Snapshot: Promise Me

I'm sad it's almost over too guys.

Last snapshot before the epilogue.

7 months

Brittany's body collapses heavily against Santana's, her head resting on her chest. For a few moments she listens to the sound of Santana's heavy ragged breathing before she speaks.

"I really missed that." She breathes, nuzzling into Santana's neck, speaking just loud enough for her to hear.

"Missed what?"

"You coming inside of me of course!" Brittany exclaims, pulling back to look into Santana's eyes. She can swear she can feel her softening member twitch inside of her.

"Mmmm" She hums. "I missed it too. Not that I could ever get sick of coming in your mouth...Or on your boobs..."

"Or all over my ass."

Santana chuckles, pulling her blonde tighter against her. "I do love doing that. But filling you up would have to be my favorite."

Brittany touches their noses together, sighing happily when Santana's fingers comb through her messy hair. "It's mine too. We should send a thank-you letter to whoever invented the pill."

Santana laughs again, pressing her lips to Brittany's. "We should get up, Jake will wake up soon."

Brittany sighs happily into the kiss and nods at what Santana says. "Sometimes I'm still so amazed that we have a son now." She mumbles, curling a dark lock of hair through her fingers.

"Maybe instead of writing a thank-you note to whoever invented the pill we should write one to Puck's nephew."

"We totally should. But I still think we would still have ended up like this, probably a few years later though."

"You really think so?"

Brittany nods. "I saw the way you looked at me. I wasn't going to give up so easily on finding you pregnant or not."

"Well I definitely prefer pregnant. I can't imagine how things would be without Jake."

"We made the perfect baby."

"I was worried for a while when he was born, I was afraid that he didn't have anything of yours until he opened his eyes."

"Hey..." Brittany grumbles playfully. "He has my ears!"

Santana laughs into Brittany's lips when she gives her a peck. "I know baby, but I didn't really notice that until later. His personality is basically all you."

"It is isn't it."

Santana nods. "Uh huh, he's very cheerful like you, he can't sleep without his ducky or his unicorn blanket and it's hard to tell right now but I'm pretty sure both of you share the same sense of humor."

"Think he'll be a dancer?"

"No doubt. Everyone he meets will instantly like him, just like you." She says with a kiss to Brittany's forehead. "C'mon, lets get up now."

Brittany smiles and nods, rolling off of Santana and onto the other side of the bed, she watches as her brunette walks stark naked to the wardrobe, disappearing inside for a few moments before reappearing dressed in dark silky blue boxers and a white singlet, she throws a yellow pair of her boxers and one of her T-shirts onto the bed where Brittany is.

"Your clothes again?" Brittany questions, raising an eyebrow as she slips on Santana's boxers.

"You know I love it when you wear my stuff." Santana tells the floor.

Brittany drops her head back onto the pillow, not putting the shirt on. "C'mere." She says, arms extended towards Santana.

"Britt we've been in bed for long enough, Jake will wake up soon."

"I want more cuddles, this won't take too long."

Not being able to deny Brittany anything Santana crawls onto the bed and falls into her arms, she nuzzles her face into Brittany's neck. "You always smell so good."

"I know." Brittany giggles before rolling them over to straddle Santana, her center right in her lap.

"Britt..." Santana warns.

"Kiss me?"

Again, Santana can't deny her. Their lips meet again in a soft kiss that goes on and on, all lips until Brittany slips her tongue into Santana's mouth. When their tongues stroke each other Brittany begins to slide her hips back and forth on Santana's lap, essentially rubbing her covered core along the underside of Santana's cock which slowly begins to stiffen.

"Britt." Santana gasps into her lovers mouth. Her hips buck upwards as Brittany continues to grind, the heat from her pussy pressing against her cock despite the two thin layers keeping them apart, her hands venture down Brittany's toned back to slip into the back of her boxers, grabbing her ass.

Brittany grinds harder against the now stiff member, she can feel the heat pooling between her legs and soaking through the silk of the boxer shorts and knows that soon Santana will be able to feel it too. She pushes her own hands up under Santana's singlet to grope at her breasts.

"Oh Britt." Santana moans into her mouth.

Brittany pulls back an inch, breaking the kiss. Santana leans forward missing the contact, her eyes flickering open locking with dark blue lust filled eyes staring at her through long lashes. "This won't take too long." Brittany husks before reconnecting their lips, knowing that very soon both pairs of boxers would be torn off and on the floor.

Santana holds her head in her hands, her elbows rooted to the top of her desk. Her fingers press into her skin, her nails dragging along her scalp as she runs her fingers through her hair again and again.

"What am I going to do." She mutters to herself, her eyes shutting tight. "What the fuck am I going to do."

She sits up and looks to the screen on her computer, a smile immediately spreading across her features at the desktop picture of Brittany holding Jake, both pairs of blue eyes looking at the camera. Her heart swells when she looks at Jake. He had started crawling now, and no matter how many times she's seen him do it she can't help but feel so proud of her son. When she looks at Brittany her heart flutters and jumps into her throat, the stress and worry flooding back into her body.

