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I sat on the edge of the window with my gaze fixed on grounds below. Two Thunderians were walking through the gate. Both of them were wore dark blue travelling cloaks. One of them, a gray furred man, stopped and gently turned his head to stare over his shoulder up at me. I could see tufts of his black hair tied in a warrior's tail. A scar covered the right side of his face as his red eyes locked onto my equally red ones. Only one thing transferred between us. It was the loving look a soldier would give before going off to war, only this man was not exactly going to war. Sure, he was headed into the dangers that lurked beyond the safety of Thundera's city walls, but he was going on a very important mission. The man that stares at me is my father, Panthro.

Panthro is one of the highest-ranking generals of the Thunderian Empire and he has been through many wars. One of the most famous battles was the Lizard War that had taken place a decade or two before I was born. It was back then that he had met his two close friends, Grune and the now King of Thundera, Claudus. I got so mad at learning that my father was going away on yet another search for the fabled Book of Omens.

Why did I get mad? Because it meant that, I wouldn't be able to see him for only the Gods knows how long and of course, he was sent on the mission before, only to return empty handed. My father may be one of the strongest fighters of Thundera, but he was definitely getting up there in years.

I saw my father's lips curl into a soft smile full of silent promises before he turned away and started walking to catch up with uncle Grune. Streams of confetti flew in the air; the cheering of many Thunderians accompanied those little bits of paper. My father and Grune would return as war heroes – should they succeed.

I let out a sigh after drawing in a quick breath. Like my father, I tend to lose my temper, but I was not patient like him. I was more prone to snap at people for the wrong reasons than my father was. I pushed back a few strands of my jet-black hair with my left hand before finally turning away from the window. Something inside of me was telling me that the mission would not go well. I do not know why, but it was. I just got a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Another sigh escaped my lips and I found myself leaning back against the cushion behind me. I hate being alone in a dark room full of silence. It was during these moments that my mind would wander and things that would be the last thing I would ever think about would surface. I do not know why, but I hated these moments. Late nights were the worst. Dinner had just ended and I could not sleep. My mind was too restless and despite the tired aches in my body, my brain refused to shut itself down for the night. I barely moved as I heard the door opening across the room.

I did not have to look to see who my visitor was. I already knew by the faint smell that wafted through the room from the outside. Thunderians have a sharp sense of smell and hearing. My visitor smelt of lavender and French vanilla. I do not know why but that is how he always smelled like. Now there was some kind of new underlying odor that seemed vaguely familiar and yet not so familiar.

"So, is this what the daughter of the Mighty Panthro is going to do? Cry and throw a little tantrum?" Asked a voice behind me. It was somewhat deep and the tone was arrogant. I could sense the smugness in every spoken word. I just remained still, not staring at anything in particular.

"I'm not throwing a fucking temper tantrum." I hissed harshly. I did not mean to be so harsh, but that conceited voice irked me sometimes.

"Is that so?" The voice seemed to get deeper, sounding more like my father's. This surprised me because in the next instant, a pair of hands wrapped around my neck and began to squeeze, adding pressure to my throat. It became harder to breathe as I felt the sharp claws digging into my skin. I could not even move, well barely.

Twisting around slightly, I finally managed to see the culprit. My heart leapt at seeing my father out of the corner of my eye. "P-papa?" I squeaked, my vision starting to fade to red. I thought I saw my father's eyes start to glow red. "W-why?"

"Because," The voice hissed, the tone whispery and not deep like it had been a few seconds ago. I reached up and started to claw at the hands around my throat as I struggled to get a better view of the one choking me. When I was able to turn around in the midst of being strangled, I was greeted by a pair of glowing red eyes staring at me from a mummified corpse dressed in a red cloak. The hood of its cloak mostly obscured the face of the mummy. "You shall face the wrath of Mumm-Ra, the Ever Living!"

A scream boiled within my throat, causing my body to jerk violently as I bolted upright. Beads of perspiration rolled down the side of my face, soaking into my fur. My body was trembling as I grasped weakly at the grey blanket that kept out the cold. I managed to take a deep gulp of breath. There was no calming me.

The smell of lavender and French vanilla trailed into the room, tickling my nose as the creak of my door opening greeted my ears. I looked over to see a Tiger Thunderian running into my room, not caring that he flung the door open with a loud bang.

