Gravity by Maaya Sakamoto
Been a long road to follow
Been there and gone tomorrow
Without saying goodbye to yesterday
Are the memories i hold still valid?
Or have the tears deluded them?
Maybe this time tomorrow
The rain will cease to follow
And the mist will fade into one more today
Something somewhere out there keeps calling
Am i going home?
Will i hear someone singing solace to the silent moon?
Zero gravity what's it like?
Am i alone?
Is somebody there beyond these heavy aching feet
Still the road keeps on telling me to go on
Something is pulling me
I feel the gravity of it all

Chapter 19 – Dumbledore's Happy First Year

He really detested admitting even the tiniest bit of defeat to anything, but on the thirty-first July 1991 he, the great and wise Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, really seemed to have lost the biggest of all battles, a battle he did not even knew he was fighting the whole time. He was completely unaware of this, had not known that something like that could even happen – generally all things went exactly after his grand plan of things, and if they did not, those things had to change so that they were once again in his master plan – and he had lost so much in only one day, what was not really true since his project seemed to have never lived with his loving relatives.

And the reason was, why had not he noticed? Because he was so damn busy with the problems of other people! The Minister – that incompetent idiot with the charisma and intelligence of an average, muddy pig – had like every other day asked for his advice in politics. He had to read precisely through the stack of documents, had to look that that pig-headed idiot did not get too endorsed with that lying brat Malfoy's money and bribes and made new bills for better lives for those pig-headed purebloods - as if those brats had not enough money and prestige already - and outlawed most of his trusted and loyal half-blood and muggleborn supporters in their never ending delusion that they were the superior wizards. That would not be good for his cause, so each other day he had to read through the Minister's different bills he wanted to pass in the next session and those he did not like and had to counteract.

It was annoying, but nevertheless one of the most important things he had to do. Fudge could not be left alone, there would be just chaos in his wake. He would have become Minister, if it were not for his other responsibilities. So he had to play it nice with the Minister and manipulate him from the background unknowing to Fudge and all of the wizarding world. The propaganda also was good. Everyone knew the Minister always asked for his advice, because he was old and wise and had so much experience he wanted to share with the rest of the world. Lies, of course, but whatever made them happy and content with life as it was right now, made him a happier and superior wizard.

Then he had to sit in the Wizengamont, since he was the Chief Warlock, and as the Supreme Mugwump in the International Confederation of Wizards session once every month, which were not often, but even there he had to be actually there, trying to control the flow of the different passed bills and who would support and not support him in his decisions. It was always good to know one's supporters, those who claim to be neutral but could be bribed and those against him who should be killed if possible which usually never happened, but he could still dream.

Then there was his responsibility as the headmaster of Hogwarts to all teachers and students, which was mostly ignored. Rolanda wanted some new brooms, but he ignored her. The money was used for his Order of the Phoenix, since some missions and members were rather costly and the other part of the money went to a few bribes and under the table deals and things like that. He had to control the politic battleground and sway the masses to his side.

Then he had to look like every year for another defense professor, which was not easy anymore. They had already used up all the good professors for that particular subject who never ever in their whole life wanted to return to teach. Some had tragic accidents, some – but only a few – died and the rest lived through some kind of traumatizing event, but there were also several who just did not want to teach those bratty, loud children. Damn you, Tom! If that smart-ass had not cursed the defense position…

He had always known that boy was bad news, but little orphan Tom had already charmed his way into the hearts of the other professors, who ignored his accurate opinion. Idiots. Without them he would have obliviated the boy and thrown him back into the muggle world where he would have died sometime in the war. But no, he trusted in the opinion of the other teachers and now where did this land him? With a Dark Lord trying to rule the world. At least he had some use. He would represent the bad side and the egoistical pureblood, who loved to torture and rape others before killing them and Dumbledore would stand for everything light, good, half-blood and muggleborn. But it still did not help with his defense problem.

Now there were only those who had an Acceptable in their Defense O.W.L.s, but this year he had to take their former muggle study professor. He sent Quirrell of to train a bit, before he would teach defense, but obviously it was not enough. The opposite happened, that man became even more incompetent than before. He stuttered every second word and could not really be understood by anybody. Even he, the great Albus Dumbledore, had problems translating most of the things that were said, but he still managed. He was great after all.

