The sun was about to set. A sombre mood seemed to have enveloped the entire Shidou Academy since the student Suzuki Takeshi succumbed to his long-time battle with his rare bone disease. The funeral was held at his residence. Shidou High Academy officials announced a special day for some of the school staff as well as its students show their respects. The entire science club organized to purchase a large bouquet of Magnolias since it was a favorite of Takeshi. His best buddies also attended the entire funeral ceremony. Gii acted in behalf of the family as an older brother since Takeshi was an only child and had very few relatives who could take the role. He made sure that the funeral arrangements were made to the point. His family also gave the largest funeral gift contribution having been made aware of the large expenses that has incurred from his friend's hospitalization bills. Gii wanted to put the grieving parents at any kind of ease after losing their only son. He could only imagine the pain they are going through having to live with a son whose days on this Earth have already been numbered from the time he was a young child when the tragic diagnosis was made. It was a blessing that Akaike Shozo had also been doing his part to help him. As friends, together they tried to put up a strong stance amidst the outpour of emotions that was heavily felt around them. Takumi who was also one of the attendees did not stay too long during the wake. Funerals always made him uncomfortable. The death of his brother would make disturbing flashbacks in his mind. But during a private gathering of Shidou students that was held in the school in honor of Takeshi two days after the funeral, he volunteered to play the violin for everyone. A piece he knew too well was the science club president's favorite.

Thoughts leading back to that fated phone call made to Takeshi's mother were painfully returning to Morita's mind. It was supposed to be just another routine early morning call to greet Suzuki a cheery ohayo before he started another day in Shidou. He loved listening to his lover's voice on the phone even if it was just for a few minutes. And then they would talk a little bit more in the evening after supper time. They were both looking forward to the weekend that they would meet again. This was not meant to be. Before that day could come, Morita had frantically abandoned all manner of school decorum and rushed to the hospital that very minute. All he had was his wallet and the two pieces of film in his pocket, a special gift from his beloved. The promise he made to him about not attending the funeral actually also extended to not making an appearance on his deathbed. It was Suzuki's way of shielding him from ever seeing him in that manner. He only wanted to leave a strong memory of him being alive in his mind. The only way Morita could convey his loving presence for the last time was through the films and flashing the rainbow-colored hues in Suzuki's room. Not even the cloudy skies would deter the freshman's determination to send his message and when it finally did, an overwhelming sense of relief and sadness came over him.

Despite such noble intentions, his compulsive act violated Shidou High Academy's strict school guidelines regarding runaway students. His deep embarrassment and regret upon his mother's sudden appearance and having to make such a trip all the way from Australia to Shidou. Unexpectedly, it was his mother's comfort and understanding that still kept his sanity intact despite hanging on a thin thread. The loss of his first love was killing him slowly and deeply. To his mother, there was nothing to forgive her son for. She understood the connection between them as Morita shared stories of Takeshi during their conversations on the phone. And just like her son, she did not care having to lose time away from her work and come so far for the sake of love and this was her love for her only son, Morita Toru. The only living remembrance she holds precious from her late husband.

Morita Toru was given an in-school suspension that was to last for two weeks. An expulsion was initially considered but weighing the reasons for his disappearance and strong testimonies taken from concerned students of high academic standing namely Gii, Akaike and Takabayashi, the two-week suspension was put into effect. He was granted a few days with his mother who requested to spend some time with him before she headed back to Australia. Their already close relationship has grown closer from the recent loss. They both bade goodbye at the airport with tears and smiles in their faces. Mother and son have always been affectionate with each other.

The parting was bittersweet but Morita had been assured a plane ticket bound for Australia where he can spend his summer vacation soon. He was looking forward to it very much with the sincere hope he could rid of the heartache he is experiencing. His suspension status did not make him an outcast in school. In fact the science club members expressed their sympathy and have started to befriend him. They even invited him to become a member after he serves his sentence. He was still not sure whether to accept their offer or not. Everything was still too much to handle to make a decision.

He felt the slight chilly air as he watched the sun slowly setting in the horizon. His eyes slightly puffy from the previous night he spent in tears. Sleep have become elusive to him. He wound up sitting in bed praying for sleep to come to him before daylight. Sometimes he had dreams of Suzuki when sleep managed to reach him. He pursed his lips and breathed the air around him. He closed his eyes and slowly opened them again. His mind imagining that the windows high above the building facing his direction would reflect the rainbow-colored hues telling him that Suzuki-san was busy working with a science project. But there would be no more light coming through those glass windows. No rainbow-colored hues. It remained dark and quiet as it had been since the funeral service.


The freshman was jolted out of his reverie from the sudden presence before him. One he had not expected at all.

"Gii-senpai..." He was about to stand up but Gii quickly gestured for him to remain on the wooden bench. The sophomore took his seat beside him. Morita could see the fatigue in the man's eyes. His handsome features marred by his sullen mood. It was clear that Gii has been deeply affected losing one of his closest friends.

