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Just a quick drabble I wrote. Might delete.

Disclaimer: Legend of Zelda belongs to Nintendo, I do not own the characters, settings, etc.

She was beautiful. Golden hair poured down her shoulders like a shimmering waterfall, porcelain skin grazed with a light blush, and a smile that could melt any man's heart. How many times had you wish to just touch her? To brush against her soft skin, hold her thin fingers between yours, to embrace her? How many times has she caught you staring? Peeking at her from afar, wishing you could confess, thinking you might be able to just say it for once, when it all gets caught in your throat and you retreat like the coward you are.

God, if you could go back, before the ceremony, before all the chaos, when it was just the two of you without a care in the world. If you could have told her then…You might never get the chance to convey those feelings now.

Oh, how can she smile like that? She looks miserable—she might burst into tears at any moment—but she still smiles. It almost breaks your heart, seeing her finally after all the time and hardship, you were finally back together. Why would the goddess play a cruel trick like this and separate you two again? You press your hand gently against the glass over hers. Her dress is simple, but she looks as pretty as a bride in it.

"Promise you'll wake me up?"

You try to smile back, but it ends up something of a scowl. She laughs a forced giggle in reply. You want to bawl like the crybaby you once were, to hold onto her for strength and comfort, and mumble repeatedly, "It's alright."

Instead you lean into the glass, considering what you could say to her.
"Of course."
"Don't worry about it."
"I love you and I don't ever want to leave your side."

You smile. "I promise."