Driving Lessons

"Hey Elizabeth, can you teach me how to drive?" asked Amy running up to her friend. "Yeah, sure, just give me a minute." said Elizabeth. "Jim-Bob, I'm teaching Amy how to drive, what car do ou think I should use?" asked Elizabeth. "Your not using my car and the truck is the hardest to drive, so I say that you should use Jason's car. Don't go by any bridges or waterways and you can only go to the old Thorne place and back." said Jim-Bob. "OK,Thanks." said Elizabeth. He watched Elizabeth run off and then prayed that the two girls would be safe.

"Amy, are you ready to start?" asked Elizabeth. "Yes I am, which vehicle are we using?" asked Amy. "Jason's car and we're going to the old Thorne place and back." said Elizabeth. The two got into Jason's car and Elizabeth began teaching about the gas aand break pedals, Amy learned very quickly. Elizabeth taught Amy the gears and the gearshift with some assistance from Jim-Bob. "We're ready to hit the road." said Elizabeth who was seated between Amy and Jim-Bob and decided to come with them.

30 minutes later:

"Watch out for the house."screamed Jim-Bob. Amy swerved away from the house and turned towards the barn. "Don't hit Myrtle or Chance." screamed Elizabeth. Once again Amy swerved away from the animals and hit a haybale.