It was so hard to get used to a new life style. The people here were generously happier to know that there was no end to life. Why?

It was because of one person who saved over seven billion lives! How was it possible? It was possible by one ghost known Danny Phantom. Of course, to the world's discovery, that he was a half ghost. He saved the world and the people were so happy.

There's this woman, on her bed, and everything was so dark. The curtains were closed, tissues everywhere on her bed, and a small room. A small television in front of her bed. A woman who had dark and long hair, her blue eyes was total blood shot and wet, and totally miserable. She was crying for hours after earth was save, but it wasn't a wonderful thing.

She was so miserable, but why? She gasped in between her crying, calling out for someone she knew deeply, and full of denial.

"Oh, Vlad! No!" She wiped her nose, "You-you can't be gone!"

She had a familiar look, someone familiar, and she kept crying. She didn't hate the man who tried to take over Earth. No, she could never hate him.

"Big brother, why did you mess up?" She wept horribly.

Meow! The woman almost jumped out of her bed and saw a white feline. The cat jumped onto her bed and sat next to her with a curious look. The woman did not recognize the cat.

"Why did my big brother tell you to come here? I did not own you before." She whimpered, "Oh, why did he mess up, little one? How many lies did he tell me? Did he not trust me?" She sniffled a few times.

The cat was bought to her house after Earth was saved, after there were no signs of Vlad being existing, and it hurts the woman here so much. They said the cat belongs to the woman and that she named her Maddie. This cat was the only thing her brother had and the only she have of him.

"Maddie…please tell me my brother was not some evil half ghost? Was he always like that?" The woman's tears escaped without any control over her loss ones.

The cat purred and rubbed her head against her new owner. The cat tried to calm the woman, but it didn't make anything better.

Ding dong! The woman jolted her head up, wondering who would be at her house, and she hurried out of the bed. The cat ran off due to being pushed off the bed. Vlad's sister grabbed a sweater and slowly peeked through the door.

"What do you want?" Her voice was roughed.

"I came to talk to Vlad's sister…" A male voice spoke to her.

She blinked and sniffled, "How do you know he has a sister?" She didn't know if she could trust a total stranger, let alone to the fact she wasn't seeing the person completely.

"…" The man was quiet for short while, "…because the world hates me."

Little did she knew, she opened the door and saw the man she grew up with since she was born. The man was so bruised up, scratched, and very messed up. His silver hair all messed up, his suits all ripped off, and his eyes of emptied hope. The woman gasped, petrified to see what has become of him, and her lips quivering.

"Vl…Vlad?" She whispered his name.

His eyes closed slowly and nodded slowly, "Yes…I-I understand if you wish to not do anything with me."

The woman shook her head, furiously refusing to let him go, and she hugged him in a good pace. Vlad was being swallowed by guilt, how much he did not deserve this, and that his sister was happy or shocked.

"Vlad, I-I was so scared to be the only Masters to survived. You-you-you left me alone for twelve years!" She wept.

Vlad awed at his sister, seeing how much she suffered, and how loneliness has done to her. He understood how she felt, despite the fact he was more alone for over twenty years now.

"I-I am deeply sorry, Victoria. You must think I am a monster." He wasn't proud of being a half ghost like he used to.

Victoria kept hugging her brother, despite the fact he tried to take over Earth, and did things she may never knew.

"Are you…alive, brother?"

His eyes drifted to the ground. Alive was a complicated word.

"Half of me is, Victoria. Do you think I am a monster for being half dead?"

Victoria shook her head, "No. You are my brother, Vlad. I was so afraid to lose another family, not like what happened to our parents!"

Vlad lured away from her arms and Victoria tried to hold onto him.

"Please! Vlad! I have no one! Who can save me this time?" She was about to cry.

Vlad shook his head, "Victoria, remember you are strong like a real Masters. Remember that…there is someone out there for you and will love you." He stepped aside once more, "I do not deserve love, Victoria. Not after what I have done here, not how cruel I was to them, and how I took deeply advantage of them." He depressed worse than ever.

Victoria couldn't understand, she could easily read his emotions, and held her hand out.

