woodland creatures. Karen had gone on and on about wanting to take a rabbit she had found on the camp site home with her. And Jake had spent the majority of the holiday complaining at there being no signal on his phone. Sue and Pete could both agree that they wouldn't be taking their children camping again, any time soon.

"Well, I didn't need it then."
"I'm hungry." Ben piped up, wanting to get a bit of attention for himself.
"We'll stop at the next stop." Sue sighed, glaring at her husband for not helping her.

"And when is the next stop." Jake said, sarcastically. He wasn't happy about being stuck next to Ben who had insisted on sitting in the middle, much to the unfortune for Jake and Karen. He had spent the last 20 minutes digging his older brother and younger sister in the ribs.
"I don't know." Sue sighed.

"If you don't know then how can you be sure there will be a stop?" Ben asked.
"There'll be a stop." Pete sighed turning slightly in his seat to face his youngest son.
"When?" Pete sighed turning back to the rode.

"Ben stop elbowing me." Karen cried 5 minutes later.
"Ben stop elbowing your sister." Sue scolded the boy. Ben shrugged and started elbowing Jake.

"Ben, stop it." Jake shouted at his younger brother.
"But I can't elbow Karen." Ben replied.
"It doesn't mean you should elbow your brother." Ben sighed, turning his face to the front of the car.

"Mummy?" Sue let out a sigh as she turned around to look at Karen.
"What is it, sweetheart?"
"What's that car doing?" Following Karen's finger Sue let out a small gasp.

A car was heading straight for their car.
"PETE!" She screamed just as Pete turned the wheel, hoping to get the car away from the other car.

There was a screech of tires as the man in the other car attempted to break but it was in vain. There was a sickening scream of metal as the car collided with their own. The children screamed in the back of the car, making Sue and Pete feel sick.

Ben had managed to get his seatbelt off before the car hit the back seat and Jake pushed his brother towards Karen, attempting to get his own off as he did so. Just as he got it off the car hit the car.

The car drove straight into Jake sending him backwards into his brother and sister as it pushed the Brockmans car backwards. Karen screamed as the car stopped pushing their own car backwards and closer to her and her brothers. Ben was shaking in fright, all sense of...Ben gone from him. Jake had his eyes scrunched closed and a steady stream of blood flowed down his face as he groaned softly. He was in pain from where the car had hit him.

"You guys okay?" Pete asked turning in his seat. Sue was sat pale and obviously in shock at what had happened.

Pete didn't dare look at his kids, scared of what he would find. The only thing that he could think of was that he needed to get them out of the car.

"Wait there, I'm gonna get you out of there." Somehow the car had completely missed the front of the Brockmans car. Pete managed to get his door open before he climbed out on shaky feet.

Looking into the car he saw the driver had passed out behind his wheel but Pete didn't bother looking at him. If one of his kids died because of this driver, who was obviously drunk off his arse, there would be hell to pay.

Sue had, somehow, managed to get out of the car and was now on the floor, leaning on the car. Pete pulled open the back door, revealing his distressed kids.

Slowly, Pete managed to unbuckle Karen's seat belt and pull her out of the car. He placed her next to her mother, who she then proceeded to hug tightly. Ben climbed out of the car himself, sitting next to his Mum and sister, muttering something under his breath that Pete didn't want to know.

Pete expected Jake to climb out after his brother and sister but instead the oldest child fell backwards, without the support of his siblings. Pete only just managed to catch him before he slid all the way out of the car. It was then that Pete realized that Jake was hurt. Karen, Ben, Sue and himself where shaken up but the car had hit Jake, causing him to get the brunt of the force.

As Sue watched her husband place Jake's pain filled body onto the tarmac next to the car she felt tears run down her face.

"Please say he's alive." Sue whispered to her husband. Pete nodded in answer. Sue let out a small sigh.

Suddenly, there was a loud groan from Jake as his eyes fluttered open weakly. "Where does it hurt, Jake?" Pete asked, noticing at once the look of pain that crossed his sons face.

"Side." Jake voice was faint and breathless. His eyes were already fluttering shut as he said this.

"Stay with us, Jake." Pete's voice was desperate and distressed. His words fell on death ears, however. Jake's eyes had already closed again and this time they stayed closed. His son's body had gone completely limp.

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