BANG BANG. One bullet after the other leaves the barrel of my sniper. Sending it into the skulls of my enemies. Zombies one after the other drop to the groumg like a sack of potatoes. Next to me my best freind and survival buddy Michael. Him, with his heavy machine gun, finishes off the ones with the audacity to hit the perimeter of our safe house gates and barricade. As the day goes on, the lights starts to come out and banish the darkness from the freshly plowed meadow.

The zombies start to retreat and just to be a jerk me and Michael came up with this game to play when they start retreating. I call it "The Dead Man Game". We try and shoot the most zombies retreating and who ever gets the most for that night gets to sleep and extra hour. The reason I call it the Dead Man Game because if we had another survivor they would die when they had the extra hour of look out. I won tonight, so I let my gaurd down and start to clean my sniper and refill the ammo for the next night.

Micheal heads down stairs and soon after I do but some thing is strange about him. We both look the same with our gray blue eyes and our pale complection, our noses are completely different that's the only difference. But this look on his face made him look more and more different, so finally he raises up his index finger to his lips, and points to the upper right hand corner of the room. I glansed over and saw someone or something hunched over. Its back was albino with a greenish discoloration in some places. Its flesh was jagged and sticking out in all different directions. I knew it was a zombie when I saw it eating something but what could it be.

A survivor who tried to seek shelter or an old corpse. Finally it turned around and I could see its face. It was bald and its eyes were completely black. It grimised and I could see its jagged blood dyed teeth. It starts running towards us and I pull out my pistol and shot it twice, twice only, and it instantly hit the ground. But its momentum pushes its corpse closer to Micheal and I. When it stops I run towards its victim. Its another zombie. Humph, Cannibalism. A funny thing eating your own kind. I shoot it for good measure and I call Micheal over. We chuckled and then started walking down the hall. I start to notice the beauty in the elaborately decorated walls.

They tell a story of a woman and a man, they get separated during a war they stay in touch with each other by a messanger bird. One day a stray bullet shoots the bird and kills it. The guy waits for weeks but never got a letter from her. So one day he joins the army to go see her again. he gets to her house and find her hanging by a noose, he falls to his knees and prays to God to let them be together got up from praying and found his general pointing a gun at him. His general asks if there was a good reason to leave his post and the guy says " I left my post for my girl". The general laughs and shoots him. He went into a blackout, when he woke up, he found his girl standing in front him. She gave him his wings and they flew together in the sky like messanger birds never looking back or down olny looking straight, and they flew away into the day light.

I start to cry so I wipe my away my tears and head towards Michael who was leaving me. I too one day hope to be reunited with my girl after this apocalypse. we get to the doors and push them. The smell of rotten corpses and blood pierces the air and I dont get bothered by it. I actually like it. I guess thats why im a zombie hunter.

~ Phuse