Conexión: Chapter 1.

Full summary: Santana and Brittany have an instant connection when they meet at a club resulting in a heated night, a broken condom and a positive pregnancy test. Will Santana overcome her commitment issues? Or will she deny the connection and leave Brittany to be a single parent? Following the outline of Knocked up with a bit more drama. Warning: Girl!peen.

Disclaimer: Glee does not belong to me. Also, the magazine name is a fake.

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"Santana Lopez is known for five things, Being the editor of New York's biggest selling fashion magazine Seven Deadly Sins, holding the title for the number one eligible bachelorette in the whole state, having a razor sharp wit, an ego the size of the Empire State Building and according to the models in all her photo shoots, a dick just as big. And to no surprise she was seen with yet another Victoria's Secret Angel, leaving the set of her latest photos hoot hand in hand, the next morning our own photographers found her walking out of the model's apartment building in the early morning with sex hair and a lit cigar, without a doubt that is another Angel checked off the list."

Santana smirks at the Internet article looking at the pictures of her leading the model towards her car one hand in the other woman's and the other opening the door of the car to help her in, her eyes briefly skim the photos of her leaving the building with messy hair and a cigar in her mouth remembering the steamy night with the model feeling her member twitch at the memory. Checking the time and turning her laptop off,he brunette grabs her leather jacket on the way out of her penthouse suite which is stationed at the very top of the building, walking into the elevator and pressing the button that would take her down to the lobby. While she waits the brunette pulls her phone out from the pocket of her designer jeans, pressing one of the speed dial buttons the responding end picking up on the first ring.

"Will, pick me up from my place I want to hit up that new club that just opened." She tells her driver.

"Yes ma'am I'll be there in a few minutes."

"Hurry it up will you, I'm on my way down and I told Puckerman I'd take him with me."

"No problem."

"Good." She hangs up, placing her phone back into her pocket when the elevator finally reaches the lobby.

After a 20 minute wait the black Mercedes pulls up in front of the Latina, an angry look on her face, she signals for the driver to roll down his window, which he immediately does.

"You're fucking late." She spits out, her eyes drilling into his.

"I-I'm sorry ma'am" William stammers, sweat appearing on his brow. "I was caught in traffic."

"There are no excuses."

"I'm so so so so sorry, it won't happen again I swear."

"Lucky for you I'm in a good mood tonight." Santana growls as she slips into the back seat of the shiny black car. "Now, to Puckerman's."

"Yes ma'am." The driver answers as he pulls away from the side of the road.

Santana sighs her head turning to look out the window. "Puck you better be ready or I'm going to beat your ass." She mutters to herself.

The fiery brunette arrives at the door of Noah Puckerman's apartment knocking loudly.

"Coming!" The familiar rough voice of her best friend calls from the other side.

Santana taps her foot impatiently, her eyebrows slowly raising at the sound of a young boy yelling something unintelligible, she knocks again louder this time.

"Puckerman get your ass over to this door and open it!" She yells through the door.

A few seconds later the door swings open to reveal a slightly sweaty looking Puck wearing a white singlet and jeans, a trail of band aids traveling up his arms and on his shoulders.

"Hey, S come on in, sorry about that."

"What happened to you?" Santana asks, eyeing the band aids on Pucks forearm and shoulder, noticing more as he turned around and led her into his apartment.

"Nephew is over, Sarah dropped him off this morning. Violent little shit stuck pins through the suction caps of his stupid ass nerf gun." He sighs, turning around to look at his friend.

"Shit, where is he?"

"Just got him in the guestroom for now, I called Sarah and she's coming to pick him up in a few minutes."

"Alright, but are you still good to go tonight?"

"Hell yeah! There's no way I'm giving up the chance to get laid."

"Good, so we just wait for Sarah to come pick the little shit head that shot you then we're off?"

"Yup, c'mon I'll mix you a drink." Puck smirks leading her to the bar. "What do you want?"


"Of course." Puck laughs. "Dry or dirty?"

"I'll have it just like I have sex."


"You got it." Santana replies with a wink as Puck laughs.