"Big brother, whoever that lover is…do not stop. I am not talking about Maddie. I believe you are right that there is someone out there and will love me, but you deserve the same. You are not a monster and simply misguided, took the wrong path, and I believe you will make it right again. Be glad there was another kind of yours saved us." She struggled to put on a smile, "Everyone deserves love, even you."

Vlad heard it all from her heart, he knew her well, and that Victoria cared about her big brother the most. There was a small hint of hope in him.

"Perhaps you are right, little sister." He shifted his head, "What did you mean there was another kind of myself that saved us?"

Victoria finally broke in a smile, "Danny Phantom saved Earth. He was just like you, a half ghost."

Vlad felt like he has gone deaf, unaware who did managed to protect Earth, and spared everyone's lives. He wasn't saved, never was, and got bashed up badly by the disasteroid. He suffered it for so long, endless pain for hours, and severely weakened by its power. He was certainly a mess when he crashed on Earth when no one saw him. He flew for many miles to find his sister, keeping himself low for several days, and Victoria was giving him a hope.

"Let's get you clean up, big brother." She lured him into the house.

Vlad did not want to fight against his sister, she led him to the living room, and gathered some medical kit. Vlad stood in the middle of her living room, she forced him to sit down, and took off his suit coat and white shirt. He groaned a bit in pain, but she had to help him. She cleaned his wounds and bruises. While she did, his healing came in so quickly and she gasped.

"If I am not a monster, then I am a freak to you." He whispered.

Victoria shook her head, "No, it is amazing. You can heal naturally."

Vlad stared at his hands, Victoria watched, and he was developing his pinkish purple ectoplasm. It wasn't coming out fast like he used to it, but it was harder to control. Victoria became very fascinated by his ghost half power.

"Vlad, why did you ever tell me?" She awed at the beautiful color of his ghost powers.

He lets go of his energy ecto, "I was in the hospital, I didn't understand at the time. I felt like being insane there, like an experimented lab rat, and a freak. I thought if I ever told anyone, it would get worse. Nothing was normal for me. It took me years to gain control, fight back against powerful ghosts, and more."

Victoria touched his hands and met his eyes. She was smiling.

"Vlad, you are my brother and I love you. Nothing would change that. I was afraid of losing you at the hospital, I thought you were actually dying, and that I would be alone for the rest of my life."

He sighed, "You are only saying that because the world hates me."

She shook her head, "No, Vlad, no. I am saying it because you are my family. Sure, you made a big mistake. You have to learn from it and move on."

It was quiet, but she continued to heal the scars while it heals on its own. She was fascinated to what he can do, Vlad never saw her so happy like this, and it has been years since they were happy. To their parents' death remained a mystery, it was heart aching, and traumatizing. They did not dare to speak of it and only recall it on their memories.

"I know the boy."

Victoria looked up, "Huh?" Her eyebrows formed into one.

"Danny Phantom. I met him no more than a year and a half ago."

She adored it already, "You two must have bonded so much."

He shook his head, "No. He hated me. He hated me since he learned I was like him too."

Victoria didn't understand. She didn't know the whole story between what Jack has done to Vlad, but she knew little of the accident.

"Why does the young hero hates you?"

"Isn't it obvious?"


Vlad did not like to discuss this subject. It was rougher when suffering for three days on disasteroid. It was difficult to keep up the energy to find his sister. He was able to relax now, regaining his energy, and heal now.

"…I wanted him as my son. I wanted to train him. I wanted him to make his mother love me instead of his father. I did things that he did not approve of. No matter what we did, it was always fighting nonstop. If it was not fighting, we argue. If not arguments, the pranks would over board everything. He meant so much to me. I thought…if I controlled the world, I'd have him. He would no longer see me as evil."

It was simple for her to see, but Vlad knew he was a wrong-doer. He cannot change the past, but he can try to move on. Victoria shook her head.

"Vlad, you did not need to fight or do things to have him. What we want must be earned by hard work. What you did may be wrong, but you have to show him that you need to be saved too." She patted his hand, "He's young too, so who's there to save him? I'm sure you saved him several times."

Vlad never understood how her sister could be so calm now. Just earlier, she was a mess from sadness went to supporting and full of guidance for Vlad.

