I know what you guys and gals are thinking when you see the updated status of V&L "Yay, an update, let's see what new developments will be present now" or "finally, the next chapter is up,"

Unfortunately, this is not an update…

It's probably going to hurt you to read this as much as it is for me to type it, but I'm going to be taking a hiatus from writing Fanfiction in general. The reason? I've been really stuck on this story and the voices of Fenris and Merrill in my head are hibernating for the winter. You know… no shoes and all that. Also, a friend of mine and fellow aspiring author once told me. "Good stories aren't written because the reader wants to be told a story, but are written because the author wants to tell a story." Basically, because they have fun writing it and V&L just isn't fun for me to write at the moment, or even for the past few chapters. Now don't get me wrong, I greatly enjoyed hearing about you guys having fun reading it, but each chapter was like manual labor to me (FYI, I'm not physically strong) so I've decided that I'd take a break and focus on writing my fantasy novel I've been wanting to write since before I've even discovered this site.

Don't make no mistake, this isn't the last you've heard of me and I might put up the occasional one-shot. I'll just mostly be focusing on reviewing other stories when I'm on this site.

I'd also like to thank each and every one of you for your unwavering support and determination in me with special thanks to Hatsepsut for beta-ing my story despite her lack of interest in Merrill as a character, Ladyreddarkness for helping me get a general mood for how to write the chapters, Gatersnacks for your hilarious comments that always made me chuckle, and to selvira for being one of the few to have review every chapter of both V&L and Kitten and the Wolf. You've all made me a better writer and I love you all for it (In a totally platonic and no homo sort of way!)

I'll give you a 'farewell for now' gift, a small scene of a future chapter of V&L that I've written ahead of time that I like to call, the rain scene.


"I always loved the rain, don't you?" Merrill asked in a cheerful tone as she twirled around in the rain as she started to cross the road that ran through the middle of the town.

"I'll admit, I've never really given it any thought, Merrill," Fenris admitted as he watched the young elf with a small smile on his face.

"When I was just a little Da'len I would often sneak away from the keeper when she wasn't looking during a storm, she always got engrossed in her studies to never notice, and I would go play with the others in the rain," Merrill babbled as Fenris noticed a horse galloping down the road so quick that neither the rider of the horse nor Merrill could stop or get out of the way in time. So Fenris quickly reacted and reached out to grab Merrill and pull her out of the way. In the process he had caused the two elves to spin around to have Merrill pinned with her back to the wall with Fenris pressed up against her front.

The two elves froze at the realization of the position that they found themselves in. Fenris' face was mere inches from Merrill's and their bodies pressed so hard together that they could feel each other's body as though the rain soaked clothes they wore might not have been there at all.

The two simply stared at each other's eyes; Fenris was a few inches taller than Merrill so he had to tilt his head down ever so slightly to look straight at her. Their breaths mingled as they stood transfixed in place, each one mesmerized by the peaceful and serene glow that seemed to resonate from the other's eyes.

Watching her face, taking in every detail that he could find, from the graceful patterns of the tattoos to the loose, wet strands of raven black hair that fell to the side of her slightly reddened cheeks; he couldn't help but have his breath taken away by her beauty. That foreign feeling that had been bothering Fenris coursed through him with an intensity that he has never felt until this moment. Before he knew it, he started leaning his face towards Merrill's. The ex-slave vaguely notices Merrill copying the same motion before he closed his eyes in a peaceful serenity that he's never experienced before.

With that a wave of freezing water crashed into the two elves that instantly shattered whatever it was that was about to happen. The tattooed warrior searched for the cause of the intrusion to find another horse galloping away.

Sorry for the tease…