"How are you holding up, Morita-kun?" Gii looked at him with concern.

"I'm okay. I would like to express my deep gratitude to you for speaking on my behalf at the disciplinary meeting. This goes to Akaike-senpai and Takabayashi-senpai as well. Thank you so much." He gave a slight bow.

"Don't mention it. We understand why you did it. I actually commend you for it. You're very brave. You did not hold back and just took off like that despite the consequences. I wished I had done the same." Gii sadly looked away.

"Suzuki-san would mention about you during our conversations. He had nothing but great things to say. He said one of the best things that's happened to him in Shidou was being friends with you and Akaike-senpai."

Morita's attempt at trying to comfort his weary companion only seemed to make him sadder. Gii's nose flared and his jaw tightly clenched as he tried to keep his emotions in check. His voice coming off a bit shaky.

"I miss him. He was such a cool guy. Takeshi was always his own person and a great friend. They don't make people like that anymore." Gii sniffed yet there was now a slight tone of happiness in his voice. "Other than Shozo, I was the one he confided his illness. We would talk about lots of other things but he sure did a fine job keeping you to himself."

"Really?" Morita was clearly surprised with Gii's confession.

"Yeah. Though I did suspect that he seemed to like you when we all met at the cafeteria back then. But I had no idea how serious he was about you until after the Halloween party. To me I thought it was going to be a good time to hang out and chat. But when I saw the way he looked at you that time, it became clear as day to me." Now a smile showed in Gii's handsome face as he reflected thoughtfully.

"I'll never meet anyone quite like him again." Morita mused.

"We can be grateful that we have been given the chance to have been part of his life as he was to ours." Gii added.

Morita only nodded in reply. He closed his eyes again as he savored the comfort of those words. Many years may come but he knows in his heart he will never ever love this way again. No one can ever come close to the man who has touched his heart in ways he had never known possible. He could say that his first love was most special and requited. The happiness of being loved by someone you love. Nothing came close to that feeling. The sense of completion it gave would remain in his mind and heart for as long as he lived.

Gii watched the sweet expression on Morita's face and he smiled. His fingers reached deep into his pants pocket and took out a piece of a neatly folded paper. He handed it to Morita.

"Takeshi's mom was hoping to see you at the funeral but since you didn't show up, she entrusted this to me to hand it to you."

Morita gazed at the folded paper. His fingers showed a slight tremor as he held onto it. "I'm so sorry I was not there at the funeral. Suzuki-san made me promise not to go. Even that day I ran away. He didn't want me to be around his deathbed either. I was so close to breaking my promise to him. I wanted to open the door to his room and just rush in. He insisted that the only memories I will have of him is being alive. It was killing me not to see him one last time but how could I deny him his last request?"

Gii watched as fresh tears began to flow in Morita's eyes. He moved closer and wrapped his arm around his shoulder to give him a strong squeeze. The younger man covered his face with his hand. To Gii as he listened patiently to the sobbing Morita, he felt a sense of peace in his heart. The realization that even without his efforts, Takeshi and Morita would have found each other in this lifetime. Knowing how much they loved each other till the very end eased his pain.

"There is no need for you to apologize. Thank you for loving him that much. For making him happy beyond words. You gave him something that no one could. I'm glad you came into his life. We all do. You take care, Morita-kun. I'll see you around."

Gii slowly eased his grip and stood up to leave the wooden bench. But just as he was about to walk away, Morita quickly stood up from behind him and called him out making him turn his face.

"Thank you very much, Gii-senpai." Morita bowed to him. Gii gave him a respectful nod in reply and then walked away.

Now alone again only this time with the letter in his hand, Morita carefully unfolded the piece of paper. He could feel his heart racing. He breathed in deeply to try to calm down. He wanted to make sure he fully understood the contents of the letter instead of turning into a weepy mess all over again. His lips curved into a smile as his eyes gazed into the first words of the letter.

My Morita,

Fate can be so tricky

Once you thought you'll never have it then it's there

It came to me at a time I never imagined would come

And look what I have become.

For the first time I see but a lifetime I knew

But never what I've conjured up to be

Words have been spoken and shared but never close

It's actually what's beyond words that mattered the most

It's unbelievable to think that such events happened at such short notice

Thinking you could've done more but that's just is

Maybe it was meant to happen all at once

But never cease to everyday leave you in a trance

For now all we have are memories of those short but magical moments

Those quiet endearing moments

Having turned them into reality, I am now fulfilled and complete

I am what I have become because of whom my heart has beat.

Your Suzuki


Author notes: OH GOD! OH GOD! KYAAAAAAA! FINALLY IT'S DONE! This story was conceptualized long before I fangurled the MisuShin pair. It's gone through several major revisions, formatting, editing and have been put aside many times. I declare no claim to the original Takumi-kun characters except the ones that I have created like Morita's mom, roommate and the boys Gii "pimped" for Suzuki as well as the letter you see here. This is a poem originally titled April Love which I wrote years ago put here since it was apt for the story.