"Kori, are you alright?" Asked that haughty voice of his. His golden eyes were narrowed and flickered from the left to the right as they scoured every inch of my light blue and grey colored bedroom. His body was tense, every muscle shone under his fur and light blue robes. He held the handle of a whip in his hand, ready to strike at whatever threat he thought was still nearby. This Thunderian was the first crowned prince of Thundera, my best friend, my lover, and my fiancé, Tygra.

Tygra's body relaxed at seeing no possible danger in my room and he crossed the threshold to my bedside.

"Kori?" His voice held a tinge of concern and arrogance. Tygra was always egotistical, no matter what he did or said.

I finally heaved a deep sigh, allowing Tygra's natural scent to calm my nerves as the edge of the bed sank under his now added weight. I did not care that one of the straps of my nightdress had fallen down my shoulder. I just wanted to feel Tygra's comforting presence. I grabbed his arm and pulled him more onto the bed, snuggling into his body.

He was not the least bit surprised seeing as how we have always shown each other different sides of each other. I felt the Prince's arm go around my waist, drawing me closer. Tygra frowned into my hair and hugged me tighter. He ran his free hand through my hair. Every touch was comforting. When I had finally calmed down, he looked at me and spoke. "Are you calm enough to speak?" Tygra asked quietly.

I nodded, opening my eyes. My red eyes locked with his golden gaze. It was getting harder to summon the memory of the nightmare at will now, save for seeing the mummified figure with its glowing red eyes. Knowing how loud I screamed, I probably woke up the entire castle and Tygra, who was always the first to come to me in situations like this, probably turned away the unwelcomed nosiness of the servants and other inhabitants of the Palace.

I heaved a deep breath that shook my entire body in his arms. I did not like feeling this frightened, let alone having my insecurities come into play I am always too much like my father, proud and stubborn. I am too proud and stubborn to admit that I was wrong in an argument, to accept help from others, and to admit that I am frightened. I would resist any sign of weakness that surfaces and like Panthro, I would keep myself composed until I snap at someone.

Tygra was the only person in Thundera who could draw out my weakness, though he never actually played on it. I am probably the only one who could butt heads with him and get away unscathed. We have been like this since early childhood when I first met him at the tender age of five. Tygra was extremely shy back then, and his younger brother, Lion-O, was barely out of diapers.

"I had a nightmare, maybe an omen? It was something." I answered softly, half asking myself and half answering the prince's question. Tygra just stiffened underneath me, his eyes narrowing a bit as his lips pulled back into that disbelieving scowl. Tygra was never one for believing in Omens, premonitions, or fairy tales. He would rather believe in what was going on in his own little world, in which he needed to be pulled back from greatly. Feeling his muscles becoming tense, I twisted in his arms, my legs brushing softly against him as I did so. "Tygra, I know that look!"

Tygra was trying so hard not to smile. He just shook his head from side to side and held me closer, running his hand along my back to keep me calm. "Go on, I'm not going to laugh." He said in the best-composed voice he could muster. How I hated his arrogance!

I shot him a glare, narrowing my eyes in return. Tears were burning my eyes as I spoke again. "In my dream, I was sitting in the window seat when I had heard your voice, but you turned into papa and tried to strangle me, but the image of papa faded away and become this…grotesque mummy or something."

The dam finally bursted at this point and Tygra could no longer keep from laughing. His entire body shuddered and twitched, tickled by the laughter boiling from the surface.

"Come on, Kori! Aren't you little too old to be scared by a little nightmare?" The haughtiness in his voice crept under my skin, hitting the raw bundle of nerves in my soul. I did not know why I let this kind of thing get to me. Probably because my own pride made me expect my future mate to be a little more caring.

This was actually the first time we had spoken in two weeks since our petty little argument in which Tygra was too supercilious like me to admit that he was sorry. But unlike me, Tygra can keep his cool and he was more outgoing than I was, too. His words had stung me like a knife poking into the skin.

"You son of a bitch!" I used all my strength to push him off the bed, watching him as he fell sideways onto the floor with a loud thump. Tygra's hands reached up, pulling him back into a sitting position.

His fur bristled a bit and his entire body became tense with anger. His beautiful amber eyes narrowed to mere slits as he glared daggers at me.

"What the hell is your problem, Kori? You're throwing a stupid temper tantrum for no reason!"

