The Castaway Team

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Prompt: Angel/any various, Wes + any, If Wes left LA in Season 4 and formed his own crew, who'd be on his team? from nevcolleil on December 16th, 2011 01:39 pm (UTC)

Angel/Criminal Minds/NCIS/SG1

Wesley looked up from his books as Elle Greenaway entered his motel room. She nodded grimly once. Of course, Elle had gotten the witness to admit to the true location of the where they saw the monster. Her old job as an FBI profiler came in handy in that way. She could make anyone talk. In this case, the witness had been picking up a prostitute and a little dope when a vampire nest had nabbed the prostitute, the pimp and the drug dealer, and had no doubt turned them. The three would easily be able to gain meals or thralls.

Elle moved to the crossbow 'range' Wesley had set up for her use. Elle knew cop and FBI procedure backwards and forwards and handed out latex gloves like some high school councilors handed out condoms. She didn't let Wesley's team get connected to any illegal activities. She didn't let their illegal activities be connected to each other and put them on the Fed's radar. She was handy with guns but was next to useless on the older weapons that were needed for combating the supernatural. She had very little experience with the supernatural but she was smart and willing to learn. She was the only newbie on the team.

Caitlyn was old. Wesley didn't know how old and it was very impolite to ask a lady when the answer would be well over a hundred. Wesley knew that she had played at being a regular human and had 'died' in a pretty spectacular manner and needed to stay under the radar for a lifetime or two. She had joined Wesley's team because she needed to hunt down the bad guys, above the law or below it; she always hunted the bad guys. She also had awesome contacts to fake credentials. She also knew how to tail a 'suspect' and how to set up surveillance. Currently, Caitlyn was watching the vampire nest and observing the number of blood suckers that they needed to kill.

Jack O'Connell –with two 'L's'- walked into Wesley's room like he belonged there. He belonged even though he was a decade or two (in one case a century or two) younger than all the other team members. He dropped two duffle bags on Wesley's bed. Of course, he had gotten every illegal weapon that Elle and Caitlyn had insisted that they needed to raid the nest. He had a surprising number of contacts in the underworld. He also had every single illegal weapons dealer on the continent scared to death of him. Wesley didn't know why everyone was scared of a seventeen year old. (Wesley hoped that he was seventeen, but doubted it). The fear admittedly came in handy. When it came to interrogations, Jack was actually better at it than Elle.

They were an oddball team of castaways, but they worked.

Angel/Criminal Minds/NCIS/SG1