Five minutes later there is a knock at the door Sarah, Pucks younger sister walks to the guestroom once she has been let in, walking back into the main living room area holding the wrist of her son with an angry look on her face, Santana looks down at the boy from her barstool noticing the bright yellow nerf gun in the boy's hand. A smirk spreads across her face and a small laugh escapes from her lips at the boy's misfortune, he hears her laugh, his head whipping around to see her smirking at him, he yanks his hand from his mothers grasp cocking the gun before firing at Santana.


"Josh!" Sarah yells before snatching the gun out of her son's hand and turning to Santana. "I am so sorry, I don't know what makes him act this way." She says apologetically.

The brunette pulls the dart out of her thigh the whole dart coming off, leaving the pin still inside, it had hit her pocket and surprisingly she had felt nothing. After pulling out the dart she looks inside her pocket to find her wallet.

"Nah, Sarah don't worry about it, I'm not hurt." The Latina says pulling her wallet out of her pocket . "It hit my wallet." She inspects her wallet to find that the pin had almost traveled all the way through, if it hadn't been for her ID stopping it from completely skewering it. "You better ground that little shit though."

"Lucky." Sarah sighs with relief before looking down at Josh with a glare. "Oh you bet I am. Id better get going now before this one causes anymore trouble." She says with annoyance indicating towards her son. "Bye Noah, bye Santana."

"Bye." Puck says with a wave as his sister walks out the door dragging Josh behind her, the sound of her yelling growing fainter as they disappear. He turns to Santana, still sitting on her stool. "Sorry about that, little fucker is crazy."

"Puck, its okay, I didn't even get hurt man I'm lucky remember?" She says waving her wallet in front of his face.

"Now how about we try get even luckier?" He asks with a grin.

"About time." She sighs, downing the rest of her drink and hopping off the bar stool. "Put on a shirt so we can go."

When the car pulls up in front of the club the two step out of the car, eyeing the long line of people waiting to get in, the news of Santana Lopez's arrival spreads quickly along the huge line of people and soon enough people are taking out their phone's and taking photo's and video's of the Latina, some even calling out her name to try get her attention. She ignores her name being yelled out by some of the people in line walking up to the big hulking man with the clipboard at the door of the club, becoming to Puck to follow her.

"Santana Lopez, you don't need to check the list." She says her voice oozing confidence and pride.

"Yes, of course Miss Lopez." The man says turning to unclip the red rope across the door to let her in, his eyes looking at Puck questioningly.

"He's with me." Santana says when she see's the look the guard gives Puck.

Once they enter the club many heads turn to stare at them many eyes flickering down to eye the bulge in the brunettes pants.

"Hey, I'm going off to find a squeeze, see you round?" Puck says loudly in her ear over the loud music radiating through the club.

"Sure thing." She yells back. "Go do your thing sex shark."

"You too lizard!" He yells in reply before disappearing into the sea of people.

Santana makes her way towards the bar ordering a drink and downing it before looking around the club, ignoring the girls coming up to her and trying to strike up conversation, the brunette looks away with disinterest as a blonde tries to ask her to get on the dance floor with her. The Latina looks over to the dance area of the club and makes her way over anyway dragging the mildly attractive blonde with her, if she was going to dance she would need a warm body to grind up on. Santana begins to sway with the music, the blonde in front of her doing the same, her green eyes drilling into the Latina's crotch as she begins to grind her hips into the brunette. Santana starts to loose herself in the music, grinding her own hips into the blonde in front of her.

A few meters away a different blonde dances alone, her hips moving in time with the music her body flowing with effortless grace as the people around her watch her dance, trying to do the same with their own bodies but failing miserably, Brittany spins turning to face the other way when through the crowd of dancing bodies she spots a hot Latina dancing with a blonde, recognizing her from the magazines and celebrity gossip forums Brittany decides to get her attention, she dances her way a little closer, the people around her parting like the red sea as she lifts her game, a man approaches her and begins to grind against her but she turns away from him wanting to be seen dancing alone when Santana spots her.

Sure enough from over the green eyed blonde's shoulder Santana's eyes reach the breathtaking blonde who is now about two meters away from her, struck in awe at her movements the brunette immediately walks around her dance partner, who tries to hold her back only to get lightly pushed away. The Latina's eyes move up Brittany's hypnotizing body to look at her face, she gasps, she has never seen anyone so beautiful in her life the woman dancing just a metre away could not compare to any other woman she has ever seen, not the models at the photo shoots, not even the Victoria's Secret Angel's could compare to the blonde Goddess.