"What do you think I should do now?"

Victoria hummed, "Go see the boy and be his hero. Forget the world."

Vlad stared at his sister, blankly confused why she was already pushing him to his archenemy who may believe he was dead now, and he shook his head.

"He is happier without me. I doubt Daniel would let me have a second chance, Victoria. He is a stubborn child."

Victoria kept smiling, "Vlad, remember what dad said? Remember what he told us about love?"

Vlad shook his head, "I am afraid that I left my past behind, forgotten everything but you, dear."

Victoria sighed, "He said that love is confusing. In order to understand love, you must listen to the stubborn. Give in and let them see who you truly are. That love will come to you, trust you, tell you everything, and more." She patted his hands, "You have to earn them, whether you want to be a father figure to Danny or a friend or a hero, you have to earn them."

Vlad became utterly speechless to his little sister. Victoria went off into the kitchen, he watched her to what she pleased, and she began to cook dinner. He tried to get off the couch until Victoria caught him.

"No, Vlad. You sit there, I'm making you dinner! Now, sit and relax!"

He softly chuckled for a little enjoyment, "Overprotective much?"

"Vlad, I thought I lost you again. I'm not going to lose you again! Now, sit down!" She demanded.

Vlad knew well enough to not mess with her and sat down by her will power. Victoria was gathering all of her cooking materials and ingredients. He watched and smiled at her for being so…important and special. He thought about it deeply of Danny.

"Would you think it would be wrong to want to love Danny, Victoria?" He had to ask.

Victoria stopped flipping a burger and looked up at him, "…Vlad, love works wonder. You never question it. If you want to love him, wait for him to grow up and come to you." She smiled, the happiest moment of her time.

Vlad never realized that, how down to Earth his sister could be, and full of support. No one has ever given him that. Only one person, but he never accepted it because of the past. He spotted the blanket and wrapped it around himself. Victoria continued to cook her burgers, allowing her brother to think about things, and she hummed for a little celebration.

"I do not care if you are gay, big brother. I do not care if you think you are a monster or a freak. Family comes first over anything."

Vlad couldn't fathom his sister, "What if he refused to love me back?"

Victoria flipped one last time on her burger, "Then, if he refused to want you or love you, you are always welcome to live here."

Vlad chuckled, "I could not possibly do that, sister. This is your home, people will connect the dot that you are my sister, and I cannot ri-"

"Vlad, I do not simply care. Let them ruin my life when I can have you. They can try and destroy me, but they will fail to see you are here! I refused to lose another family member over a career or reputation!"

Her voice spoke much anger and Vlad backed off the subject for now. He understood how she saw him and nothing more. He gulped and lowered his head. Victoria sets the burger onto their hamburger buns and on their plates. She bought it over to her big brother and he could smell the homemade.

"I haven't had them in ages." He whispered.

Victoria nodded, "I thought you might want to eat. I'll fetch you a drink."

"Do you still make tea, dear?"

She smiled, "Of course, you know I only serve tea here."

"Or water."

She shook her head, "Silly big brother. One hot tea coming up."

Vlad nodded and watched her joined into the kitchen once more. He never saw her do things other than the kitchen work. They used to work on a farm, but nothing would change that. Vlad took a bit of the hamburger and filled up his starving stomach. His stomach lurched onto the food, getting every bits of the food, and devouring them all. He ate up two hamburgers and Victoria bought over a cup of tea. He took a sip without needing to blow it and Victoria watched him.

"How come you do not blow your hot tea like you used to, big brother?" She crocked her head.

He chuckled, "Anything hot does not affect me. If I simply touch a fire, it's like feeling nothing at all. My ghost's core is made of fire and can create the element of a fire."

"Wow, so you are like a god of fire?"

He shook his head, "No, I cannot control other fire. I just develop them."

"Hm, interesting. Is this your power only or does Danny has the same as yours?"

Vlad chuckled, "No, I supposed his core is different. Much more opposite and he represent ice."

Victoria awed, "That means both of you are attracted to each other's power."