She was only stopping by work for an hour or so to sort out a few crucial things. Having finished everything she switches off her computer and stands from her desk, giving Blaine a short goodbye before leaving the building and getting into the back of the car. William pulls away from the curb and heads in the direction of the apartment, familiar with the routine.

"William, I won't be going home just yet." Santana says rather nervously from the back seat.

His eyes look into the review mirror at her curiously. "Where too?" He asks politely.

Santana tells him, her arms crossed over her stomach as the car turns to head in the opposite direction.

This is what I have to do.

She's late.

She's late and she's hardly ever late. When she is it's only by 10 or 15 minutes. But she's two hours late and she's not answering her phone. Brittany looks at her own phone for what feels like the 80th time. Nothing. She's in the kitchen cooking spaghetti for dinner, her eyes flickering to where Jake sits on the silky dark carpet in front of the T.V playing with a small pile of blocks spread out in front of him, his stuffed duck beside him as he plays.

The front door handle rattles, the sound broadcasting through the main room. Brittany looks towards the door as Santana glides in, shutting it behind her before walking into the kitchen. She opens her arms for a hug which Brittany gladly returns.

"You're late." She mumbles in her ear as they hug.

Santana stiffens around her and pulls back, giving her a long kiss on the lips before speaking. "I'm sorry, I was held up at work, Blaine had a lot to run by me." She lies, hoping she sounded convincing.

"Just make sure you answer your phone next time okay? I was getting kind of worried."

"I will." Santana promises, letting go of Brittany and looking towards the carpet area to look at her son, only he wasn't there. Not panicking too much Santana walks out of the kitchen to find the little boy crawling as fast as he can towards her, she walks forward another step before kneeling in his path, letting Jake close the distance between them. He grins his megawatt smile when he reaches her, his small chubby hands in the air, signaling her to pick him up.


Santana's jaw drops as she stares wide eyed at Jake. In the background she can hear something metal drop to the kitchen floor.

"Mama! Mama!" Jake insists, his arms still in the air. His grin falters slightly when Santana still doesn't move to pick him up. She doesn't realize Brittany is now standing beside her.

When she's finally able to move she scoops up her son who gurgles happily when he is finally taken into his mothers arms. She stands up, kissing Jake's forehead before turning to Brittany. "His first word..." She whispers, still in awe.

Brittany nods, happy tears running down her cheeks as she wraps her arms around her Santana and their son. Jake looks between Brittany and Santana with his big bright eyes and a smile on his face, one hand gripping on the collar of Santana's blouse and the other against Brittany's collarbone.

Brittany presses a kiss to Jake's head. "Can you say that again Jakey?"

Jake gurgles, his eyes shifting to Santana as she shifts all his weight on one arm, the other winding around Brittany's waist to hold her closer. Brittany retracts one arm from around her family to cup Santana's cheek gently with her hand.

"Who's this Jake?"

Jake turns his head towards Brittany then back to his Mama as she speaks, his hand let's Santana's blouse go and presses his open hand against her other cheek. "Mamamama."

Santana grins "Close little man, a few too many ma's."

"Your Mama's really pretty when she smiles isn't she Jakey?" She feel's Santana's cheek heat under her palm.

Jake presses his hand harder into her cheek before letting go and leaning his head against her chest. "Mama."

"We're so proud of you little man." Santana murmurs, pulling Brittany closer against them, Jake's hand still against her pale skin.

Brittany removes her hand from her lover's cheek, winding her arm back around her before leaning in to lock their lips together softly over their son. When they pull away from each other after a long moment their eyes lock, wide smiles spreading across both their faces.

Five days later

He hasn't been crawling for long but he's already beginning to walk. Well trying to anyway. It's late afternoon and Brittany is absent mindedly cleaning the kitchen, wondering what errands Santana had to run the minute she got home from the studio, leaving her with Jake who is in his usual play area on the silky carpet. Brittany stares off into the distance as her son begins to crawl towards the coffee table that has been placed against the wall instead of the carpet to give him more room to play, he lifts one arm up above his head, grasping the edge of the glass table. Slowly, his other hand lifts away from the floor to do the same as the first, his small legs push against the floor to boost himself into a half standing position, his eyes almost level with the table top.

Back in the kitchen Brittany rubs over the same spot of the kitchen counter again and again, staring off into the distance as she continues to wonder what on earth Santana could be doing and why she looked so hurried. She's snapped out of her daze when she hears a muted thud and a cry, she sprints out of the kitchen and to the carpet area to find a wailing Jake lying on his back beside the coffee table, both his hands pressed to his forehead, his eyes covered.

She immediately scoops her son into her arms, looking over him for any signs of bleeding, she presses his head into her neck when she finds none. "Jake baby, what happened? Did you hit your head?"

Jake's cries soften slightly as he buries his head further into her. "Mommmmmy" He sobs into her neck.

Brittany's heart quickens in her chest at what she hears and she can't help the grin that spreads across her face. She turns to sit down on one of the couches, pulling Jake away from her body to look him over again, his big watery eyes watching her, his cries die off into sniffles when she cradles him in her arms.

