Okay so I've finished the Ramen Rivalry and Perfection…So I'm a little sad ya know, don't got no new fic in which Sasuke and Naruto are all in each other's business. BUT that was all changed when xXOtherAliceXx suggested a wonderful idea to me…It was too great to pass up. And now I shall embark on this idea! I hope you enjoy it, it is dedicated to my lovely xXOtherAliceXx. Naruto's PV

You know that extremely awkward moment when your father comes home and tells you he's adopting another child who is your age? You don't? There's probably a reason for that, either that or your father isn't a politician. This would probably all make sense if I started at the beginning.

My name is Uzumaki Naruto, son of the current mayor of Kohona, Namikaze Minato. Currently I'm serving out my final year at my high school, at a very normal age of eighteen. I'm what a person would consider a D average student. I just really don't care about it and why should I? If I actually tried I could make something of myself but I really don't see why. All people would do was compare me to my father; I hate comparisons. They never allow you to see the true person underneath. So I decided my junior year that I could really care less, which is when my so called downward spiral began. All considering, my spiral wasn't exactly on a direct collision with anything; I'm not a bad kid. But, of course, when you're a public figure like my father is, everything connected to it, ME, is criticized and picked at; everything I do, say, or even think is up for jabs. I could be worse, give the press a real field day, by doing drugs in a back alley with some guy named Slappy, who is a prostitute on the side when he isn't dealing blow.

Not like I really could though. My father would have such a fit; he'd probably send me to rehab and then to some boarding school in another country. Not that he'd really want to do it, but he has to keep up appearances. Even so I have to keep myself contained to dull roar so my bad decisions won't affect my father's life. Of course me being a bad student has already started to affect his campaigns and following. Apparently if you're son's a D student it's a sign that you aren't capable of being mayor of a town. People are so funny when they're like that. They can just never see beyond mistakes and see the person underneath; they need a reason, to hate, to discriminate, to just be a general dick to everyone!

But because of my mistakes, a challenger for my father's position came forward. The head of the richest family in Kohona, Uchiha Fugaku. He started to challenge my father's ethics and family manner because his children, Sasuke and Itachi, were the greatest beings in existence. There's a good bit of sarcasm being dashed over that. But besides that both of them were proclaimed geniuses, nothing like me. My father was not pleased at all by this sudden and definitely more powerful opposition. I, of course, wasn't bothered at all. I thought that maybe if my father lost this election to the Uchiha then he would actually want to be home with me and spend actual time together. It's an insane thought really.

I'm not saying this because I have some beef with my old man. Quite the contrary, I love him, a lot. He's just, well, gone all the time. He works late hours, is always gone by the time I get up, you know that deal. But he tries to spend time with me when he can; we go on vacation every year and he tries, bless his heart, to listen to my problems like all good parents do. But he's easily frustrated so sometimes it's hard for him to listen to what I have to say. But whatever, most parents do that shit. They can't just listen, they have to put in some kind of wisdom that doesn't apply, always have to say SOMETHING. Uh, I swear no one knows how to listen these days.

But back to the awkward situation which was aforementioned. Well, the reason why it was just a bad idea all around was because my father wanted to adopt none other than Uchiha Sasuke. I know what you're wondering. Why the hell is Sasuke up for adoption? Was he disowned? Did he runaway? Did Fugaku just want him gone? None of the above actually, as much as I wished them to be true. It's because…His family is dead. About a month ago his mother, father, and brother were all traveling to go to some press conference; Sasuke himself was at some prep school so he wasn't with his family. It had been raining, heavily. His father lost control of the car and well, the rest is history. Sasuke's mother and father both died in the crash. Itachi, however, managed to survive but his body was in bad shape, and I'm not exaggerating. According to this article I read, he broke both his legs, one of his arms, snapped his collar bone, and suffered a concussion, and that's not even including all the other minor injuries. He was apparently lucky…I wouldn't call that lucky but eh, he did survive.

But what was the most fucked up part about it? Sasuke didn't know his parents were dead until a week afterwards! What kind of bullshit is that? But, as terrible as this sounds, it gives a sense of perspective into their family lives. Sasuke wasn't obviously close to anyone since he didn't even try to contact them while he was at school. I can excuse Itachi, I mean the guy got fucked up, it's not like he could call Sasuke. But Fugaku obviously didn't care much about Sasuke since he sent him somewhere where he could not get news easily.