"So, it's alright for the high and mighty Prince Tygra to laugh at my childish notions that scared the shit out of me? You laughed at my expense, Tygra! And I didn't like it!" I shot back. My voice cracked, coming out as a squeak as more tears flowed. My entire body was shaking at this point. My loneliness and love of Tygra had only added to the confusion that were my emotions. I took another deep breath in an attempt of regaining myself. "My father tried to choke me, only to end up being someone else. What kind of fucked up message does that send me?"

Tygra's face softened and his entire body relaxed. I knew that he calmed down because Tygra's shoulders would rise a bit when angered. He stood there, sadness and guilt registering onto his face. The twenty-two year old heir reached out a hand and grabbed me by my arm, pulling me to him. I did not resist his embrace or the kisses he placed against my skin. He held me close, whispering gently into my ear. "I'm sorry,"

"I'm sorry for brushing you off, Kori." Tygra's words made me gulp back my tears. I gripped his blue tunic with trembling hands. Opening my eyes again, I looked up into the pools of amber that made up his eyes. One touch of the palm of his hand on my cheek, brushing the tears out of my eyes, was all it took for me to give him that pleading look.

I wanted him to stay with me, to hold me close, to whisper sweet words of love into my ear. I wanted him. "Please?" I breathed softly, blinking back my tears. I rose on the balls of my feet and brushed my lips against his, nipping them lightly. Tygra smiled against my lips and nipped them back. I felt an ache burning in my lower stomach.

Tygra tenderly eased me back onto my bed. He looked down into my eyes, settling himself between my legs. His eyes were looking me over in concern. I was trembling. I did not know why, but I felt somewhat scared.

This would not be the first time that Tygra has made love to me, and definitely will not be the last time I am sure.

The Tiger leaned in close to me and kissed my forehead, slipping an arm around my waist to draw me closer to him.

"Are you sure?" He breathed in my ear, nuzzling the side of my face as I closed my eyes. I nodded and gripped the fabric of his blue robes. I could feel his hand starting to slowly trail up my side, taking my nightdress up with it. I shuddered a bit at his touch and at feeling the cold air of my bedroom, nodding weakly.

"Yes, Tygra. Please…" I mumbled. I felt his breath ruffling my fur as he sensually and deliberately took his time in dragging his fingers across my skin, letting his claws gently scratch the surface of my furred skin. I held my breath and threw my head back to give him more access to my throat. Tygra always knew how to get me aroused.

My heart started to beat faster now as he smirked against my temple and started to trail kisses along my jaw. A small mew escaped my lips and my body arched into his, earning a soft growl from him. I smiled at hearing his growl and started to slip my hand into his robe. Another growl, the prince grabbed my hand, pinning it above my head. His eyes narrowed, flashing with a mischievous glint. I did not care about Tygra's dominancy at this very moment for I was too lost in the kisses and strokes he laid upon my body.

Tygra soon had me out of my nightdress and slipped out of his own robe. His arms went around my waist as he joined me on the bed once more. I let out a cry as Tygra slid a hand to my inner my thigh. A single touch was all it took for my entire body go rigid, rippling with pleasure at feeling his hand teasing and tickling me.

"T-tygra." I murmured softly, moving my lower body up for more contact. I saw his lips pull back into a smile as he leaned closer and nipped at my ear, tugging and gently biting at the soft flesh in time with his teasing.

I dug my claws into his back, baring my fangs a bit, as I closed my eyes to allow myself to get lost in the new world that Tygra had pulled me into. All of my senses were heightened and I was even more sensitive to Tygra's strokes and kisses. My entire body became tense again at feeling his length press against me.

Tygra looked down at feeling me freeze up in his arms. His arms were already hooked under my legs, allowing them to rest at his side. Concern broke out across his face again. I could see my own fear reflected in his eyes. "Kori, do you want me to stop?" He asked me gently, leaning in close again and compassionately kissing the corner where my face melts into my neck. "I will if you want me to." He murmured soothingly.

I could tell Tygra would do anything that I wanted. He was mine to command. Tygra may come off as charismatic and very flirty, but he had long given up those teenager ways of being sexually active and wanting to take every girl, he saw into his bedchambers. I was among those girls he had flirted with, but I was the only one who did not fall prey to his charms.

Staring up into his eyes, I heaved a deep sigh and closed my eyes. I almost wanted this to stop, but another part of me didn't want it to stop.

