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This was a stupid idea.

The scarlet-colored waistband of Dick's blue underwear — and it did, in fact, proudly display his superhero favoritism — slid down his asscheeks, and he cringed at the cold surface of the tub's rim.

Wally's eyes kept themselves trained to the wall opposite as Dick arranged himself in a comfortable sitting position beside his best friend, continuing to cup himself with both of his hands. It was awkward enough that they had to masturbate on the same floor level as each other, even more so that they both knew they were masturbating on the same floor level. Top off all of that, AND now they were considering — no, waaay past "considering" territory now with the semi-erection Dick sported between his legs — actually participating in some misconstrued form of cheapened male bonding.

"C'mon, dude…" Wally urged him, his eyes a shade lighter than the Green Lantern print boxers, and Dick's stomach was doing horrible, horrible flip-flops. "Move your hands."

This was a stupid idea.

Taking in a whistling breath through his teeth, Dick let his hands drift away from his lap.

He really wished he hadn't. This was about size comparison.

Wally was older.

Of course he was going to be bigger.

"PFFFT— Have you even hit puberty yet?" Wally's lips trembled to separate, to reveal his muffled laughter.

Humiliation reddened Dick's face and neck, crawling over the top of his chest. "Shut up," the thirteen-year-old mumbled, rolling his fingers together into fists against the tub.

Couldn't even be all that mad anyway. He was stupid enough to agree to this.

And, of course, Wally feigned sympathy. "Aw~. It's so little and cute."

Dick's eyes behind his sunglasses grew wide with outrage as he snatched onto a freckled wrist with one hand.

"Dude," he said, accusatory, "you were not gonna just touch my bulge."

"What are you getting bent outta shape for? It's just a boner, Robs." Wally held up his other hand, adjusting his own through the form-fitting boxers, and snickered. "I've got one too."

Dick threw away the wrist in his grasp, sullen. "I swear… you put the dis- in the turbed, KF."

"Yeah, yeah," the speedster remarked, giving a smug, hearty smack to the other boy's naked back when he stood up. "You might want to be careful… I heard envy is bad for your complexion."

Dick grinned toothily, pleasantly up at him, hands returning to his lap, and a tiny, hot shiver shot quickly up Wally's spine.

"Yeah, well… I heard that when you act like a complete jerk, you pretty much deserve a roundhouse kick to your balls."

A weak, gulping laugh.

"U-uh… I'll keep that in mind."

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