Brittany looks back in Santana's direction a smile spreading across her face when she see's that she has discarded her dancing partner and is now watching Brittany with wide eyes, her eyes meet with the brunette's and she has the sudden feeling of being swallowed whole, like she had fallen into those dark eyes, her heart flutters as her eyes stay locked with the Latina's her body stumbles for a second but she quickly regains her balance before she can fall, her cheeks grow red as she looks back at Santana who is still staring despite her mistake. Brittany regains her confidence and starts to dance again she beacons the Latina closer with her finger, Santana immediately walks forward until she is almost touching the blonde in front of her, Brittany immediately puts one of her arms around her neck her fingers stroking the back of her neck, she shivers at the brunette's impossibly warm skin, her other hand sliding around her lower back she pulls herself up against Santana, who puts her lips to Brittany's ear.

"Are you alright?" She asks, her arms around Brittany's hips, her body swaying in time with hers.

Brittany blushes when she realizes that Santana is asking about her stumble. "Yes." She answers into the brunette's ear, her voice barely audible over the pulsating music. "Now that you're here."

"You are an amazing dancer, I've never seen anything so captivating, you're gorgeous."

The blonde's blush deepens, usually she would ward off any people that would try hit on her, heck she had never even had a serious relationship before and thanks to various magazine articles she knew the hot brunette in front of her hadn't either. Not that Brittany slept around a lot, she had just never found the right person. "You don't have to say that." She replies, clearly embarrassed. She knew the Latina was hitting on her now, but it was like she couldn't control herself around the other woman, maybe it was the affect the alcohol is having on her, although she hasn't had much or maybe because she hasn't slept with anyone for a few months, being so busy at the studio and all.

"I'm only telling the truth, now dance with me I want to feel that beautiful body move against mine." Santana purrs.

Brittany immediately starts to dance at the request pulling her head back to look into the Latina's dark smoldering eyes feeling immediately lost as she stares into their depths, she begins to grind forcibly into Santana who immediately responds with the same action, she feels the large bulge in the brunette's jeans skin along her upper thigh and she could swear that she felt it twinge.

"Your name." Santana almost demands, her dark eyes locked onto bright blue ones. "Tell me your name."

Santana has never been so captivated by one person in her whole life, its like the only thing she can focus on is the blonde in front of her and the way she is moving her body against her own, her pale skin almost glowing in the flashing lights of the club.

"Brittany Pierce." She replies. Santana's heart thuds in her chest as she repeats the name.

"Brittany." A ripple passes through the blonde at the sound of her own name on the brunette's full lips.

"I'm Santana Lopez."

"I know who you are." Brittany admits, a blush crawling up her neck to touch at her cheeks. "Almost everyone knows who you are."

"Well how would you like to get to know me on a more personal level." Santana responds with a wink before forcibly grinding her body into the blonde's.

Brittany grinds back in response, letting the heavy beat of the loud music pulse through her body letting it flow through her as she dances up against her partner, bumping and grinding in perfect timing their fingers leaving lingering touches on each others smooth skin, the heat and arousal practically oozing from the pair as they dance against each other. Brittany spins around, her hips still in the circle of the brunette's arms, she begins to push her ass into her crotch feeling the Latina's large package rub against her ass through the material of her skirt and Santana's jeans as she grinds into the other woman's crotch. She feels Santana's hot breath at the back of her neck, her wandering hands moving from the blonde's hips to her upper thighs pushing her impossibly close.

Full lips touch at the back of Brittany's neck travailing upwards until they reach her ear. "Lets take this to my place." She purrs in a seductive tone that almost melted the blonde in her arms.

Brittany nods in response, the words in her head unable to form in her mouth.

Without another word Santana begins to walk away, her hand gently pulling at Brittany's wrist as an indication to follow her off the dance floor and out of the club, the blonde dancer follows without hesitation letting Santana lead the way through the crowds of people, she catches a man with a Mohawk grinning at her as she walks buy a blonde man with a fairly big mouth grinding up against him she ignores the look and breathes a sigh of relief as she steps out of the club, the cool night air hitting her skin. The brunette beacons her towards a shiny black car, opening the back door to usher Brittany in.

Once in the car herself Santana turns to the driver. "Home." She says simply. The man nods once before pulling away from the curb.

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