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After Link's latest adventure, he found a warrior named Zhang Liao in the desert, claiming to be running from a man named Lu Bu. At first, Link doesn't trust him, but, could this warrior of Wei save Hyrule's future?

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Chapter 1: The First Encounter

Link chuckled to himself, he bested Gannondorf again. As the Thief King road off, Link saw another horse, but on it was a man. As this man drew closer and closer, Link saw that the man was clad in blue robes, had armor on his sides held on by a sash, a hat that seemed to go outward and has a white feather in it. "Halt!" Link yelled, but to no avail as the man kept riding onward to his destination. Link, who hated this fact, jumped on his horse and rode after him. "Halt!" Link yelled when he caught up to the blue clad man, seeing that he also held a pole arm with a blue metal blade that was held onto the shaft by a gold dragon head. "Sir, I wish not to battle you, for I must make it to Hyrule Castle, in the name of Lord Cao Cao!" the man said, still ridding on. "Who?" Lin asked, making his horse keep pace with the other man's horse. "Lord Cao Cao of Wei!" the man said, holding his spear up at the name. "How do I know you don't work for Gannondorf?" Link yelled, seeing a hint of confusion in the man's eyes. "Who?" he asked. Link, seeing that the man sincere in his statement of not knowing who the dark wizard was, sighed and said. "I'll escort you to the castle." "Thank you, sir, Wei shall not forget your aid to us." the man said. The two slowed their horses to a trot. "So, who are you?" Link asked, the man turned and said "Zhang Liao, officer in Lord Cao Cao's army. Who are you?" Zhang asked. "Link, the Hero of Twilight." Link boastfully said. Zhang nodded as if that was all he needed to hear. "So, why are you going to Hyrule Castle?" Link asked. Zhang pondered this question a bit, then said "I have many reasons. Lord Cao Cao wishes an alliance between Wei and Hyrule and as I am more level headed then his son, Cao Pi, I was sent as a diplomat. I also seek a place to train to become the perfect warrior." Zhang said, making Link wonder "Where is Wei?" "On the other side of the desert, there are three warring kingdoms. Wei is in the center of the area northward. Shu is in the southern mountains, and Wu is along the coast." Zhang explained. As the two entered Hyrule field, night began to fall. "We shall ride into the night to get to the palace, all of Wei depends of my speed." Zhang said as the two kept riding, ignoring the monsters that have normally been killed by Link and the Master Sword. "Zhang, what is it like in Wei?" Link asked out of curiosity. "Wei is a very flat and the northern area is slightly mountainous." Zhang said. As they reached the draw bridge, Link decided to rest a bit, where Zhang stood in front of the draw bridge all night. When morning broke and the bridge fell, Zhang rode ahead, earning stairs from the Hylian people. "Zhang! Wait up!" Link yelled as he rode his horse to catch up. "I'm sorry." Zhang said, which troubled Link as he normally wouldn't see this man, who seemed to be a fierce warrior apologize for something so small. "It's okay, Zhang, but the Princess knows me better so it would be best if I start the meeting off by introducing you two, you know, for formality sake." Link said, half truly as he also wanted to see how Zelda would react to an alliance with this unknown people. "Halt!" A guard ordered, seeing Zhang's weapon. "Let him pass, he's here on a diplomatic mission." Link ordered. "Yes, sir!" the guard said, letting Zhang and Link pass. "You are their commander?" Zhang asked. "Not quite, a few years ago I saved them from an evil wizard, his puppet, and his entire army with the help of an imp named Minda. It's a long story to say the least." Link explained. "Link!" Zelda yelled, seeing her hero arrive. "Hello, my princess." Link said, bowing a bit. "Who is your new friend?" the brunette woman asked. "I am Zhang Liao of Wei." Zhang said, placing his hand over his heart and bowed slightly from his horse. "Welcome to Hyrule." Zelda smiled a friendly smile, which seemed to ease the tension. "Princess Zelda, I am here on behalf of Lord Cao Cao and all of Wei. We wish an alliance." Zhang said, seeing Zelda's face go from that of happiness to that of confusion. "Wei? I've never heard of them." Zelda said. "Wei is a kingdom at war wit Wu and Shu." Link explained, earning a glare from both Zelda and Zhang. "I will order a meeting with the Grand Council and we will listen to your request." Zelda said, earning a small smile from Zhang. "Thank you, Lord Cao Cao will be most pleased.

Meanwhile in the desert

Gannondorf rode away from the area he just battled his adversary in. "I'll get him next time, I still have the Triforce of Power..." He muttered to himself, only to run head long into another horse. "Watch it, pal!" the bulky man yelled, holding up his halberd. "You should take your own advice." Gannondorf spat, drawing the Sage's Sword. "Listen, pal, you don't want to fight me, Lu Bu, the god of war!" Lu Bu yelled. "Pah! You think your so strong, have at you!" Gannondorf said, crossing blades with Lu Bu. As the two clashed, Gannondorf felt the power of the Triforce begin to empower him. As he broke the lock, Lu Bu stabed the dark wizard. Gannondorf merely chuckled. "You think that will kill me?" Lu Bu laughed, seeing this, Gannodorf then thought of something. "Tell me, do you like a challenge?" "Yeah, why?" Lu Bu asked. "I know a man who you should fight then, his name is Link." Gannondorf fakery coughed, seeing Lu Bu's satisfaction, he twisted the point of his halberd. "Gah!" Gannondorf yelled.

Back in the Castle

The Council gathered Zhang entered the chamber. Link hadn't been allowed to join due to the sensitivity of the matter. "Mr. Liao, you say your Lord Cao Cao wants an alliance?" one of the councilmen asked. "He does, sir." Zhang said, holding his spear at his side. "What are the conditions?" a council woman asked. "Lord Cao Cao's requests are to aid us in defeating the other regional lords, Sun Jian and Liu Bei." Zhang explained. "Why should we care, if your kingdom is on the other side of the desert, why should we care?" she asked. "Milady, if Shu of Wu takes over the lands held by Wei, the conciquentices could be catastrophic." Zhang said. "Why should we support your army?" Zelda asked. "Princess, your question is a good one, but once Wei takes over Wu and Shu, Lord Cao Cao will give you the territory that was once Wu. Also, I fear that Lu Bu, a truly evil warrior, has fallowed me in hopes of taking over this land. He serves no Kingdom, but he will kill you all if he isn't stopped. Lord Cao Cao is willing to aid in capturing or killing Lu Bu." Zhang said, earning worried mutters audible from the chambers. "For now, we accept your offer, but we wish to keep you here until we can dispatch a company to guard you." Zelda said.