Spyke walked into the kitchen after school, where a flurry of activity was already going on with all the middle schoolers who got out 15 minutes before the high schoolers.

"Where are the mini bagels?

"Sam that was the last chocolate Pop Tart!"

"I want Pizza Puffs!"

"Hey man, is there any peanut bars left?" Evan asked Sam who mouth was full of pop tart. Before Sam could swallow and reply Bobby spoke up.

"First come, first serve." Bobby said holding the last peanut bar triumphantly over his head.

With the speed and skill of a sharp shooter Spyke licked his index finger and sent a saliva covered spike though the bar's wrapper. "Dude, you just..." Iceman couldn't believe what had just happened.

"Yup" Evan said taking the peanut bar from Bobby's hand that was still raised above his head. "What am I supposed to eat now?" The Yankee whined as the Skate Boarder walking ripped off the wrapper and took a bite with the spike still intake.

"You can make chocolate milk." Jamie offered,

When Spyke went to toss the wrapper in the trash he found himself eye to eye with Bobby, who was holding the chocolate syrup bottle; a moment later Evan's favorite shirt was covered in chocolaty goodness.

Storm's nephew rushed to sink but stopped in his tracks when he saw the globs of toothpaste. "Yo why isn't the sink clean!" Everyone else in the room silently looked at Jubilee who was lazily watching the TV and popping fruit snacks into her mouth. "I'm supposed to clean after snack time."

Evan stomped off to the nearest guy's bathroom; he was already on probation for skating in the new mansion's foundation and didn't need girls' DNA on him with Logan's latest kick.

After cleaning off his shirt the best they could Spike went to trash the paper towels he had been using when he saw it. 'It' was a long, narrow bright pink box with a baby on it.