A/N- I felt like writing something a bit different than normal. I hope you like it!! It's a Hermione love triangle story. Please R/R.

Chapter One

Simple Kind of Life

"I'm so ashamed; I've been so mean

I don't know how it got to this point"

-Simple Kind of Life, No Doubt

Hermione Weasley retched into the toilet for the third time in an hour. She felt someone rub her back. She looked up and found the concerned eyes of her sister in law, Ginny.

"'Mione, you okay?" Ginny asked. Hermione nodded.

"Just a touch of food poisoning," Hermione replied. She retched again.

"That's what you said yesterday," Ginny replied.

"Long term food poisoning or whatnot," Hermione replied. She washed her face and turned around; praying that she had stopped the way the conversation was headed. In fact Hermione herself had begun to get worried, not only had she been retching but her period was late as well. Ginny was looking at her with her hands on her hips.

"There's no such thing," the girl replied.

"How's Draco?" Hermione replied, trying to change the subject. Ginny rolled her eyes.

"Peachy, still I would rather have a husband that was actually home some of the time," Ginny began. "And quit changing the subject. I think you're pregnant. Oh, won't Mum and Ron be delirious with joy?"

If you only knew Ginny, Hermione thought. "Oh probably," Hermione finally replied. If only it was that easy.

"You'll have to owl Ron at once," the girl shrieked. "Oh lets go buy one of those Muggle tests!" Hermione took a deep breathe; there was no use in arguing with Ginny when she got like this. She grabbed her jacket and followed her out the door.

Hermione and Ginny came back into the house after stopping at the Muggle convience store. Hermione always carried a bit of Muggle money on her, along with her Muggle credit card. Ginny had been fascinated by all the things that were in there. Hermione had to kick the girl a few times to get her to shut up. Hermione pulled the box out of the bag and began reading the back of it as she headed up the steps. Ginny was bouncing up the steps behind her. At least someone is excited, she thought miserably.

Hermione turned the corner to the bathroom and ran into someone. She looked up into the blue eyes of Fred Weasley.

"What do you have…?" Fred began; he looked up and saw Ginny, and didn't continue his sentence.

"Erm," was all Hermione could reply, butterflies were now rapidly beating around in her stomach. She swallowed hard.

"She's got a pregnancy test!" Ginny shrieked. Hermione wanted to turn around and throttle the girl. "Ron might be a dad! Isn't it great?!"

"Super," Fred replied walking away. Hermione entered the loo, trembling. Ginny wasn't far behind.

"Can I at least wee in peace Ginny?" Hermione snapped. The girl looked like she'd been slapped. "Sorry, nerves you know." The girl grinned and nodded. Hermione shut the door, now maybe she would go bug Draco or someone else. Hermione sat at the edge of the tub with her head in her hands. When did life get so complicated? All she'd ever wanted was something simple, like a fairytale. But Hermione couldn't blame her problems on anyone else but herself. After all it was she who had found love in the arms of another, that certainly wasn't her husband.

"Oh Ron," she muttered to herself. "How you are going to hate me."

There was a loud pounding on the door.

"'Mione, would you bloody hurry, not all of us can wait a year to wee!" George was yelling at her.

Hermione crawled into the bed in her and Ron's room at the burrow. She blinked back the tears. Ron was going to kill her. They hadn't had relations in more than six months; he would know that it wasn't his. What would she do?

The door flew open, and she looked up. Mrs. Weasley and Ginny were standing in the doorway.

"Ginny has just told me the good news!" Mrs. Weasley shrieked. Oh good gods, Ginny of course hadn't kept her mouth shut, so why was Hermione surprised? Ginny and Mrs. Weasley bounded across the room, both nearly choking Hermione in a tight hug. She coughed, they finally let go.

"Finally, Pippin will have a little playmate!" Ginny said. Pippin was Penelope and Percy's son, and the Weasley's first grandchild.

"Do you want me to owl Ron in France?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

"No!" Hermione blurted out a little too quickly. Mrs. Weasley and Ginny shared a look. "I mean, I would much rather tell him myself."

"Tell who what?" someone asked. Hermione looked up and saw Fred in the doorway eating a bowl of something.

"Oh Fred, wait till you hear?!" Ginny shrieked. Please don't tell him, please don't tell him, please don't tell him, she thought.

"Hermione's pregnant!" Mrs. Weasley finished for Ginny. Fred's jaw dropped and he walked away.

"That was rather rude," Ginny mumbled.

Dinner was killer for Fred. He kept looking up at Hermione, trying to catch her eye, but she wouldn't look at him. Everyone kept talking about how happy Ron would be. Fred wanted to scream for them all to hear that it was HIS baby, not Ron's, which Hermione carried. But he couldn't. He excused himself from the table early, not even hungry. Hermione sent him a worried glance, but he ignored it. He went to his and George's bedroom and lay on the bed.

How could this have happened, he thought. He and Hermione were always careful, they went to the Muggle clinic and everything to get birth control, plus they used magical methods as well, how could this happen. Fred bashed his head into the bed.

He heard the door open and George walked over.

"What do you bloody want?" Fred asked.

"Don't snap at me, you're the one who knocked her up!" George hissed. Fred sat straight up.

"Did she tell you?" Fred asked.

"I'm your twin; I might as well be you. I've known for ages. Plus for someone who doesn't date, you have an awful lot of love bites on your neck," George replied. Fred felt his face go bright red. "Don't worry, I won't tell."

"Still, you have no proof that it's me," Fred replied, still red faced.

"Er, did I mention the part about reading your diary?" George asked. Fred lunged at his brother. Between breathes George chocked out more. "And I know that Ron and Hermione haven't shagged in over six months, Ron confided in me. He, er, has a 'problem'."

Fred rolled off of his brother. "With his temper or…" Fred raised her eyebrows, asking George a question without having to say. George nodded and the two boys burst out laughing.

"I told me when I, erm, was helping him clean his room right before he and 'Mione moved in," George said, turning pink. Fred laughed for a bit and then put his head in his hands.

"What in bloody hell am I going to do?" he asked. George shrugged. They were quiet for a few minutes and then Fred heard a tap on the window. It was Hermione's owl. He let it in patted it on the head, and let it fly to the other side of the house.


Wanted to look professional. Meet at the lake. 22:00. Do not be late, or you will feel the wrath.


"HGW?" George asked.

"Hermione Granger Weasley," Fred replied. He tore up the note and threw it into the trash.