And he also had to represent a certain image to the stupid masses, the children and teachers at school. He had to take care of and look after the children in school after all; he was the grandfatherly always-smiling-kindly headmaster. He had to always look kind if not a little bit senile because of his age, give candies – his lovely lemon drops – to the children and not so happy colleges and play a perfect act of wisdom and light, which was of course not so easy. It took a lot of concentration and acting ability but day after day he managed to fool everyone, even his closest 'friends' and coworkers.

Even if Minerva was helping him with paperwork and unimportant things like that, he still had so much to do! He still had to look if every teacher and student was behaving correctly. Slytherins were evil Death Eaters, Voldemort's minions, and should be shunned and punished at every turn. Gryffindors were the second comings of Merlin and could do nothing wrong especially if it was directed against the evil Slytherins. About Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw he could care less since they were rather unimportant, but a little bit hate of or hate for the snake house would be enough. He had so much to do and so little time.

His life was certainly not easy, but for the greater good and an amazingly godlike reputation he had to work hard and usually he was content with the current state of things… until the day he had found out that his project – which he had not looked after for quite a while – had gone amiss. He had others watch the boy, but only now he realized that they could not be trusted. The first he apparently could not trust where the Dursleys to follow simple instructions. They should have taken the boy in, used him as help around the house and garden and maybe a bit abuse him. They would not have to love or care for him, so simple it was, but no, they gave their nephew. The letter he had written back then had disappeared before they could read it, so maybe they were not completely at fault, but they should have kept him nonetheless! Since they did not, he had to search for the brat.

The second was Arabella, who was already dead, so nothing more could be done to punish her. He should not have trusted the squib, she always seemed to have taken Dumbledore's order to sell her farm and buy a house near the Dursleys the wrong way. He wanted to curse her, but was not able.

And he did not want to bring anyone in on his secret - more like his worst failure since he let a young Voldemort live - since most of his supporters were not under his direct control like Minerva. They still all believed him to be the greatest Light Lord in existence, but what would they do if they discover that he, the great Albus Dumbledore, lost their savior and only hope when Voldemort returned? They would start to doubt him, they would start to think for themselves and that could not be allowed! They were his, his pawns and supporter, and he would not lose them! But he had not had much time left before school started and everyone was waiting expectantly for Harry James Potter.

With all his responsibilities he had not much free time to go look for the wayward savior for longer times. He had to be back and every time he came back it was with empty hands. He just could not find the brat. He could not really lie to the public – he did this all the time – but they were all expecting to see Harry Potter, the famous boy who lived, on September first on platform ¾. There was no way around this. If he did not arrive at Hogwarts, there would be hell to pay for him. The public would lynch him.

So he had to find a substitution for Potter, an imposter, which was rather easy. Who would not want to be the famous Harry Potter, defeater of the Dark Lord Voldemort? He just went to some orphanages - Voldemort killed many people during the war, whose children then landed in a muggle orphanage - and did a mind scan on the caretakers. If they saw a child with special abilities, with 'magic', he would take this child and make him the new Harry Potter until he found the real one.

He found a few children who were acceptable for his ideas but the best of all was Justin White. He would have gotten his Hogwarts letter next year, but what did it matter? He was also rather big for his age and had blond hair and blue eyes, which could be changed in a bit of time and great charm work. He stunned the boy, obliviated the caretakers and most of the children – they would never remember a child named Justin White – and brought the unconscious boy with him to Hogwarts. The boy woke up confused and frightened, but after he told him about the school and his future and happy life as savior of the wizarding world, the boy was gladder than ever and Albus was too.

He allowed the boy to act arrogantly and like a complete asshole if it was mostly against the Slytherins. He could of course also act superior to his other classmates but within limits. He wanted the snakes to be hated, but the lions should always be on Harry's side. He could not well be the enemy of them all; this would go against his carefully laid-out plans.

