Prologue: "When reality meets fantasy"

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Once upon a time, in the center of the Smash Cosmos, there was a beautiful place known as the Smash Mansion. This castle was the home of powerful fighters known as the Super Smash Brothers (and Sisters), or simply Smashers: beings recognized in their respective worlds as heroes and villains, and gathered in the same place in order to prove their strength in an eternal clash between good and evil…

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The sun was shining, the sky was clear, the birds were chirping, there was no trace of fear. Peace was reigning all around Smashville after the defeat of Tabuu, and Master Hand had decided to host a tournament in which the brave saviors of the Smash Cosmos could fight and show their skills: the SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL TOURNAMENT.

The fights were held in the Smash Mansion and broadcast universe-wide. People from the various parts of the universe were cheering for their favorites and for the heroes representing their respective worlds.

The match of the day was a Brawl between four well known veterans: Mario, the Mushroom Kingdom's hero and plumber; Link, the Hero of Time and excellent swordsman; Kirby, the pink puffball from Dream Land; and Pikachu, the most famous electric rodent of the Pokéworld. The selected stage was the Final Destination, with a time limit of five minutes and with no items of any kind. The four warriors were staring at each other, in their respective defense stances, and were waiting for the beginning of the match. The other Smashers were seated in special seats, separated from the rest of the audience, and them too were waiting the signal of the match's beginning. It was indeed a perfect day and no one could ruin it, right? WRONG!

There was an evil being lurking in the darkest and farthest part of the Smash Cosmos, trapped in a prison made of spatial-temporal strings, courtesy of the two powerful Legendary Pokémon Dialga and Palkia, and reinforced by the sixteen Arceus's plates and some other divine powers. He was watching the Final Destination from a hole present in his prison, too small to let him go out but big enough to let him see. The creature scowled at the sight of the four heroes and punched the hole in an attempt to break free, but without success.


He was pacing back and forth, trying to control his anger, to no avail. "WELL, LET'S SEE WHAT YOU'RE GONNA DO WHEN I'LL GET OUT OF HERE! OH, YEAH, WE'LL SEE!"

He then turned at the sky above him. It had a strange reddish shade in it, with some cosmic dust swirling in rather odd patterns and static electricity filling the space. "…IT'S ALMOST TIME. I ONLY NEED A CONTACT FROM THE OTHER REALITY AND THEN I'LL BE FREE, AFTER YEARS AND YEARS OF CAPTIVITY. TREMBLE, MASTER HAND, CRAZY HAND AND ALL YOU SMASHERS! TREMBLE WITH FEAR UNDER MY POWER! IT'S TIME… FOR REVENGE! WAH HA HA HA!"

Meanwhile, in another reality…

"Yeah, mom, I have already done all my homework! No, no, seriously! ... Yeah, the school is tomorrow, right. I know, I know! No, I'm not goofing around! (Not yet!) I'm… doing some research. Really! ... Come on, it's the last day of summer holidays! I want to do something entertaining! Don't… ok, I promise! I won't eat any cookie, I swear! … Oh, thanks mom! Ok, see you later! Ciao!"


"Oh, yeah, finally! I can play Super Smash Bros Brawl! …well, until Mom's return, but still… YAY!"

The person in question was a fifteen years old girl, with a plait of brown curly hair, brown eyes almost black, fair skin and a bit short for her age. She was wearing a yellow shirt with depicted some red hibiscus flowers, a red scarf around her neck, a pair of long blue jeans and golden high-heeled shoes. She was stamping her right foot happily, grinning in an almost devilish way, before turning on the TV and Nintendo Wii.

"I don't understand why Mom never let me play freely with the Wii! I don't get it! I mean, it will never suck me and send me to some weird dimension with game characters everywhere, right? That's… ridiculous! And besides, I always do my homework, so she doesn't have to worry about school deficiencies, right?"

She shook her head and took the CD of SSBB out from its case. "I'd better stop talking to myself! I don't want to be seen like a crazy!"

She then inserted the CD in the designed hole of the console and clicked in the square with the game title using the Wiimote. Suddenly, a thunder roared through the air, making the girl jump on her spot. "Oh, my…"

She rapidly turned her head to the window and saw some black clouds covering the sky and crackling with electricity. "Fantastic, now is going to rain! Yay! I love rain!" said the girl sarcastically. "Umpf, let's ignore the storm! I wanna play! Let's ROCK!"


The prisoner turned his attention to a strange portal that was opening in the sky, and that was slowly expanding the hole of his prison. "OH, FINALLY! EHEHEH!"

The creature approached the portal and began looking through it. "SO SHE IS MY VESSEL! WELL, WELL, WELL… INTERESTING, A POWERLESS HUMAN! SHE'S PERFECT!"


The being laughed evilly and inserted his black hand in the portal, determined to pursue his goal.

The health advertisement appeared on the screen. She simply pushed the A Button. "Pff, I don't have any problem! I'm sane, my boy!"

Another thunder roared outside the window. "Holy cheese, stop roaring sky! You're distracting me!"

Suddenly a huge thunderbolt hit the lightning rod of the house, causing a black-out in the entire apartment. The girl yelped in fright. That was very close!

"Oh dear…" said her, before glancing at the TV and then at the Wii. "Oh, my… if that thunderbolt had fried my Wii Mom is gonna kill me! She had to pay a lot to repair it!"

