Not a chapter, you do not have to review. Just author notes and author rants:

I am putting all of my stories up to this point on hold. This was the author note, what now follows are just my rants and bichy mood.

The reason?

1) I am just not motivated.

2) I am a really jealous person.

I am often quite happy when I – after much work – finally finished another chapter and then see that other people read and like it too. I am happy, they are happy, everyone is happy.

But sometimes when I read another one of the far far far shorter stories with multiple chapters and a lot more reviews per chapters and favs than I have, I get really jealous and bitchy. I read them and think, 'What the hell? Are my stories really that bad if the people obviously like the others better? Why the hell do I put so much time into my chapters when the other chapters look like they are written in less then two hours?'

I put a lot of my free time and work into each of my chapters and sometimes I just think it is not really worth posting anymore. So I decided to stop posting stories and putting all of them on hold. Of course, I will continue to write (not the stories I have already posted, but the ones which are not) but now only for me and probably without ever posting them. That will keep me happy and then I must not think about reviews and favs and whoever likes my stories or not.

To my stories:

Random Harry Potter Challenges, Ideas and Whatnot: This is not much of a story, so I will update it whenever I think of another unusual idea.

Savior with Death Scythe: Well, my first and longest story! I really love it, but like I said, no real motivation anymore. Kuroshitsuji manga also does not really help anymore without Undertaker appearing somewhere suddenly and helping the earl.

For a Better and Happier Future: Maybe I delete this story from my account. At first I was really motivated and all, but now it is more like a nuisance. Story is kind of bad and not many reviews. Honestly I am not really happy with it.

Searching for Peace: The first three chapters were written when I was watching continuously Lord of the Rings, but that has been some while. I am hoping that The Hobbit would help, but well… not really.

ESPER vs HUNTER: I am really stuck on this chapter. I still have ideas for later chapters, but this chapter is just not writing itself, so let's face it… it will probably never be updated.

Maybe I will update them again sometime this year or the next… I will see how things go or even if they go…