He already had a friend planed out for him. Ronald Bilius Weasley would have been the best option for the friend of the boy who lived. For the moment the boy unknowingly played the part of the fake Harry Potter's sidekick grandiosely. His characteristics fitted exactly with what he had in mind when he thought about people who would be Harry Potter's best friends.

He was lazy, so he would hold Harry back in class. Even fifty years ago Riddle told him that 'knowledge was power' and he loathed admitting it, but he was absolutely right. The Potter boy could begin to ask questions, questions he did not want to answer. Why was he sent to the Dursleys? So that he was submissive and malleable. What about his parents' will? He could not have let his project fall into false hands. What about his money or inheritance? He was going to take most of it for himself and the Weasleys. What about genealogy? Dumbledore knew that his project's grandmother was a Black and that would make little Draco Malfoy, son of Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Malfoy nee Black, something like a cousin. No, the boy should never know about these things. After all he did not need an intelligent pawn, just someone who followed him blindly without even realizing it, even if it was for now only the impostor.

The only thing the Weasley boy was interested in was Quidditch, which would help his pawn to connect with his long dead, light father who was one of the best Quidditch players in his generation. It did not matter if the Potter boy was good or not in Quidditch, with him being headmaster he could overrule nearly everything. The boy would play on the Gryffindor house team either in first or by the beginning of second year. At first he was not so sure about this, but in hindsight it was a grandiose plan. It would help keep the boy away from books and homework – information generally – and would train him physically for Dumbledore's little tests.

He was prejudiced. Gryffindor was always good and always right and since Albus Dumbledore was a Gryffindor in his school days he was always good and always right. This was a completely logical conclusion. Slytherins were the evil Death Eaters and the house where Voldemort came from. Ideal.

The Weasleys of course were not aware that the boy was a fake at the moment. Once he found and brainwashed the real one, they would just switch places and no one would be any wiser. It was perfectly planned, but the only negative point was that he had to continue to pay them with his own money until he could get legally into the vaults of the Potter family.

As he sat on his majestic looking, golden chair in the middle of the head table he saw with a truly happy smile as Ron Weasley and 'Harry Potter' became fast friends and rather easily with the Granger girl. She was rather intelligent and discovered if she helped them with their homework they would become her friends. Flawless planning. They went perfect together; Hermione Granger, the muggleborn, Harry Potter, the half-blood and Ron Weasley, the pureblood and blood traitor.

Then there were the Finnigan boy and Dean something – maybe he should learn at least the full names of the Harry's friends – and they also started hanging out together with the other three, which was exactly what he wanted. The Gryffindors held together like glue and he had the next generation of Marauders in them just without the pranks, the 'Gryffindor Golden Trio', just as hateful to the Slytherins like the last group he groomed into his puppets.

Meanwhile - throughout the summer holidays - he continued to look for the real Harry Potter. He could not find that damned child anywhere! He had tried to use tracking and searching and point me spells, but nothing worked. It was as if the boy was either hidden behind strong wards or dead, but the latter could not be true. The prophecy had to be fulfilled! And the ministry would have been informed if the Potter heir died by the goblins even if they did not trust him, they had a few obligations to the ministry and that was one of them.

At least the students were not so much of a problem. The stone was well protected; nobody except the five Gryffindor first years would be able to get through the door on the third floor. The wards would lead everyone else through compulsions back to their houses' common rooms as if nothing had happened. It would not do if someone else found out about the three-headed dog or the stone and would then go whining to their parents about dangerous animals and the school not being safe. Sometimes he life surely was complicated. All those plans he had to make and all those people he had to manipulate. Many lesser men would have broken under the pressure, but he was strong, stronger than all of them.

Minerva was still working well with all those compulsion and loyalty charms, always taking his side and acting like a good devoted pet. She was still strict even to her own house, but whenever he said to just look the other way, she did. Thank Merlin for the little mercies in life.

Hagrid was asking for more and more dangerous pets - again - which was annoying but he just beard with it. Since the baby dragon turned teenager dragon burnt his little wood abode right before the forbidden forest down and they and to kill it, Norbert or something, Hagrid cried day and night for about a week always asking for new pets until he was so irritated that he just bought the half giant a hippogriff baby. He named it Buckbeak or something. Now at last he seemed to be happy again.