Biting the nails of her right hand, the teen approached the console lying on the ground. Suddenly, the lights of the Wii turned on, but they weren't blue like they used to be. They were strangely gleaming a dazzling crimson red. "Uh? What's wrong?"

She stared at the lights for a while, before reaching out for the instructions book of the console and beginning to consult it. "Red light, red light, red light… there is nothing about any crimson red light of the Wii! What's going on?"

After saying that the TV turned on, but only static appeared on the screen. "Fantastic, now even the TV is acting up? I'm sooo screwed!" cried the lady in despair. All of a sudden, the pixels on the screen began swirling, and swirling, and swirling, and swirling…

The girl was both scared and fascinated by this strange event. Her gaze was fixed on the screen. All those colored pixels were hypnotizing her, making her slowly lose her consciousness. "What's… that… thing?" she muttered lowly.

Then an evil laugh came from the TV, snapping the teen out of her trance. "Wh-what…?"

Her eyes widened when she saw something black coming from the center of the vortex. It was approaching threateningly to her and began pushing the glass of the appliance. The girl was frozen in fear and began shaking violently…

A loud scream reverberated in the house.

3... 2... 1... GO!

The four heroes lunged at each other, determined to land the first hit. Mario managed to punch Link on the face, while Kirby managed to hit Pikachu in the stomach. Link retaliated with a Spin Attack, hitting the three Smashers at the same time. Pikachu then summoned a Thunder from the sky, but the others had seen it coming and dodged the attack. The mouse growled and tried to attack again, but was sent flying after receiving a kick from Mario. The plumber then released two fireballs and sent them at Link and Kirby, but the Hero of Time deflected it with the shield, while Kirby swallowed it and spit it out in the form of a star. Mario dodged the star with his famous jump, while Link blocked it using his shield again.

"Ah, your long ranged attacks can't hit me!" said Link triumphantly.

"Yeah, you're right! Maybe we can't hit you with projectile moves…"

The green clad hero turned to see the electric creature charging him with a full power Skull Bash. He tried to move, but the attack connected and sent him flying "…but we can still kick your butt with our physical moves." Pikachu then laughed.

The Italian plumber had grabbed Kirby by his stubby arms and after hitting him several times he flung the pink puffball in the air, making him collide with the already flying Link. He then proceeded to attack Pikachu with a fireball, while the latter sent a Thunder Jolt at the red hero.


"Go Big Bro, go! You can win!" "Mario! Come on, win for the Mushroom Kingdom!" "You'd better win, plumber! Or losing to you will be more humiliating!" cheered Luigi, Peach and Bowser respectively.

"Link! Win for us!" "Kick their butts, big me!" "Hey, I thought he was MY big me!" "No, he's not! He's mine!" "No, is mine!" "Mine!" "Mine!" "MINE!" "MINE!" The two younger versions of Link were glaring at each other, hands in their swords, ready to start a fight. "Please, kids, there is no need of violence!" Zelda said, trying to calm them. "I'M NOT A KID!" the two heroes shouted at the same time. Zelda sighed, while Ganondorf said nothing. He simply snorted.

"May the force be with you, young warrior." "Hey, can you be less serious for once, Meta Knight? Come on, is Kirby's first fight in this tournament!" Meta Knight didn't reply. "Whatever!" replied King Dedede.

"Go Pikachu! Show them what you can do!" "Yeah, show them brother!" "Yay, win for us, Pika-dear!" cheered Red the Pokemon Trainer, Pichu and Jigglypuff. Mewtwo and Lucario were simply watching.

The rest of the audience were cheering for their favorite. Some of them didn't care about who was going to be the winner. They simply wanted to see some action.


Kirby and Link engaged in a sword fight. Their shining blades connected with every single hit, showing the determination of both the Smashers to not lose. Mario and Pikachu were sparring throwing to the each other their respective element: fire and electricity.

The heroes were so focused in their fight that none of them noticed a vortex that appeared above them. The audience however noticed it and began wondering what that was.

Link managed to stab Kirby with his sword, and while the pink creature tried to shallow him the green hero threw a bomb directly at his mouth, resulting in an explosion that sent the Dream Land hero flying. While he was floating back to the stadium, the tornado above him exploded and from it a flaming star connected with him, surprising the puffball and making him crash in the floor with a surprised "Poyo!".

The others Smashers froze in place and looked at the point where Kirby landed. The audience fell silent for a moment, before murmuring something. Even the two white hands were surprised. That was a thing that was NOT supposed to happen.

"Kirby?" Mario asked worriedly. No response.

Pikachu decided to approach the pink hero and when he was close enough gasped. "Mario! Link! Quick, come over here!" cried the Pokémon.

The two mentioned heroes approached the spot. "Master Hand, suspend the match!" shouted Link. When the red plumber and the green hero approached Pikachu they gasped too.

Upon the pink hero was a young human girl. She had torn clothes and was singed all around the body. Her hair was a complete mess and her breathing was shallow and uneven.

Kirby woke up soon after. He wasn't too much hurt thanks to his flexible body. He put her down carefully to the floor and his eyes widened in concern.

"Mamma mia! This girl is badly hurt! Quick Link, take her to the infirmary! Hurry!" commanded Mario.

The hero simply nodded and scooped her up in his arms. He then started running as fast as he could, with the others trailing behind him. There was a life at stake.

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