A Friend of a Friend's Advice

Summary: When trouble's a-brewin', who do you turn to for advice? A friend of a friend, of course!

Challenge: another conversation with some real life friends inspired this ficlet.

Timeline: several years post-'Chosen' but no comics.

Warning: bashy of an OC.

Thanks to my betas: none this time.

Disclaimer: BtVS and AtS characters belong to Joss Whedon / Mutant Enemy. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.

Central Canada

Local Slayer library

A worried research team was feverishly looking for an answer to their current crisis. They had been working day and night for over a week with no luck. Tempers were running short and pretty soon there would be physical fights breaking out.

Maya, a Slayer's little sister, came in to see said sister and to bring her some dinner. After witnessing some snarky comments, she broke in, saying, "You know, I heard from a friend, who heard from a friend, that when you can't figure out a problem, you should dance away your frustration before looking anymore."

The Watcher-in-Charge – a prat named Clive – sneered at the small child. He would have been more comfortable with the old Watcher-centric Council than the new Slayer-centric one. In his mind, this annoying urchin was proof positive that Slayers should be removed from their families. Imagine…dancing instead of researching!

"Apparently your friend and his friend don't understand the first thing about the kind of pressures we face," Clive said contemptuously, dismissing the girl with a derisive look.

To his shock, she started giggling hysterically. "They don't understand?" she shrieked through her laughter. "I would sooooooo love to see you say that to their faces!"

Knowing her sister's tendency to befriend the strangest people, Becky – the Slayer sister mentioned earlier – could have slapped the W-i-C for being such a jerk, not only because it was Maya, but also because the friend could potentially be somebody important…like the head of the North America Council, Robin Woods. "Who's your friend and that person's friend?" she cautiously inquired.

Maya smirked at the prat-in-charge as she replied, "Rupert Giles is my friend; I met him at the conference last month when he was trying to escape some annoying people who had 'improvements' they wanted to suggest to him. The friend he mentioned is Buffy Summers. She actually suggested either dancing or sparring until you could think clearly."

With that little bombshell, Maya turned on her heel and skipped out of the room. Sure it was a childish way to act at the age of 12, but she kind of wanted to rub it in even more. 'I'm Mr. Important' Clive was one of the people Giles was trying to escape that day.

"Who are we to argue with the Head Watcher and Slayer?" Becky demanded rhetorically as she stood up. "I'm going to the dining room and push the tables aside so I can let loose a little." The rest of the group – except for Clive – got up right after her. A little physical activity sounded good to all of them right about then.

FYI: When they returned, they found the answer in a book they dismissed right away for being 'too obvious' of an answer.

A/N: Some friends and I were discussing the whole 'a friend of a friend told me this' and how it usually ended up being idiotic advice; then somebody said, 'well, what if that friend was an expert?' And tada! You get this blurb that is basically only a blurb.