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Here I was sitting at the bonfire that we have whenever we get newbies in the pack. This time Quil, Leah, and Seth were the newbies. Jacob was bringing Bella around to listen to the legends this time too. I missed Bella. She had sort of become an honorary pack sister to all of us. We were all kinda upset when she went back to the bloodsuckers, but hey, whatever she was back now and that's all that mattered.

Jacob still had really high hopes that he and Bella would get together. What, did he think that she would just dump the leech for him? Yeah right! I mean, we all knew the amount of pain he'd caused her when he'd left and how much she'd missed him. The only way she'd dump him for Jake is if he imprinted on her. But he'd been with her so much and looked into her eyes so much that we all thought it was impossible. Maybe it wasn't. I don't know, I'm not some expert on imprinting so don't even think about asking me. Of course, all the imprinted members of the pack were here with their imprints. Sam with Emily, Jared with Kim. Heck! Even Quil had imprinted on Emily's two year old niece, Claire. It sure is a good thing phasing kept you from aging until you stopped. 'Cuz Quil sure had a lot of waiting to do until Claire was his age.

Just then I heard a car pull up. It was Jacob's car. He got out and opened Bella's door for her. When she walked out of the car, she looked up. Straight at me. Suddenly, the world came undone around me and all I could see was her. In that moment I knew I would do anything and everything to keep her safe and happy. I imprinted on Bella. I had finally found my angel. I realized I had just been standing and staring at her. I think the rest of the guys had finally caught notice because someone, Jared I think, broke me from my trance, "Oh god, Paul's gonna die!"

"What are you guys talking abou-"Jake started but stopped when he saw what I was sure was a dumb love struck grin plastered on my face. "You didn't!" He growled at me. He stepped in front of Bella in a protective crouch and began shaking and growling. Now that was crossing the line. How dare he protect my girl? How dare he almost phase so close to her? I had to set him straight. Or at least attempt to appease him. "Jake, you know I couldn't help it, man. I'm sorry." "Hey, Bella, wanna come sit by me for a while?" She giggled. Darn, that was cute! Wow, she was already turning me into a love struck puppy (pun intended). "Sure" she grinned at me. I grinned back, leaving a very angry Jacob behind and taking the hand of my Bella and leading her to the logs by the fire.

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