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Jazz's driving down to Nasty Burger first and took the drive thru section. We weren't worried about money, so we ordered what craves for us, and I thought having one their French toast sticks would be cool and they were giving white frosting flavor for the dipping. I thought that would be cool and requested some orange juices.

"I'll have the breakfast sandwich, number seven please? And no onion on it." Jazz requested.

"Okay, breakfast sandwich seven, no onion, French toast sticks with frosting, two orange juices, and anything else?"

Jazz and I glanced at each other to see if anything was even necessary. To me, I know Vlad would have my head for not eating something good.

"You still got those apples bitsters?"

"Yes we do, sir."

"Okay, I'll have those."

"Okay, is that all?"

Jazz nodded, "Yes."

"That'll be thirteen dollars and sixteen cents. Please come up to the payment window."

Jazz and I smiled at the prices. She drove up to the payment window and I handed her my credit card. The cashier took the card and made sure the money was being paid for as all. Hardly, the cashier had hardly noticed me or even recognized me at all. The cashier didn't look for the name on the card at all. Were people this much to not notice or observe anything at all? Of course, judging by their aura, they're still in a sleepy mode and not really caring about anything but work. I couldn't blame them.

Jazz started to get up to the next window and the bag of our breakfast food was ready to go. She got it and handed it over to me. She decided to park somewhere in the deep forest out here and it was nice for privacy and less shade of sun. We started to eat our belated breakfast and man, they tasted so good!

"I never have seen you into food like this before, Danny."

I swallowed down my food, "Huh? Oh, I'm just hungry."

She chuckled, "More like you're trying to feed another stomach."

She has no idea and I eased back in my seat.

"Well, after eating very small for three years. It's hard to fill up my big stomach."

Jazz nodded, "I guess, but it seems strange. You were eating fine last night and enjoying small amount of every food mom made."

I didn't really think of it that way before, but maybe just the food starvation excuse would clear it out.

"Really? I mean, I finally saw myself in the mirror and I really need to fill up my weight…and get some sun."

Jazz jolted and scrambled herself into the glove department for whatever reasons, "Oh, I forgot you have been in the cave for so long!" She popped out a pair of sunglasses.

I smiled and accepted it. I placed it on and felt much better with the lights.


We went back into eating for a while, but her aura has changed now. She's noticing things and questioning herself a lot. I wasn't going to make a mistake and finished up sipping my orange juice.

"Okay, spill your thoughts out because I can't ignore your aura poking out so obviously."

Jazz drew a blank stare, "I-I shouldn't, Danny."

I sighed, "I'm not going to get mad."

Jazz took a few bites to gather some thoughts or questions. Personally, it was going to hurt the both of us than we expected to. I wanted to tell her desperately, but there was much to say.

"I think you're hiding something. I can't quite put my finger on it, but after hearing about your argument with Sam last night has given me some thoughts."

I gulped and couldn't believe my argument went out to her room. Did that mean Dani heard it too?

"Oh. Well, I was serious about not being attracted to her."

Jazz nodded a little, "I believe that now. Just three weeks ago, you broke it up and believe that. Three years doesn't change to what you said now. Something doesn't make sense, though, you violently pushed her away before she could kiss you again. Normally it would mean you're in a relationship or you feel distrustful at certain feelings. However, neither matched or made sense."

Jazz was on the right path about the results she came up. I couldn't let her go on with the idea. I finished another sip of my juice and held it in my hands.

"No, it matched Jazz." I sighed, "I can't say about it yet, but I can promise you it'll make sense." My thumb smoothed up and down on the juice's bottle surface, "Give me a few weeks to explain it all."

Her aura turned into a worrying and overly protective sister, "Danny, don't bottle yourself up. If it's something Vlad did to you in the other timeline, it's best you talk about it."

I sighed and smiled, "I'm not bottling myself up and the other Vlad didn't do anything to cross the line. I do feel bad for his sister, though."

Jazz blinked and I let processed it down through her thoughts about it. Let her wonder her mind about it and waited. I stared at my juice and remembering that I met her.