Severus was acting a bit strange since the beginning of the school year. He just gave him the normal orders to make Harry Potter's life a living hell on earth and observe Quirrell and Grey and if possible befriend them. Since the beginning he thought that one of them possibly could be Voldemort in disguise or at least had some kind of connection to him. He could not prove anything, but as long as Severus watched them everything was okay. His spy would never turn against him. He would send him straight to Azkaban if he did, that was enough of a threat to scare his little Death Eater into submission. He seemed stressed a bit, but who cared? Certainly not him, he had other more important things to worry about.

Filius was happy with what he was doing, but asked him if he could teach a dueling club next year, which was of course no problem. He just had to find another defense teacher, who would lead the club with him.

Silvanus, Septima and Bathsheda wanted nothing and seemed content with their work and life.

Quirinus also wanted nothing, surviving the school year was enough for him and maybe getting the stone. He would see. This one-year away from school and teaching had changed him drastically. There was something wrong. He was sure.

Poppy needed more potions for the infirmary; he had to order Severus to make them again in his free time.

Pomona wanted a bigger green house. Would cost money he had, but did not want to use for something that… useless. He needed it after all.

Sybill was as weird as usual, sometimes even weirder then usual. No prophesy this year through, just some death threats as usually.

Grey was just as weird as her, but had no connection to Voldemort if what Severus said was true. He made a few problems with teaching the children things he should not teach them, but now he was aware of this and promised to not do it anymore. It took three months but everything was running smoothly again.

Irma wanted more books for the library and less students touching them. Could not be done, it was a library.

Rolanda wanted new brooms for every team. He would have been happy to buy the Gryffindors new ones, but she wanted it to be fair and therefore for all teams. He declined politely. They would have to use the old ones for a few more years.

Aurora wanted more money, which she would never get.

Argus wanted to torture the children for real, but nothing a few compulsion charms could not fix. The squib also began to tell some strange things about a two-meter high hyena running around, chasing after his cat and nearly eating her. One time it was black with white eyes and another time a white hyena with blood red glowing eyes. He must get too old for the job probably or it was once again a prank from the Weasley twins. It sounded like them. He had to ask them if they were able to turn into an animal, it would also explain why the hyenas look so different. The next time he say them, he would ask.

But there was still the problem of having to find the real Potter boy. Hopefully he would find him soon…

What happened in Undertaker's class…


"Have you seen the new muggle study professor?" She asked.

"He looks rather... unique..." His voice trailed off.

"He looks a bit mad to me. Hiding his eyes and have you seen the scars on his face? And the one on his neck? What in Merlin's name happened to him?"

"Perhaps he got wounded in a duel? A cutting curse. Some of the real duels are pretty violent with blood and everything. Sometimes even one participant dies. He must have been lucky to just get away with a few scars. Probably too bad that it is on his face and neck were everyone can see them." The Ravenclaw boy said while thinking about other possibilities. She just snorted.

"Does he look like he would have been able to duel? Him? I saw him hanging around with the drunken divination professor, laughing and talking with her. Both of them seemed to be happy in each other's company. She is mad, drunken and absolutely ugly with her disgusting hair and thick round glasses and the things she wears! No self-respecting person would wear rags like that! And there are friends or possibly lovers! I think he must be as insane and bad at teacher as her since they seemed to like each other."

"You think too much into this."

"A Ravenclaw can never think too much. We are the intelligent ones and that was the logical conclusion. Have you seen someone else talking to her since our five years in Hogwarts?"

"If you say it like that, no, not really. At least not when we were there."

"I say they are lovers and that he is just as bad at teacher as her. Both are strange and wearing even weirder things. And they were talking really animatedly talking to each other. Him and her! She is already half mad, so who in their right mind would want to talk to her?"

"You only say that because you do not like her." He stated truthfully.

