This is a fan fiction beginning at the party where Ash and Meghan dance in Iron King. In my version of the party, they are in the Summer Court. Oberon makes a contract with Mab to have Meghan live with the Winter Court, seeing as Titania, his wife, hates Meghan and her husband for having an affair with her. So Meghan is sent to the heartless Unseelie Court in order to be protected against Titania's rage and to be somewhat educated in how to defend herself against her for when she returns. She is to be taught in sword fight by Ash, who already has an opposed opinion of her, seeing as in the beginning of Iron King, she and Puck are chased down by him. He despises her for reminding him of Ariella, but slowly starts to accept her and even sort of likes her… Is this a romantic solution to the hatred spread between both the Summer and Winter courts?

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Chapter One: Hatred at First Sight


He stalked the room, swept through it like a leaf in the wind. His steps were measured and drawn precisely with an elegance he himself knew nobody, apart from his queen, could match. Glances were cast upon him with the vigor of the immortal Nevernever fey. Some of them were filled with lust – these were the young ladies of the Winter Court, others with forced respect – the males of the Unseelie Court. But others, and that many, were consumed by a hunger for his blood on their hands – this, of course, was his enemy, the Summer Court.

Right now, the King and Queen of this particular court sat proudly upon their thrones of intertwined flowers and roots in the center of the party. But this was no joyful celebration amongst the royalties and their people, for such a thing did not exist between the two courts. The two realms had been brought together for the purpose of one person who before had seemed insignificant, but now had a value of importance; Meghan Chase.

Her head bobbed in front of him, as she ran with clumsy steps. She was so close, yet so far ahead. He was close enough to catch the scent of human on her – the faintest touch of iron and the modern world, a tinge of what mortals referred to as deodorant, and inevitably, fear. Such a stupid, worthless thing to drown in. Fear! Why did a human like her let herself be absorbed by this backstabbing emotion? All it did was get in the way of her instincts that told her to fight, but instead she ran cowardly away from a predator like himself! As he closed in on her, he heard a surprised gasp escape her, and then she suddenly spun around to face him. This was shocking, but she would receive no pity from him, if that's what she thought….

He did not kill her that day. Although it would have been for the best, seeing as she was only half fey and would probably shrivel up in fright and insanity from this world some time soon, anyway. So really, it would have been merciful if he had ended her life that day. And then there was Goodfellow. His face still tainted all his nightmares of losing Ariella. Seeing Meghan and realizing she looked so alike his old love only made the strain to hold back his suppressed fury more difficult. That's why the sudden decision not to kill her was both surprising and frustrating. He did not know what had held him back from delivering the final blow – or any blow for that matter- but he knew that mysteries such as that one would unravel themselves eventually.

Again, he caught the scent of the half breed, and walked closer to her. He now felt the gaze of the entire party rest on him as he came closer, and new that the coldest of those gazes belonged to his mother, Queen Mab. They think I'm toying with her and her emotions like I've done to so many young women before. Maybe I will. Maybe I will trick her into believing I have any affection for her. He grinned his killer smile that he knew made womens' knees weak, and sauntered forward.

"Care to dance?" He said calmly, although any creature that had lived in the Nevernever would have been able to detect the partially hidden mockery in it. But the half breed certainly didn't, and her eyes were wide in amazement and in fear for seeing him here. She gulped, and he smiled in a way that he was aware was highly seductive. This is going to be easy.

"Um, sure I guess," she half stammered at him. Only then did he notice what she was wearing. It was a deep purple dress that did wonders in illuminating her curves. He shook his head. He would not think that way about a Summer princess, not even with the glaring Goodfellow over in the corner by the food table. Because looking at her in that way would imply betraying his court and the few beliefs he had left.

They both made few remarks during the dance, and Ash stuck to observing the half breed in secret ever so often without the girl having a clue. She was too caught up in staring seemingly unabashedly at his face in awe, but also badly hidden fright. She was, no doubt, thinking about him almost murdering her.

After a few minutes of somewhat elegant dancing, Ash began to feel that even though he was hardly ever overwhelmed by any sort of emotion, the discomfort caused by his glaring mother was becoming too great. He meant to step away and leave the Summer princess alone for now, but realized that she was about to say something and so impatiently, he waited.

"You heard then," she started, "that I'll be living at your court for a while. With my own guards, naturally, but still." She sighed, and it caught the Winter prince off guard. It was the first indication to the fact that Meghan might be slightly opposed to her leaders. Maybe he could use that to his advantage.

"You'll do fine," he sneered slightly too much and ignorant as she was, she still noticed.

"I'm not complaining! It's just that I believe my father, Oberon, is a coward for not being able to protect me here. I mean, Titania doesn't have any control of me or him and he could make her swear an oath to not hurt me. It's just unnecessary to send me away. And on top of that, I have to go through training. It'll be tough." She sighed once more.

"I'll train you." The words slipped from Ash's mouth before he had time to think. What the hell was he saying, declaring an oath to train her? Now he couldn't take it back. This was an oath, and they had to be completed.

Later, when he and the Unseelie Court departed from the Seelie Court whom bore taunting smiles on their lips, he pondered over what he had said. He hadn't promised to train the half breed for any certain period of time. All he had to do was train her for a day or two, and then when she failed miserably, as he could easily predict she would, he could disappear. Easy. He glanced at the sky that bore signs of falling snow. Something told him that this was the start of something. Something that was going to be interesting.