"It's all going to be okay soon Jake." She coo's, rocking him gently. "Where does it hurt?" Shifting his weight onto one arm she gently presses her hand to his head.

He winces when she touches a certain spot. "Mommmy" He blubbers, turning his head into her.

"Mommy's here baby, and I'm so so proud of you right now." She tells him, leaning down to gently kiss his head. He sniffles again, his fingers gripping at her shirt as he snuggles into her.

When Santana returns she finds Brittany comfortably laying in bed, nestled in the blankets with her body curving in towards Jake who is lying next to her, his eyes barely open.

Her perfect plans fly out the window when Brittany tells her what happened earlier.

But that doesn't stop her from trying.

"What do you think of going out to celebrate?"

"Saaaaan." Brittany whines playfully. "We're too comfy and sleepy to go out, can't we just cuddle instead?"

Caving with a sigh Santana falls onto the bed face first in defeat on Jake's other side. His eyes snap open for a second, his head turning to face Santana. "Mamaaa." He laughs when she says something muted by the pillow her face is planted in.

Brittany laughs too. "C'mon San, not everything has to be celebrated with fancy dinners and elaborate plans..."

Santana lifts her face out of the pillow and looks at Brittany, the stress and buzzing in her brain ceasing immediately. "You're right..."

Brittany nods "Our best nights together have been here in this house, just us and Jake and it might sound boring but saying in with the two of you is my idea of a perfect night."

"That's not boring Britt." Santana mumbles, rolling on her side to face Brittany. She reaches out to push her fingers through the blonde locks against her lover's cheek. "It is perfect..." Brittany smiles back at her and Santana's mind immediately forms a new plan.

She begins to rise off the bed when Brittany casually asks her where she is going.

"I need to call Puck, I forgot to mention something about work." Brittany nods in understanding, bringing her attention back to Jake who Santana kisses on the forehead before completely leaving the mattress.

Out in the main room she calls Puck, getting as far away from the bedroom as she can. He picks up on the first ring, his voice loud and exited.

"Everything is ready!"

She sighs. "Puck I need to cancel everything."

"What?!" He yells in response. "You changed your mind?!"

"No I didn't, there's no way I'm not doing this I just don't think that's the right way."

"But...We spent weeks planing this Lopez...It's finally perfect and you're backing out?"

"That's the thing, it's not perfect, but I think I found a way..."

"Tell me what's going down!" Noah insists.

"Puck, I can't explain right now. I need to do this. Now. If I don't I won't be able to do it." Santana mumbles worriedly into the phone, fear rising inside of her. Before letting Puck can answer she hangs up, shoving her phone into her pocket while walking briskly back into the bedroom where she finds Brittany looking over a sleeping Jake with a small smile on her face.

Blue eyes find Santana when she leans against the doorway. "He looks so tiny on this bed." She says barely loud enough for Santana to hear.

Santana tries to smirk but it feels more like a nervous twitch of her lip. Brittany doesn't miss it.

"San?" She asks simply, tilting her head slightly.

"Britt would you come up onto the roof with me?" Santana stammers, her eyes flickering to her feet as soon as the words leave her mouth.

Brittany doesn't question Santana and just nods before looking back at Jake. "I'll just put him in his crib first."

Once Jake is safe in his own bed the two make their way up onto the roof of the building in silence. Brittany is amazed that she has never been on the roof before, though the view from the window wall is breathtaking it simply cannot compare to the rooftop view. Feeling the cool air against her face and in her hair she walks until she is near the edge, staring in awe at all the lights of the city against the dark sky. She feels Santana come to a stop next to her.

"I can't believe I've never been up here."

"It's breathtaking." Santana smiles, looking over at Brittany. "I haven't come up here in a long while."

"Why not?"

"You're quite the distraction." She responds with a nervous laugh.

Brittany turns to face Santana, her palms cupping her face, her thumbs brushing against her skin. "What is it Santana?"

"I need to talk to you." She sighs, surrendering.

"So talk to me." Brittany whispers in a gentle voice.

"I don't know how to tell you that sometimes I still feel like I did before I left, there is still something I can't pinpoint but I want to do something about that. I-"

"You left because you didn't feel good enough, and I can see it in your eyes that you still feel that way sometimes San." Brittany says, cutting her off "But you have changed for the better and I want to make you see that you are good enough. Every single day of the rest of our lives."

"You-You want to be with me for the rest of our lives?"

"Yes. You did say you wanted to spend the rest of your life making it up to me."

It's now or never. Santana means to kneel down on one knee, but her shaking legs sends her down on two instead, the small velvet box that's been in her pocket for weeks suddenly weighing a ton.

"Santana, are you okay?"


Alarm raises in Brittany's voice. "Why?! What's wrong?"

"You're not mine."

"San, don't scare me. I just told you I want to be with you for the rest of my life."

"I don't want you to be my girlfriend."

Brittany's brow furrows as her features contort in pain."Wha-"

Santana pulls the box from her pocket looking up at Brittany as she opens it, facing it towards her. "If you're going to be with me for the rest of my life, then I want you to be there...As my wife."

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