"I wish. When I took her subject in third year, I thought I might learn something interesting or for my-future-useable, but there was absolutely nothing. I could have read this all in the books in the library, would not have to go to her class and would have know just as much. She always smelled like alcohol, especially Sherry, and her breath when she was speaking to you was making me gag when she was near, and she always predicted poor Michael's death! Never in my life have I seen such a loony, inconsiderate person!" she crossed her arms before her chest.

"And you think he is the same?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Have you even looked at him?"

"Well, he is wearing unique things..."

"He has black, four centimeter long fingernails hidden under his way too long sleeves, wears a long overcoat and asymmetrical hat every time of the day everyday and smiles creepily at everyone! Sorry for feeling a little bit freaked out!"

"Are you afraid of him?"

"Afraid? No! Of course not! Do I want to be near this creep and his wife? Also no! I just cannot stand being near either of them." She shouted at him furiously.

"Then why does it make you so mad?"

"I do not know. I just hoped, we would finally get some competent teachers, but it is getting only worse. Quirrell cannot even talk without stuttering, so nobody understands anything and learning is impossible in his class, but you have to be there and sit uselessly in his classroom getting a headache from trying to understand him! Then there is Binns, who is just as boring and monotone as ever. Why the hell had no one exorcised him already and got a real, living history professor? No, it is easier to just let the ghost teach, even if nobody learns anything. Trelawney is a fraud, always talking about her great-grandmother or something who was a century ago a great seer and how she is one too. Bullshit I say. And now the muggle study professor seems to be incompetent too. I tell you, this school is going straight to the dogs. At least we only have another two years until we finally graduated. If I have children someday, I will not send them to Hogwarts. Either I homeschool them or send them to France or Rumania, those schools are probably better." She ranted.

"Do not be a stick in the mud. You have not had a lesson with him yet. Maybe he is more interesting than you thought at first." He said soothingly, trying to placate his girlfriend.

"You wish..." She snorted again.

"Do you want some cookies?" They jumped at the sound of the teacher's voice, who appeared from the shadow of the suit of armor, before she took of screaming. The boy turned around and looked at him suspiciously.

"Good evening, professor Grey. Can I ask you a question?"

"You have already asked one, but you can ask another one, I do not mind." He said while he began eating his bone-shaped cookies.

"Eh… thank you, but why did you just scare her? She might start some weird rumors." The professor just shrugged his shoulders as he bit into another cookie before smiling slightly.

"It thought it was funny. Scaring people I mean and I do not mind rumors. They keep me entertained for a while. I will happily await new stories about me and my personal life."

"People are not going to like you, if they believe all the rumors flying around." The boy said.

"People do not need to like me. I am a teacher, it is usually in the job description to be not liked by students." He continued to munch on his cookies.

"Can I ask you what you are going to teach us tomorrow?" The boy asked curiously.

"Something really interesting about muggles."

"You are the muggle study professor, of course you are teaching us something about muggles." He deadpanned.

"Yes, something." The boy sighed.

"Is it at least going to be interesting?"

"Always. Do you want a cookie now? They are really good."

"Why not?" He shrugged his shoulders and took one cookie.


"Is he crazy or what?" asked another one of the students.

"There are coffins standing around in his classroom..."


"I think they look rather interesting."

"Do you think, there is something in there?"

"In what?"

"In the coffins of course!"

"No! Of course not! The headmaster and other teachers would not allow it."

"Why do you sound disappointed?"

"It would be so cool to see a real corpse!" said the boy animatedly.

"Ew! Gross! You really want to see one? Seriously?"

"Who would not?"

"Me! Dumb ass! I do not want to see some decaying body! That is just disgusting!" She turned around to face the front again.

"I find it cool."

"Happily for us all, you are just a tiny minority."

"Hey, Cain. How about we look into some of them?"

"Why not? Sounds interesting. And he is not here yet, so at least we are doing something productive."

"Cain. Walter. Stop being such brats. He would not want you to touch his things!"

"Then he should be here to stop us or just not let them stand around here."

"If you lose points from our house, I will kill you." She threatened.

"Just relaxed. Nothing will happen." He said.

"How do you know?" She snapped.

