Ever since I started writing the story 'Odyssey of the Wolf' I've become fairly depressed since the story I've been writing was so dark, so I decided to write something, a little bit lighter, lighter in the fact that no characters I grew attached to won't die in this one.

This takes place a few months after the end of Act II

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Chapter 1

The Maker hates me, Fenris repeated in his head for the millionth time today alone, and it hadn't even reached high noon yet. He tugged at the rune infused bindings that held his wrists together behind his back to no avail; he then tried the binds on his ankles for the millionth time as well. There was something about the runes that prevented him from phasing through them, these slavers had prepared for everything.

"Any luck?" said the only person on the Tevinter bound wagon that wasn't a slaver.

"What do you think, Merrill?" Fenris hissed venomously at his long time companion, well, more like acquaintance, in fact, more like crazy monstrosity acting as a naive innocent little girl he had been forced to tolerate for three years.

"Is that a no?" she asked while those wide, innocent eyes of hers looked at him.

"Yes, that's a no," Fenris said slowly as if talking to a child.

"Don't worry Fenris, we'll find a way out of this," She said in that strangely cheery tone of hers.

Fenris released a heavy sigh as he shook his head. He had spent six years on the run from Danarius, fending off or evading slavers that intended to return him to his master. All of them had failed in recapturing him, and the one time that he finally got caught they had to capture the blood mage as well.

"What are they going to do to us?" Merrill asked with a concerned voice.

"I told you already, they're going to return me to Danarius and either send you off to the slave auctions or keep you to pleasure themselves," Fenris replied while giving a cold glance at Merrill who was shaking like a leaf.

"Can we change the subject please? I don't like this conversation, and you really don't think they would do that to me…do you? Cause that would be really mean and-"

"Will you stop rambling already!" Fenris yelled, which got one of the slavers that was sitting on the wagon with them to walk over and slap the male elf across the face.

"For the love of Andraste, shut the hell up both of you!" The slaver that hit Fenris yelled.

Fenris glared at the slaver, and noticed the tattoo of a hanged elf on the man's left bicep; he was going to die by Fenris' hand.


Garrett Hawke starred out into the great expanse before him: which comprised of nothing but endless forest, revealing nothing. He stared nonetheless as though the secrets of the world where hidden in this scenic viewpoint atop the cliff. The sound of rushing water from the waterfall to his immediate left would normally have been soothing, but he was too worried to relax.

Hawke finally tore his eyes away from the impressive view to look up the dead tree to his immediate right as he yelled so he could be heard over the waterfall, "You see anything!"

"Only forest, lots and lots of forest!" Isabella yelled from atop the tree that she was using to get a better view with her telescope, hoping to find some trace of the slavers that had taken the elves.

Hawke shook his head in frustration before he yelled back, "Come on down, that tree doesn't look too stable rooted precariously over the edge of the cliff!"

As Isabella made her way down the tree, Hawke turned around to look at his remaining companions who were busy breaking camp. It had been two weeks since those slavers had captured Fenris and Merrill and he had gathered all his available allies, Anders, Isabella, Sebastian, and Varric, Aveline hadn't been available because she was on her honeymoon with Donnic in Orlais.

The moment Isabella landed gracefully on her feet the two made their way back to the campsite as the pirate asked, "So what now?"

"Now we need to get down this cliff," Hawke responded, then turned to Varric and asked, "Are you sure this is the slave route that they would have taken?"

"Hey, my contacts are reliable Hawke, they're selfish and won't speak unless I pay e'm a sovereign upfront, but they're reliable," Varric argued as he finished rolling up his bedroll.

"Well they better be reliable, because we need to find Fenris and Merrill now!" Hawke yelled louder than he had intended, causing Varric to visibly wince.

"Look Hawke, I know you're worried about Elf and Daisy, we all are,"

At that moment the two heard a snort come from Anders, causing Varric to quickly add, "Well, we're all worried about Daisy at least."

Hawke pinched the bridge of his nose to try and make the headache that was forming subside, but it didn't help. It had been over two weeks since Fenris and Merrill were captured and all he could think about was saving them.

Once they were finished breaking camp the five companions began to walk along the cliff looking for a way down. They would have climb down the cliff if it weren't for Varric being a dwarf.

Hawke looked out into the distance again; knowing somewhere out there his friends needed them.


"Now if you would just reposition yourself, I think I can cut your binds with my gauntlets," Fenris whispered as he started to turn so he and Merrill's backs were pressed together. The slaver caravan had stopped just outside a small town; out of the thirty or so slavers, all but three had gone down to the town to get supplies, and possibly more slaves, leaving the other three to watch over the two elves. He was thankful that the three slavers were too busy either eating around the campfire or polishing their swords to watch the captives. This gave Fenris the opportunity to try and free himself and Merrill.

The fact that they had their hands bound behind their backs didn't make things easy for Fenris, since he couldn't quite see his or Merrill's hands; he was pretty much working blind.

"Owww, Fenris watch it!" Merrill shouted loudly by accident, causing them to freeze when they heard one of the slavers bellow with a deeply accented voice, "Hey, what do you two think you're doing!"

Fenris glanced over Merrill's head to see that one of the slavers, a big burly man with a grey beard that went down to his stomach, walking over towards them with a disapproving scowl on his face.

"Just let me do all the talking, ok?" Fenris whispered before he moved himself away from Merrill so the burly slaver didn't see what he was doing.

"What do you two think you're doing?" the slaver repeated as he stood in front of the two elves.

"Fenris just looked up at the man and shrugged as he said, "She got stung by a bee."

"A bee she calls Fenris?"

"It's Elven for bee," Fenris lied, hoping that the slaver was as stupid as he was ugly.

The slaver bent down to stare Fenris right in the eye, the elf could see every dirt filled pore on the man's face as he spoke, "Do you think me stupid, Fenris?"

The Maker hates me…

"That's right, I know who you are, and you were trying to free your little girlfriend, weren't you?" the Slaver pointed out.

"She's not my girlfriend!"

"He's not my boyfriend!" the two elves spoke in unison, both disgusted at the thought.

The slaver didn't say anything as he reached out and grabbed Fenris by the wrists and looked at his gauntlets as he said, "we should have taken these off of you."

Before Fenris could say anything his forehead was hit by the hilt of the slavers sword, and then everything went black.

Merrill winced as she watched the impact. Once the slaver checked that Fenris was unconscious he motioned for the other slavers to come over and keep watch before he bent down to undo the binds on Fenris' wrist so he could remove the gauntlets.

With the gauntlets removed the burly slaver tossed the two pieces of armor aside, and began retying the rune covered binds. Merrill glanced over to the other two slavers who were whispering to each other before they looked hungrily at her.

Panic began to spread inside Merrill at the realization of what they were about to do. She started scooting away from the two slavers that began an advance on her.

Right before they touched her, the burly slaver punched one of the other slavers on the face as he bellowed, "the boss wants the female 'unspoiled'; she'll sell for a higher price that way!"

Merrill released a sigh of relief as the other two slavers walked away; she then glanced over to the burly slaver and said in a weak voice, "thank you."

"Keep your bloody thanks, you're more valuable unspoiled," he then turned around to walk back to the campfire without another word.

Merrill then slid back to Fenris' unconscious body and just sat there, praying to the creators that he would wake up soon.

Author's note:

I don't know if I will make this a Romance or not, so leave in the comments if you want that.