This story takes us back on a much deeper understanding of the love between Suzuki Takeshi and Morita Toru from Takumi-kun: The Rainbow-Colored Glass. This is a story of love, friendship and the the ties that bind even from beyond. This story have gone through several revisions, formats and had taken several months to accomplish. I am finally pleased with the results and I hope I have given them justice. Hope you enjoy this experience.

"The time between meeting and finally leaving is sometimes called falling in love." - Lisa Loeb


"So what do you think?" Gii eyed Suzuki curiously.

"About what?" Suzuki replied not breaking his gaze on the chess board.

"Oh come on! You know exactly what I'm talking about." Gii looked at him amused.

"No, I don't know what you're talking about. If this is your way of breaking my concentration, forget it." Suzuki shook his head and moved his chess piece and batted the timer.

"Kazuki Takahashi. The sophomore I introduced to you the other day. What do you think of him?"

"He's okay, I guess." Suzuki shrugged.

"Okay? That's it? That's all you can say about him? Didn't you guys hit it off right away?" Gii looked surprised.

"No, we didn't. I wasted 10 minutes of my time having to listen to someone ramble on and on what an amazing person Saki Giichi is. If you're trying to show off your fan boys to me in this school, it's not working." Suzuki replied nonchalantly.

"What the hell? I swear I thought he totally liked you. That weasel! He's gonna hear it from me." Gii sounded very annoyed. After procuring such a potential guy for Suzuki and that person blew it. Damn it!

"Nah! Forget about it. Seriously, dude..why you even bother introducing me to anyone. I already told you I'm not interested. You've already introduced 15 guys to me since last year. And I didn't even ask you to." Suzuki smirked at him while he scratched his eyebrow with his thumb.

"Well, I didn't want you to be lonely, that's all." Gii smiled but his eyes looked at his old friend with genuine concern.

"I'm not lonely. I'm fine." Suzuki looks at him assuredly. He knew Gii was being worried about him again. Gii is one of the closest people in his life who is privy to his health condition.

"Are you sure? 'Cause you look like you really need some company." Gii obviously didn't look like he was giving up.

"I swear Gii if you were not born to inherit your father's company, you would definitely have a promising future being a pimp for a club or a bar." Suzuki chuckled.

"Now that's just mean." Gii sat back and frowned at his friend who obviously didn't look like he was taking it back. Gii narrowed his eyes studied him for two seconds and leaned over and said, "You really think so? I could be a great pimp?" He grinned.

"Hai." Suzuki nodded assuredly.

"Good to know." Gii nodded and smiled and moved a chess piece and batted the timer.

The door opens and a tired-looking Akaike Shozo walks inside the room. "Tadaima."

"Okaeri." Gii and Suzuki chorused.

"How was your day in the office, darling?" Gii gives him a naughty smile while batting his eyelashes in rapid succession.

"Not so bad. What are you two girlfriends talking about while I was gone?" Akaike took off his blue jacket, put it on a hanger and deposited it into the closet.

"Fuck buddies." Gii shrugged.

"Dorm sex slaves." Suzuki yawned.

"Right." Akaike snerked as he began untying his necktie. He wasn't the least bit surprised anymore with the choice of language those two shared when there were only the three of them together. Had they stopped talking like that then that would be just plain weird. He took off his white uniform and put on a fresh blue shirt. He decided he'd take his pants off later. He stretches himself on his bed and relaxes his head over his forearms.

"So which of you two losers are winning?" He looks at them.

"Me of course as usual." Suzuki raised an eyebrow with genuine pride.

"Not even close, nerd." Gii frowned.

"Checkmate in two, pretty boy." Suzuki smirked.

"Liar!" Gii huffed but his eyes roamed wildly at the chessboard wondering where those two moves were going to come from.

Suzuki grinned, made his move and just like that, he won.

"What the hell?" Gii looked at the chessboard aghast.

"See? I told you, I'd get you in two moves." Suzuki laughed triumphantly.

"Whatever." Gii turned away to face Akaike who was now leisurely browsing a sports magazine.

"So how was your day like? Let me guess, the rich little brats have been picking a fight with the other rich little brats in class?" Gii raised an eyebrow obviously amused.

"Well, yeah, there's that. They were about to stab each other with pencils. PENCILS! Stupid jerks." Akaike shook his head in irritation as he flipped a page of the magazine he is reading.

"I'm glad I don't work for the discipline committee." Gii laughed.

"Yeah but you got a trail of fan boys who follow you around like ducklings every single day." Suzuki rolls his eyes as he put the chess board and chess pieces away before moving to sit on the edge of the bed because Gii is now lying on his stomach and has already occupied most of the entire bed space.

"Oh yeah. That. Damn it." Gii buried his face on the pillow and groaned.

"Anyway, there was someone interesting today. Transferee. Freshman. Morita something. I forgot. Anyway, he arrived this morning to school accompanied by his mother. Quiet kid. Kinda shy but has inquisitive eyes. Matsumoto-sensei assigned me to tour him around the school on Monday since it'll be his first day." Akaike yawned, laid the magazine on his bedside table and stretched his arms.

"Transferee, huh? We don't get those types much in this school, do we?" Gii asked.

"Nope. Not much at all. Quite a rarity actually. But the kid passed the requirements of this school so he's gonna be studying here for sure." Akaike now stands up and starts to pull out a fresh pair of white pajamas from the cabinet.

"Gii, come on, man. It's late. I'm sleepy. Go back to your room. Now." Suzuki punches Gii's leg and tries to push him off the bed.

"Don't wanna. I still wanna play with you, guys." Gii whined and frowned but reluctantly moved away from the bed.

"If you don't leave, we're gonna tell Hayama about this American greeting kiss thing and that you just made it all up." Akaike grinned.

"Alright, alright, fine. I get it. Goodnight, ladies. I'll see you both tomorrow." Gii grudgingly heads towards the door. But only a few seconds after he has closed the door behind him, he opens the door again, sticks his head out and gives the biggest pout he could muster. "You're not gonna tell him, I just made that up, would you? I'd never get an excuse to kiss him in the open anymore. You know how I love it when he looks so flustered and cute when I do that."

"GOOD NIGHT, YOU SADIST! " Suzuki and Akaike yells at him and throws a pillow which hits Gii right in the face and they all laugh.