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:D Meant to be a one-shot, but I will continue now :D

Kyoya and Kaoru had been spending way to long together. Well. In Tamaki and Hikaru's eyes anyway.

It was the Ootori Christmas party, and the host club had assembled in Kyoya's bedroom without his knowledge. To pass the time, the six of them played card games- Hikaru beating everyone at Poker and Blackjack, whilst Hunny owned them all at Snap. Haruhi even joined in; relieved that she didn't have to 'mingle' with the high-end crowd that had assembled in the hall two floors below them.

After about an hour, Kyoya had entered his room to find them all staring up at him. He immediately left, wanting some peace and quiet, and Kaoru had jumped up after him. Exchanging a quick look, Tamaki and Hikaru shot up, running after them.

"Umm… do either of you know what that was about?" Haruhi asked her two sempais.

"Hika-chan and Tama-chan know about Kyo-chan and Kao-" Hunny didn't get to continue as Mori interrupted him.

"Let's go get some cake." He said, grabbing the excited little blond. Then he turned to Haruhi. "I think I saw some Ootoro too." That made her completely forget about the worries she had before, and she briskly walked to the door.

"Hikaru! Move over a bit!" Tamaki moaned, a little too loudly.

"Shh! They'll hear us!" Hikaru hissed in return.

Having guessed that Kaoru and Kyoya would come into this room, the blond prince and the red-haired twin had quickly gone in, and rushed to find a hiding spot they could use to spy on them. Somehow, Tamaki and Hikaru had found the smallest cupboard in the whole house to use, and there was barely enough room for them to sit, side-by-side, and listen to the conversation happening before them.

"Kyoya-sempai, are you okay?" Kaoru asked, his tone unusually worried.

"Hmm, yes. I only have a slight headache" The shadow-king replied, his voice warm and kind; extremely different to how it usually was.

Then the pair in the cupboard heard a sound which they couldn't quite decipher. Hikaru peeked through the keyhole and made a choking sound. Tamaki clamped his hand over the smaller boy's mouth, and pulled him back. Then he looked through the keyhole. His jaw dropped. They were kissing. Kyoya and Kaoru were kissing. Passionately. Then it was Hikaru's turn to hold Tamaki back, and muffle the strangled cries that he was emitting.

They sat there in silence for a minute, both clamping their hands on each other's mouths, breathing deeply to calm themselves down.

"Better now?" Kaoru asked, his cheeky tone reappearing.

"Yes. Much better, thanks" Kyoya laughed, also returning to his evil self.

"Good. Well then; shall we go?"

Soon after, the pair in the cupboard heard the door close. They simultaneously dropped their hands, but still kept their silence, not trusting their voices.

"T-they… were…" Tamaki managed to stutter after a while.

"K-kissing?" Hikaru finished.


"Passionately?" Tamaki said, with a frown on his face.

"…yeah." Hikaru said, more baffled than he was angry, as he thought he would've been.


"What do we do now?" Tamaki asked. "I don't know if I can… face them for a while."


Then Hikaru laughed- borderline manically.

"What? What?" Tamaki asked, frightened for Hikaru's mentality.

"I just had the weirdest thought!" He managed through fits of laughter

"Do I dare ask?"

"Kyoya-sempai… 's not a bad kisser!" He doubled over, his laughter uncontrollable.

"I think we need to get you some fresh air…" Tamaki said, looking at the smaller boy with worry.

He pushed on the door.


He pushed again, this time with more strength.


He leant his whole body against the door and pushed with all of his weight.

"Umm… Hikaru… I think we might have a problem." Tamaki said.

Almost immediately, Hikaru stopped laughing.

He turned to see what Tamaki was doing. His face fell.

"You're kidding me."

He pushed against the door as well.

"You're fucking kidding me."

Tamaki shook his head.

"We're locked in."

Hikaru's eyes widened and then turned back to the door.

"I'm locked… in a cupboard… with the idiot king."

In a moment of calm, he rapped on the door. It looked like wood. But of course; this was the house of a family who had an army of secret police. Even the cupboards were made out of metal. There was no bringing that door down anytime soon.