His presence seemed to renew my courage, or maybe it was this inner desire that was burning within me, waiting to burst out of me. Whatever it was, I reached up and slipped my arms gently around his neck to pull him closer. Tygra came willingly. I shook my head, pressing my lower half against my fiancé. Another growl escaped his lips - not an angry growl - or anything like that. It was a soft, lustful growl. He buried his face into my neck as he gave a gentle thrust while entering me.

Tygra held onto me while quickening the pace. I felt my body rising off the bed to meet his movements. "Tygra." All thoughts were leaving me, only to be replaced by the animal instincts that always lay dormant in the souls of my race. The two of us bit and clawed at each other amidst the struggle of power and dominancy. We go through every time this usual ritual. Almost every time, we come closer and closer to taking it a step further. The next step? Biting to draw blood.

Blood is the symbol of an everlasting bond between all lives. The bond between two lovers, the string that ties families together, and the rope that forges the bond between lifelong friends. Blood is life itself. The crimson liquid that takes away life and gives life, drawing this would forever bind the souls that had dare call it forth. For Thunderians, drawing blood in a mating ritual that Tygra and I were exercising was sacred. If we were to draw blood and clean it up (in the manner that makes us animals), then we would be mated for life.

There were other times when I had lost my nerve in taking my relationship with Tygra to the next level. But something was different about this time. Through the tangles of growls, purrs, mews, biting, and clawing, Tygra had come out on top, pinning me beneath him while covering me with kisses, strokes, and his own body. Somewhere amidst our power struggle, Tygra had managed to hold me in place from behind as he continued to move within me. I twisted half way under him to reach up and grab onto his shoulder.

A loud thrumming erupted from my throat as I opened my mouth, showing off my teeth before biting down onto the spot closest to his neck, or I tried to anyways. The instant that I sank my teeth into Tygra's shoulder, Tygra did the same. It seemed like an eternity as he fully submerged himself into me, holding me close with one arm around my waist. My whole body became rigid at feeling the familiar warmth pouring from the Thunderian behind me.

Like normal wild cats of Third Earth, Thunderians also tangle for dominancy in mating rituals while retaining the line of humanity somehow.

Tygra's tongue brushed gently against my fur, lapping at the small trickle of blood that poured from the love bite.

Once the warmth was gone, I disentangled myself from him, only to shiver and retreat from the chilly winter air. I sank back into Tygra as he now lay down on the bed.

Tygra smirked against the back of my neck as he buried his nose into my fur. "What's the matter, Kori? Too cold for you?" He asked sleepily in his usual arrogant manner. I just shot him a dirty look, twisting around in his arms as he drew the covers over me.

"Shut the hell up." I looked at the bloody spot on my intended's shoulder from where I had bitten him. The crimson liquid was still pooling, beginning to trickle down his shoulder. Parting my lips, I lapped at the blood. The coppery taste of Tygra's blood tingled on my taste buds, but it was not something to get excited over. Generally, blood would make me feel a bit squeamish, but I did not care. My instincts were blocking out my attachment to the world now as my tongue met his blood again.

I could sense Tygra's life force throbbing and pulsing under his skin, but now I can feel it resonating with my own. Was this what it meant by Blood is the tie that binds?

Tygra nipped gently at my shoulder, licking up whatever blood he had summoned from the surface of my body. Despite this feeling being familiar and yet strange, I felt completely at peace right now. Tygra kissed me on the lips, rolling us over to where he was on top of me again. The corners of his mouth curled into a Cheshire grin as he looked down at me. "You want to go another round?"

I opened my mouth to protest against making love again, but he silenced me with a laugh and another kiss. Tygra rested his head against my chest, his entire chest tightening and loosening with the sigh he heaved. "I'm kidding, love. I'm actually spent; I have to be fully awake for my training with Father and Lion-O tomorrow." He murmured against my skin.

I allowed myself to smile, slipped my arms around him, and rested my cheek on the top of his mass of orange and black striped fur. "I love you, you pompous ass." I murmured to him.

Tygra's arms went tighter around my waist as his eyes drooped, becoming heavy with sleep. "I love you, too." He mumbled, finally drifting off to sleep. I hugged Tygra even closer and kissed his forehead. How I wished this night would never end.

"(wonk buoy naht niotceffa erom deen I)

Omoidaseba haruka haruka

Mirai wa doko mademo kagayaiteta

Kirei na aozora no shita de

Bokura wa sukoshi dake obieteita

If I recall, far far away

The future was shining on everywhere

Beneath the beautiful blue sky

We were just a little afraid"

-Passion, Kingdom Hearts 2

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