"He seems like a nice bloke, if a bit confused and crazy. He probably has nothing against us touching his stuff." Cain said as they went towards the black coffin right besides them. The girl looked up from her book, trying to look uninterested, but still glancing into her friends' direction. Hopefully they did not damage the coffins, she thought. They carefully moved closer. Walter stretched his hand towards the coffin, but before he could touch it, it suddenly started to shake. The boys ran as far away as they could from the coffin. The rest of the class looked wide-eyed into the direction of the now still coffin.

"I-it moved!" Walter stuttered.

"There is something in it!" Now they had the attention of the whole class.

"I think it is better when he just sit down..."

"Do not be a chick, Walter. Just what could be in it? Maybe it is just an animal."

"Or a moving corpse, dumb ass." She said while suspiciously looking at the coffin.

"Do you really think the muggle study professor would bring a zombie with him in a coffin?"

"They are called inferi, dumb-"

"Ass. I know."

"No, you did not."

"But now I do." They moved once again carefully towards the black coffin.

"On three we will open it, okay?" Walter just nodded. "One, two, three!" and they opened the lid of the coffin in one go.

"Meow!" There was a bluish cat with stripes sitting on the bottom. It was rather big for a cat through.

"Hahaha! Look it was just a cat!" The tension in the room disappeared in a flash and everyone breathed out a sigh of relieve.

"Idiots! Do not do that!" She snapped.

"Do not save a cat in need? Do you hate cats or what?"

"Not that. Do not touch anything from the professor. Maybe there was a reason the cat was in the coffin in the first place."

"Just look at it. Fat with bluish strips and it grins. Wait what?" Cain heaved the cat into the air and looked at it more precisely.

The grin on the cat's cute face turned wider and wider until it reached its ears. The students started with wide eyes at the cat.

"If you call me fat one more time I will bite your head off." said the cat in a dark and sinister voice before vanishing from the boy's hands.

For a short moment there was silence, before screams filled the room as pandemonium broke out.


"I heard from a underclassman that his classroom was unique, but coffins? Seriously?"

"And the talking cat they found?"

"Probably just their imagination. You know how the younger generation is. Always trying to play the brave, strong heroes and think they have seen things that does not exist."

"Their imagination is really pretty amazing, but really, a talking and then vanishing cat?"

"Hahaha, I thought so too. But the teacher, professor Grey was amazing they said."

"Yes, I know. He asked the class what they wanted to learn about. Most of them said something cool and then he began to teach them about muggle torture methods with real life transfigurations on how it looked like. I hope he is teaching us the same. It sounded pretty interesting."

"I never thought that torture methods would be interesting at all, you know, since they are torture methods."

"I hope he will be here soon. I cannot wait."

"Me too."

"Hey, Singer. Go away from the coffin."

"But I am just looking."

"You are touching the coffin, that has nothing to do with looking anymore!"

"I just want to see what is in this one. In the black was the imaginary talking cat, right? So I am interested to see what is in this one."

"What would you do if it really was an inferi?"

"A professor would not bring an inferi to school, or even get one. The wards would not let such evil, dark creatures in. There is nothing to fear."

"Yes, there is nothing to fear." A voice said as the lid of the coffin was opened slowly and Singer fell screaming onto his ass, as he tried to scramble away. "Good morning lovely students, I hope you are all interested in my new topic today." Professor Grey said as he stepped out of the coffin.


"Sorry, my lovely little students, today I have to get a corpse ready for tomorrows funeral. I have to make it pretty so that everyone who sees it before it will be buried, is happy. Well, they want it like that, so I have to do as they say. But it really is sad, that I have to hide their beautiful pale face under tons of make-up just so her relatives are happy that she looks like a normal living being. But she is dead; most people seem to forget about this. Why must a dead look like a living? Well, nothing could be done against this. So I will floo home and get to work. For the next two hours, my cute assistant will tell you everything you need to know."

"Assistant?" he could hear the students mutter quietly.

"Mister Cheshire Cat will teach you everything I would have for today's class. So bye-bye." And he was gone through the floo.