Suddenly, he started pounding against the doors, shouting any name he could think; Kaoru, Kyoya, Mori, Hunny, Haruhi, Fuyumi…

After five minutes he gave up with names, and just lobbed profanities at the door.

"You stupid, fucking piece of shit of a fucking door! You stupid bastard! Why the fuck do you have to fucking auto lock, you stupid, fucking, empty cupboard!"

Tamaki just sighed, and rested his head against the back of the cupboard.

Great. He thought. I'm stuck in an enclosed space with the annoying Twin.

After ten minutes of that, he just gave up.

"I guess people will notice we're missing soon enough" Tamaki said into the now silence.

"And Kyoya will eventually put two and two together and guess that we were spying on them…" Hikaru muttered.

"We're so dead." They said in harmony.

They laughed. What else could they do? They were trapped in a metre by metre metal cupboard, with only the light shining through the keyhole and the gaps underneath/ above the doors to illuminate them, and were most likely going to die a horrible death when they eventually escaped.

After their laughter died down, they both thought about the elephant in the room.

Kaoru and Kyoya.

Neither of them wanted to talk about it, and they both knew that.

"Let's play a game of eye spy" Tamaki eventually said, his childish aura suddenly appearing.

"Eye spy? What's that?" Hikaru asked.

"It's a commoner game! You don't even need any cans to play it!" Tamaki said, full of wonder.

"Right… how do you play?" Hikaru asked dubiously.

"Well, the first person says: 'I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with…' then you say the letter it begins with!"

Hikaru face palmed. "Mi'lord, we're trapped in a metal box. There isn't anything to spy."

Tamaki looked crestfallen. "But… I've always wanted to try playing…." He said, his puppy dog eyes filling with tears.

Hikaru sighed. "Fine, whatever. You start."

"YAY!" Tamaki recovered instantly. "I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with… H!"

"Hikaru." The younger boy said.

The blond prince frowned. "How did you get it so fast?" He complained.

"Oh, I don't know. Call it a lucky guess." He said, full of sarcasm.

"Really? You must be really lucky!" Tamaki said, oblivious to the sarcasm. "Your turn!" He said enthusiastically.

"I spy, with my big eye, something beginning with… "

Tamaki frowned. "You said 'big'! You're supposed to say 'little'!" He moaned.

Hikaru smiled evilly. "Oh I don't know M'lord, you know what they say about the size of your eyes."

Tamaki tilted his head to the side. "No… I don't." He frowned, confused.

"Well it's like the size of your feet." He grinned.

Tamaki still remained blissfully ignorant.

Hikaru leaned over and whispered to him, his lips brushing the blonde's ear.

Tamaki turned beet red.

"HIKARU! You dirty twin!"

Hikaru burst into another fit of laughter.

Tamaki pouted, turning his head away.

"Fine, I'll play properly." He groaned. It was one thing to be stuck with the blonde king in a cupboard; it was another to be stuck with a depressed blonde king in a cupboard. "I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with… P."

"Uh… P… p… po.. pr… pa… p… p…" Tamaki's eyes wandered around for inspiration. "P… prince?"

"No. Do you give up yet?"

"No! Hmmm… umm… p… p… p…"

After 5 minutes of 'hmm'-ing and 'umm'-ing, he finally gave up.

"It was pretty-boy." Hikaru said.

"Pretty-boy?" Tamaki spluttered. He pointed at himself. "Pretty-boy?"

"Yup. You. Pretty-boy." He was bored with this game now. He needed another source of entertainment.

Something seemed to switch on inside the older boy's head.

"I'm not a pretty-boy!" He smiled his host-like smile, glitter and sparkles appearing from nowhere. "I'm a handsome prince!"


"Pffft. Of course you are." Hikaru turned on his 'host-club' mode too. "But… that evil shadow king has stolen away my dear brother…" He made tear trickle down his cheek, and made a pouty face. "Now who's going to keep me from the horrors that night bring?"

