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Chapter 3

"Jake." Mrs Brockman was sat on the edge of her eldest sons bed. Her husband having taken Karen and Ben home.
"Hey Mum." Jake's voice was horse, but the doctor had told her it was normal after coming in from surgery. Apparently he had had several broken ribs, one of which punctured his lung causing internal bleeding. But now he was out of surgery and on his way to recovering. Ben had been somewhat disappointed in the fact he hadn't been able to see Jake in surgery
"How you feeling?"
"Just perfect." Sarcasm was clear in his voice but Sue couldn't remember a time when sarcasm hadn't been present in her teenage sons tone.
"You should get some sleep." Nodding, Jake closed his eyes, falling asleep instantly. Sue knew he was on heavy pain killers but she still couldn't help feeling worried about him. Was he in pain? Probably not but he would be when he was finally off the medication from the hospital.

2 days later

"Ben." Pete shouted down the hospital corridor. Jake had been discharged and he'd come to pick him up. Of course Ben had wanted to come and as soon as Karen had heard this it had, somehow, become a family outing. Ben was currently running down the corridor, pushing Jake (who was in a wheelchair only because he had been told by the doctors that he wouldn't be able to leave the hospital if he wasn't in one) and Karen (who had climbed onto Jake's knee) along.
"I am so sorry." Sue told the bemused nurse as her husband ran after their children. Finally, he managed to catch up with them, only just managing to stop the chair from ramming into the wall.

"Can we do that again?" Karen asked.
"Why not?"
"Because you could have hurt yourselves."
"Are we bringing it home?" Ben asked.
"Not a chance." Jake spoke for the first time. It was obvious to Pete that his son was still having difficult time breathing. He hadn't even been doing anything but laughing at Ben but he was still out of breath. The doctor had said it was a side effect of the surgery he'd had so Jake shouldn't do anything to strenuous. Pete and Sue had both wanted Jake to stay in for another couple of days, but Jake had said he didn't need it. Honestly, pete was kind of thankful the doctors had agreed Jake could come home. With nothing else to do, Jake had started to hit on most of the female nurses.

"You okay?" Sue asked Jake.
"I'm fine, just want to get out of here."
"Why wouldn't Jake be okay? If he wasn't okay he'd be staying in the hospital." Karen said, innocently. By this time they had exited the hospital.
"Jake." Pete said. Jake had gotten out of the wheelchair and had started walking towards the taxi waiting outside. The Brockmans car was still in the garage after the incident. Although the garage still hadn't started fixing it because Pete refused to pay them to fix it because as he claimed 'it wasn't their fault so why should they have to pay to have their car fixed'.
The taxi driver gave a small groan of annoyance when the large family entered the taxi. He had to spend the drive up to the hospital being questioned by a little girl who wouldn't shut up.

"Sorry about that." Sue tried to apologise as she paid the taxi driver. Shaking his head the taxi driver drove off without a word. Meanwhile, Pete was having difficulty opening the door. Karen and Ben kept talking as the man attempted to find the keys. Jake was leaning against the door, eyes closed.

Smiling, Sue walked up behind her husband, handing him the keys Once they entered the house. Karen and Ben ran inside, while Jake trudged up the stairs to bed.
"Is he going to be okay?" Sue's voice had a worried tone to it.
"He'll be fine. Give him a few days and you'll be wishing he'd stop talking."

And with that. The Brockmans starting to get back to normal. Eventually, Jake got better and was back to being sarcastic and doing Sue's head in. The only problem was, Pete had to pay the garage for his car get fixed. The Brockmans needed the car and because it wasn't insured, they'd had to pay for it themselves. Though it had taken nearly a month to finally happen.

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