"Mister Cheshire Cat?" A student asked shyly around the room. Nobody was here. Suddenly a fat cat appeared on top of the professor's desk. It smirked at them with a face-splitting grin.

"Well then. Shall we start?" is said in a dark, sinister voice.


"Idiot, go away there!"

"Have not you heard?"

"Heard what?"

"The Ravenclaw house was talking about it the last two days."

"About what?"

"About a talking cat that belongs to professor Grey and the professor himself. They both appeared out of one of these coffins."

"Does it give you the right to open them?"

"No, but I am interested enough. My Gryffindor curiosity dictates that I look into it."

"Do not be so stereo-typical."

"But I am and I heard a rumor about inferi being in some of them."

"Another reason to not open them."

"Party pooper."


"Nevertheless I am going to open it."

"Then please do so and stop talking, it is annoying."

The boy went over a coffin made out of red wood. His fingers touched the smooth surface as he opened the lid slowly. Nothing moved, but there was someone standing in the coffin and it was not the already well-known figure of the muggle study professor.

He took a few steps back to get a better look at the person. She was beautiful. Waist long blonde hair was falling in soft waves from her head, her skin was as pale as fresh snow in winter, her eyes were covered with a black blindfold with delicate laces around and the white simple dress she wore just highlighted her bust. She was truly breathtaking.

"It is a corpse. It really is a corpse!" yelled the girl hysterically pointing at the still figure.

Suddenly the two hands, which were folded together on her stomach, began to twitch, until she could move both of her arms. Her delicate mouth opened wide, ripping the skin on her cheeks as he started to lung at the boy standing a few meters away from her.

"Confringo." They heard before the body exploded in flames. The figure gave a last inhuman screech before turning to ash. They looked into the direction the spell came from and saw the professor staying there with a creepy smile on his face.

"P-professor... w-what was that?"

"Oh? Nothing! Just a piece of your imagination. So, let's just begin our class!" He stated happily as his students continued to look at him with non-believing eyes.


"Professor Grey, I have heard from a few concerned students that there are monsters hiding in your coffins in your classroom, but another question first: why are there coffins in your classroom in the first place?" McGonagall looked at him questionably.

"You said I could decorate it, however I please."

"And that are coffins."

"I feel a lot more safe with them around."

"If you say so." She waved her wand around and all coffins opened. There was nothing in them.

"Nothing in there."

"And the things the students say?"

"Rumors. They also say Sybill and I are secret lovers." McGonagall looked at him incredulously.

"And is it true?"

"No, we are just two really good weird friends."

"Since nothing seemed to be amiss, it probably really were just rumors."



"So that was all for now. Any questions?" The students shook their heads negatively. "Okay, then I will go home for my break. Bye-bye!" The professor said as he opened the little hip-high cupboard, crouched down and slowly closed the doors with a creepy smile. The class looked in silence towards the little cupboard. One of the students in the first row went to it and ripped the little doors open. It was empty. No professor in sight.

"How in Merlin's name does he do that?!" A student screamed in the back.


"Do you have any idea about what to teach them next, Mister Mad Hatter?" Sybill asked with a smile.

"Now I had torture instruments, sacrifices and a few burial customs..."

"And Dumbledore is starting to get annoying."

"McGonagall too. She is totally for the whole 'protect your children from the world' thingies."

"So any ideas?"

"I probably teach them something normal in the 'normal' lesson, but if they are interested I will give them all the information they want. Maybe I start something like an evening class after dinner."

"Great idea. No more problems with Dumbledore and his followers and you can still keep on spreading the word of god, of a death god, hehehe."

"I think, next week I will start on either Satanism or natural disasters or maybe a few illnesses like the plague, then we go straight to the witch burnings. So that they know what will happen to them if the muggles realize that there are still some wizards and witches left."

"Do not he forbid you to teach something so bloody with torture and killings?"

"I am allowed again."


"Do not worry so much, I always have fun teaching innocent minds about the cruel reality of the world we live in. I cannot wait to see their faces and Dumbledore once again trying to explain himself and his plans for the future of the wizarding world."

"I cannot wait, I really cannot wait…" They vanished snickering in the shadows behind a suit of armor.

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