There was another surprise waiting in the Chuunin Exams. A mysterious woman chooses Sakura and forces an ultimatum: hunt me down, or I'll kill everyone you love.


High T


850 words


I like the idea of Sakura not using her eyes. I find that our eyes are what make us evil; we see what others have that we want and become jealous, we dismiss potential lovers because we find them ugly, and we prejudice others on how they look. However, she will still have her eyes… but not like you'd expect. Also: short chapters. START GETTIN' USED TO 'EM.




The Chosen


Was it irony that she found herself in this forest? A testament to her purpose, her life's only goal? In the sea of tangled trees reaching the heavens, where monsters and demons prowled for their next prey, she was to decide the fate of one young girl, for the sake of her god. There would be no guilt, no pity—she prepared for this moment her entire life, the messenger of Heaven. This would be the day that she passed her holy torch to a new hand, one capable of handling the burden her gift would give. It went without saying that her choice must be perfect on all accounts, for gods did not accept anything lower than perfection itself. She would not let down her honorable deities.

Quietly, she gazed down from her wooden perch, surveying the battlefield below her. It looked to be a completely hopeless cause; of the two teams present, only one had all three members functioning. The other was in an even worse situation; not only were the girl's two male teammates down, but also another boy who was not fully associated with the girl had fallen. The three Sound nin, as their taunts had revealed to her, aimed for the darker colored boy, feeling little conscience in killing the others. What would this one measly girl do? It almost made her turn away in respect for the dead, but her eyes could not tear themselves off the kunoichi's form. Something about her settled something in her stomach, twisting and nagging to pay attention. This pink haired child captivated her from the beginning of the exams all the way up to this point, always at the edge of her sight but at the same time always flitting away before she could get a good look. Now, she had a bird's eye view of this beautiful disaster, and she could not help but feel exhilaration sweep her into a quick-breathed anxiousness.

The beginning was a slow process, the flower child clumsily evading weapons and retaliating with what little strength she had. In a criminal display of power, the Sound ninja simply toyed with her, knocking her around and kicking her to the floor. The green boy watched on in horror as his friend was beat down, with no chance to save herself. Quickly growing bored of their play thing, the female ninja roughly took the weaker girl by her long, well cared for locks, pulling with such a force the pale kunoichi's head rocked side to side. The older girl laughed, enjoying the show of dominance, her teammates looking uninterested.

"Hurry up, Kin!" said the one with the furry back, rolling his hunched shoulders. "We've wasted enough time here—stop taunting the weak thing and just put it out of its misery!" Their teammate, who was Kin by her response, whined loudly, wanting to prolong the game a while longer. Careful not to lose her footing, she leaned forward to get a closer look below. She was interested in Kin's captive's face, which was obscured by hair. She could see the tell-tale glimmers of tears drop down and hit the pinkette's lap, dampening the two areas on her dress.

'This is it?' she thought, excitement ebbing away as Kin turned back to berate the young girl for attempting to brandish a silly kunai at this point. All this show and all she would be left with was a dead girl? Her interest was fading, but something kept her gaze locked on the shuddering form that was the beaten nin. Not yet, it whispered at the recesses of her mind, keep looking…

The long haired girl clenched the pink locks tightly in her fist, candy floss caressing her skin. "What do you think you're trying to pull, huh!" With a savage twist of her hand, Kin was pleased to hear her victim whimper. "It won't even work on me from this position!"

"It's not for you," came the soft response. The pink child's voice awakened something in her being, and the adrenaline rushed back with such force she had to steady herself on the trunk of the tree. The battle suddenly turned into a frenzy of action, her heartbeats providing a primal battle drum.

A swift strike, pink hair gracefully falling to ground like sakura petals.

Surprise followed by quick retaliation.

Clones exploding and covering the sylvan arena in formless smoke.

Jutsu blowing away the clouds, shocked stillness, and then…

She drew blood.

Emotions knocked her back, reeling into the protective clutches of another behemoth tree. This child, this sweet, innocent girl who refused to die, covered in blood that was her own and not… Amazement, Understanding, Acceptance, Determination, Anticipation, and Purpose all flowed into her soul in a grand epiphany. Seizing, her limbs numbed, a raw power suffocating her, strangling her thoughts until only a single goal prevailed. There was no doubt about it, her god channeled itself through her soul—turning to leave the scene in haste, her lips split into a crazed grin.

She had found her Chosen.

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