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May 17, 2012 -

"Can we keep him, please?" Angel did her Bambi eyes, which she doesn't usually do that often. Except in dire cases, and this is apparently a dire need.

"Yeah, please?" Iggy added his "bambi eyes", which was a fail, by the way. (He looked like THE pedophile trying to get those poor, innocent kids in his van.. I quote; "Want some candy? Meet me at my van, my white van." ...)

Anyway, Angel was holding a black cat with a white belly. I'm pretty sure it was a boy, (so we weren't in danger of pregnancy) but I already let her have one pet, Total, so I don't think she is getting another one.

"Well, I don't think so guys," I said and started to turn away, but something willed me to turn back around. "Angel...!" I scolded as she held out her hands in sign of surrender.

"Just hear me out," she said and started to speak in a rapid pace. "We found him on the side of the road, Iggy and I, he said that he was dead, but I didn't believe him! So I poked him with a stick and he yowled really, really loudly. I grabbed him and he bit me and stuff, and it really hurt at the time, but Iggy put some stuff on it a few minutes ago. And, then he stopped biting me and now I can hold him!"

She was holding him in a death grip underneath the arms. I swear the eyes were bulging out. "And, Iggy and I already named him!"

"Yeah, it's Mouser!" Iggy cheered and I looked towards him with a glare.

"Mouser?" I sighed. "That-what-what kind of name is that?" That came out harsher than I planned. "Fine, we can keep him." I said then, in a happy, cheery voice. Angel. I thought, sending a glare her way. I thought my mind blocks were good enough.

"Thanks Maxie!" He cheered and patted me on the shoulder.

A few hours later...

"Oh my god, Mouser, get off of Total! That is inappropriate in this household, mister!" I heard Angel scold the cat from the next room and I groaned.

"This cat is more trouble than I bargained for," I muttered to Iggy, sliding the newspaper his way.

He raised his eyebrows suggestively over the paper. "You know Maxie, we could-"

"NO!" I snarled. "Don't even mention it!" And as I stalked from the room, I could hear Iggy's chuckles behind me.