"He has a sister?"

I nodded, "Yeah. The other alternative Vlad's sister died in the car accident along with the parents, but…" I gulped, "It sounded much worse than some car accident. Of course, when I came back to the timeline here…I ended up at her house and she's alive." I sighed, "Let's just say, if it wasn't her around. Dan can exist. So, having her alive makes it balance and prevent the dark side."

Jazz finished up eating her breakfast sandwich and took it in everything I was telling her. There was something else that seemed to bother me more, but why else could anything be this way? If Victoria died with the parents, the future would have been horrible. She's too important to save Vlad's life or the world's.

"So, your CAT test cheating and Vlad's sister's death are the two strongly affective to make the future in the dark ending?"

I sighed, "Pretty much."

Jazz awed at the moment, "So, what does Vlad's death makes it up now?"

My heart skipped a beat. Did she ever believe it at all? I couldn't say it, I couldn't prove it to her otherwise, and say tha…my eyes lowered down and just tried to forget about it.

"There is another reason why I'm not attracted to Sam."

Jazz jolted her head over at me, "What is it?"

"I'm not attracted to opposite genders."

Maybe that would be a start, better than nothing, and she just looked at me expressionless. I stared back at her, wondering when she'd react, and that her aura changes over. She's frozen at the thoughts, mixed in everything suddenly, and here I was waiting to know.

"You think you're gay?"

I shrugged, "I am."

"Why? You haven't been around anyone but the other Vlad. What makes you say that?"

I bit my lip, "I guess it's because I haven't been into girls like I used to. I only cared about being friends with them. It didn't feel right making out with them or pretending my crushes on them."

Jazz observed and noted how I felt about things. If it meant to get them ready or opened minded, it'd work out well and easier. I glanced over at the trees and seeing how dark they were.

"I kept thinking about how anyone really needs is a second chance, even if some of us messed up big time."

"I think you're right, Danny."

I blinked and looked at her, "Really? You believe anyone really needs a second chance? How?"

Jazz sighed, "What you told us last night about what really happened has given me a lot of thoughts. I have never seen Vlad who lost pretty much everything that was important. You were important to him and the way you made him sound like he has a heart somewhere."

I smiled a little, not much for her to see it, and knowing that she meant it.

"I guess you can say that. When I was kidnapped by that kind of Vlad, I wanted to hate him again…make it right again and how things were never changed between us. I knew the timeline shouldn't have existed and he somehow continues to have his own paranormal world. I can see there's stories hidden inside of him, that there was more to it than just Dan destroying what he had."

Jazz noted about this, but I wasn't really hiding it all out. It just my Vlad and my pregnancy were hiding at the moment. It wouldn't just ended and enough to know I'd tell her this instantly. Even if I'd tell her, someone would suspect her lying and come to pinpoint it down.

"A second chance…it sounds right, you know?" Jazz smiled down, "I get the feeling there might be something or someone needed is important first."

I hugged her, "Thanks, Jazz."

Jazz tensed up with the hug, but she joined along. I needed it for so long, felt her acceptance and love, and that's all I could ever ask. We didn't stop hugging for a while and once we did, she looked up with the happiest expression I could ever see on her face. The truth is, will she be okay to know what truly was going on?

We finished up on having breakfast and she drove us to the car shop carefully, but her car is very out of shape. I honestly don't know how this car makes it. My life has changed in so many direction, I don't think I could ever leave Jazz alone. I missed my sister when I needed her comfort to make me feel stronger.

Jazz spent the day viewing the car, checking its quality, and debating herself. She would ask me from time to time, but her perky energy definitely brings out a lot on her aura. I enjoyed seeing that and she can definitely maintain her emotions. She reviewed every reasonable cars and no one else in the car shopping has suspected me at all. So far, today was coming along quite well. Just how long will I have this peaceful moment as a hero?

Sorry if it seems shorter, I have no idea how else to continue their bonding, but it's a start. What type of a car do you guys think Jazz is planning to get?