Vlad did not understand that at all. Victoria had a happier expression and Vlad could not take that away from her. He knew her since she was born, but since the accidents of their parents' death has changed them entirely. Especially with Victoria and how much she literally changed. Once their parents' funeral was over, she avoided Vlad for certain amount of time and took them time to adapt to a new life. Vlad raised her for the last three years and once she was legal adult, he went off to college and she attended to the same one. Since Vlad got blasted by a machine of the proto ghost portal, he was in the hospital for almost seven years. He felt alone in this, no one could truly understand the man, and she was there to see what he went through. She never knew his secret, let alone the fact that he was half dead the entire time, and she played along by his lies.

He left her back at the original home which was here. He left her alone for thirteen years; Victoria struggled to make her life a living, and often heard more about her brother later on like the article, news, newspaper, radio, and more. She thought that he would let her live in his new home, but nothing has ever changed. Victoria had a difficult time obtaining a career and the bills. She never inherited her brother's money or even asked him to. Vlad almost forgotten about her.

Meow. Vlad jumped and almost floated in the air. He gasped to the finest white feline in this very house and the cat joined onto his lap. She purred for his affection, rubbing her head against her first owner, and he petted her.

"Oh, Maddie…I am truly sorry for abandoning you. I was so foolish to not think of you." He petted her.

Victoria adored it, "She kept me company when I cried. She has been here for five days now. You were gone for almost two weeks. How were you able to survive without food or water, Vlad?"

Vlad lowered his voice, "When being a half ghost, you do not really eat much. Our ghost half relies on energy as food."

"So you used energy as food? How?"

"I am not sure. However, our human side can easily die within a month if we do not eat."

Victoria nodded, "I am glad you are here so I can feed you. You are too skinny! Where have you been for two weeks?"

Vlad sipped his tea, avoiding the main question, and let his sister be overly protective. She shook her head at a greater disappointment in him.

"You are such a hard headed brother, aren't you?" She crossed her arms, "I'm going to get you full and then, we are going to where the boy lives."

His eyes snapped at her, "What? Are you insane! Do you wish to be hated by the boy as well?"

She poked him several times on his arm, "The boy probably judged you because you did things wrong and how you wanted things your way! He will not judge me just because I am your sister. I am sure he has a family himself!"

Vlad flabbergasted at his sister, unbelievable to what his sister has really turned into, and his head shook.

"No, you are staying right here. I will go to the boy myself!"

She smirked, "Good, you need him as much as he needed you."

He fell for her tricks. Victoria knew her brother well enough to be a manipulator, but that's where he learned his skills from. His sister because she always have been clever since she was five years old. Vlad noticed it and struggled to pick up her habit and skills. She was always better in manipulating people and they easily believed her.

"Great…I cannot believe you did this to me!" His palm covered his face.

She chuckled, "As long it takes my brother back on his feet, manipulating you is always fun."

Vlad sets his empty tea cup and Victoria dragged him over to another room. He had no clue what she was up to and followed her leads. They were in a bathroom and he gasped.

"I am not showering with you if that is what you think." He huffed.

Victoria rolled her eyes, "No, but you are going to clean up. Do that and I'm going to find the backup clothes I saved for you here."

"You…you saved my old clothes?"

She nodded, "Of course, I knew someday you may come home and well, I was expecting you to come home drunk or broken up from a relationship." She pouted, "You were gone for so long, I thought you'd never come home."

Vlad nodded, Victoria left him in the bathroom, and he washed up. Despite of the situation, his sister was there for him. No matter what he has done, Victoria always considered the fact that family comes first to her. Vlad tried to take over the world, tried to take Maddie Fenton away from Jack, and brutally hurt Danny.

He has hurt Danny so much, it was his own fault by emotional and physical abused, and it wasn't right. Perhaps his sister was right, that he should have earned it, and made it all differently. In his mind, he worried what the boy will say or do to him. What if the boy exposed his back to public? The people would truly be upset, angry, and wished he would be dead for sure. No…it wouldn't be right at all.

It was scaring him, but he had no choice. He stated that he will go see the boy after being manipulated by his own sister. It stunned him to the reality to see how opening she was and how happier she was to see he was alive. Or rather, half alive.

Now, Vlad has a mission for his sister.