Tamaki hooked his finger under Hikaru's chin, and brought his face close. "Aw, my poor, sweet maiden! Of course, I shall hold you in my arms until you fall to sleep!"

They held the pose for three seconds before cracking up. Tamaki wiped a tear from his eye.

"You know, devilish twin, you're not as horrible as I thought you were."


"Oh yeah? High praise indeed." Hikaru said, thick with sarcasm. "But… you're not actually so bad yourself." He said, a smile playing on his lips.

"What? I'm perfection on a stick!" Tamaki protested. "Of course I'm not bad!"

"Perfection… on a stick?" Hikaru echoed. He laughed again. "Your idioms are amazing too"

Tamaki frowned. "You're the one who taught me that phrase, Hikaru."

Hikaru laughed again. "Ohhhhh yeah. Woops." He smiled, this time with no evil intent. He held one apologetic hand up. "Sorry about that."

"Sorry about what?"

"Uhh… never mind." He sighed. At least he had tried to be truthful. He scratched his cheek.

They now sat in an awkward silence.

The elephant slowly grew bigger and bigger.

"Umm…" Hikaru let out a breath. This wasn't going anywhere.

Suddenly, Tamaki blurted out a question.

"Was that really good kissing?"


It made Hikaru do a double take. He coughed into his fist, not sure what to say. Play it cool, Hikaru. Play it cool.

"Hmm… I've seen better." He said, with a knowing smile.

"Hmmm…" Tamaki frowned. "Have you ever kissed anyone before?"

Hikaru opened his mouth to reply with a badass attitude, but a 'no' fell out before he could stop it.

"Hmmm… neither have I." He turned toward the door in front of them and wrapped his arms around his knees.

Hikaru let out a snort of laughter. "Of course you haven't! I bet you're saving yourself for your wedding day or something."

Tamaki pouted. "No, I'm just…" When Hikaru had talked about his wedding day, Tamaki hadn't thought about the usual scene that whirled around in his thoughts. He hadn't seen Haruhi as his bride, but he had seen… a boy with red hair standing beside him.

"Yeah, I know. Haruhi." Hikaru sighed. Then a strange thing happened. Instead of thinking about kissing Haruhi, he thought of kissing the idiot host king. He shook his head. It's the lack of air in this box. He told himself.


Suddenly, he felt jealous of Haruhi. Jealous? Of Haruhi? He tried to clear his head, but it wouldn't go away.

"Haruhi's had her first kiss." He almost spat.

Spat? What's wrong with me?

He looked up at Tamaki's face. Instead of finding it filled with annoyance, his face was a picture of confusion.

"What?" Hikaru asked. He was also confused; but surely it couldn't be for the same reason…

"Oh!" Hikaru suddenly said. "I've always wanted to know. How many times do you actually kiss people on the cheek in France?" It was a genuine question, but it sounded quite awkward in the silence. "You know… since we're on the topic of kisses…"

Tamaki laughed. "It varies across the country."

"Oh." Hikaru said. "Not much of an answer, is it?"

Tamaki went to kiss Hikaru on the cheek. Suddenly there was a bang from outside the cupboard, which made the younger boy turn his head towards his sempai. Their lips met.

They pulled apart quickly.

They stared at each other for a long moment, trying to guess what the other was thinking. Tamaki licked his lips.

"You know… there's this joke that some boys say… 'Chez nous, c'est quatre'." Tamaki whispered. "'Where I come from its four!' They say. It's an excuse to steal more kisses you see." He leaned in and pecked Hikaru on the lips three more time. "Then the girl may answer 'mais chez nous c'est huit!' 'where I come from its eight!'"

He stared into the redhead's eyes. Hopeful? Is that how I feel? Tamaki asked himself.

Hikaru paused, dazed. Then he smiled. "Where I come from, I say the more the merrier." He pulled the blonde in for a deeper kiss.

Kyoya opened the cupboard door, still fuming.


Instead of finding two annoyed/ relieved teens as he had expected, he found the two profusely red and looking pretty flustered.

"What… what's been going on in here?" He asked, lifting an eyebrow. "Or do I dare ask?"

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