"Raven we are going out to get some breakfast do you want to come?" Robin asked . It was a average Wednesday for the Titians. Cyborg decided he wanted to try out the new diner in town and Robin and Starfire decided to tag along.

"I'd rather stay here," Raven said in her usual mono-tone.

"Ok suit your self." Robin said in response.

"oh and try not to kill B while were away." Cyborg added.

"I'll do my best" raven remarked without a bit of emotion in her voice.

The three titans left the tower and headed for the diner.

And All was quiet in titans tower. For a few minutes at least.

A little bit later Beastboy walked in to the common room where raven sat quietly reading her book and drinking her tea. Beastboy yawed and asked, "Ware is everyone?"

"They went out to eat" Raven emotionlessly replied.

"Oh cool." then Beastboy went and turned on the game station and started playing his new favorite game.

"Awwww I lost" beast boy complained after a few minutes of playing his game. Upset he turned of the game station. Then he got up and stood in front of raven. She looked up from her book and glared up at him.

"What you reading Rea?"

"My names not Rea." she scowled.

Beastboy's Pov.

Think beast boy thing there has to be something you can say you dope. My god she's beautiful. Focus Beastboy say something. Oh man she's glaring at me say something…

No Pov.

Beastboy is at a loss of words and with out a second thought.(or any thought really) he took a breath and then reached down and took ravens book. Raven automatically started to protest but he quickly responded "Please don't, just give me a chance please."

Uncertain raven is quick to question. "Give me back my book."



"Raven please just trust me."

"Why should I?"

"Because I'm one of the good guys! I'm your friend and I'm standing up to you.

"Fine you have my attention."

Beastboy smiled and without hesitation he set down the book and took ravens hand and pilled raven up close to him.

Raven Pov.

Oh wow. Wait since when is he taller then me? And his eyes are so captivating. Listen to your self raven get a grip. He's still staring at me. I feel my face getting warm. My god I'm blushing!

Beastboy's Pov.

Woah is Raven blushing? Wow never thought I'd see her do that. I really want to kiss her. Well it's now or never...

No Pov.

Beastboy stood there motionless, memorized but the one called raven.

He stood there looking down into her eyes. He began to lean down. Raven hesitant but began to lean forward. As was quiet as still until… "Were home!" Cyborg yelled. As the common room door opened raven snapped back into reality and pulled away from Beastboy and grabbed her book. She sat down quickly and opened to a random page. She put her hood up but not before Beastboy saw here major blush. Beastboy smiled and sat down next to raven. Raven looked over at him as he gently pushed her hood down onto her shoulders. This made raven smile but she started blushing even more. So she quickly put her hood on once again covering her face.