Now I know what I thought when my father talked about the adoption, Sasuke can just go live with Itachi. Well, apparently not. Since Itachi's injuries were so severe he's going to be in the hospital for months because of their extremity. I guess it was lucky their family was so rich since Itachi's bills were bound to be astronomical. But, that led me to conclusion number two, Sasuke could easily live on his own in his old house. Yet another no. Since Itachi was the oldest of the family he inherited everything and actually banned Sasuke from returning there. Something about how he didn't want Sasuke to be alone in such a big house, it was understandable. It's not like Sasuke could keep the entire thing in ship shape by himself and I wouldn't doubt they'd have to fire all of their help to actually have money for Itachi's bills. And I can kinda get the feeling Itachi doesn't want Sasuke to live there because of the memories. It would be one depressing scene.

"Naruto, I've already spoken with Sasuke. He has nowhere else to go and he's very grateful to me for even offering him a place to go until Itachi gets better." I slammed my head against the table. It's not that I wasn't sympathetic to Sasuke's case; I wouldn't mind him living with us at all, if he wasn't such a bastard.

Okay, I know how mean that sounded but there's reasons for it! Back when Sasuke's father first started running against my old man, Sasuke made an offhanded comment to me behind the scenes. It was something like, "Looks like everyone will finally see that failure runs in the family." He said it without a hint of emotion, completely deadpanned it. Unfortunately, I have an extremely short temper, especially when someone says shit about my dearest old pop! I've almost fought reporters a few times. So when Sasuke said that to me, it was ON! I was determined to break some skulls!

I punched him in the face, right in front of his brother and mother; he stumbled backwards and like all good, arrogant bastards do, retaliated. He jumped on me and we exchanged fists like we were in a fight for our lives. I still say, before Itachi dragged Sasuke off of me, that I won that fight. I busted Sasuke's nose, he only managed to get a really hard blow on my lip; my mouth was full of blood and all that good stuff but I did not look as rough as he did. Though, I gotta say, for a bastard he has a really good left hook.

But…That wasn't the only thing. Sasuke and I had more history than I care to mention out loud. It was actually about two months before the accident occurred. It was Halloween and we had been invited to a party in town hall. Let's just say my old man is a little less strict than he should be because I was FUCKED up. So very drunk I was. Sure it's still illegal for me but I didn't care, all of the cops there were too drunk to notice I was running straight towards hammered. To my surprise, Sasuke had managed to also get some booze in his system; I blame Itachi for that. He seemed to be the least up tight of the four of them. So Sasuke and I eventually found each other at the party. Surprisingly enough instead of fighting we ended up in the janitor's closet making-out; we didn't go any farther than that even though Sasuke was pleading for more. But we had to part ways when we heard both of our father's looking for us, scared me shitless at the time because of how close they were to the door. Sasuke, somehow, regained control of himself and just slapped his hand over my mouth so they wouldn't detect any noise. Needless to say as soon as they were gone, we left, and didn't even look at each other as we did so. My old man does not know about that; in fact I don't even think Sasuke's parents knew. I'm pretty sure Fugaku would have flipped a biscuit…Though Sasuke was sent to his fancy prep school after that happened…I doubted I had anything to do with that but it would seem like Fugaku would cover something like that up if he knew about it. We couldn't not besmirch the name of Uchiha Sasuke, the genius, and also, the 'good' son. Well one of them anyway.

The weird thing was before that day I had never thought about the same sex in that way; I mean I'd had plenty of girlfriends, all ended up being bitches. But Sasuke, who I was sure I hated with every fiber of my being, was the first guy I had ever been extremely intimate with. However, because of that experience with him, I found out afterwards that my shame would not allow me to look him directly in the eye.

"This is the end of the discussion, Naruto. Until Itachi is well enough to take care of the two of them then Sasuke is going to live with us. Besides, think about the good we'll be doing in helping Sasuke. It's just the kind of karma we need." Why did I smell a sinister motive behind this? Oh wait, I know why. Because my father was deciding to expand his power by becoming…Dun, dun, dun, a member of the House of Councilors.(1) You need as much positive press you can afford when running for a position like that. And I knew my father was determined for this to happen and adopting Sasuke would make him seem like a wonderful, caring person. Either that or my father was totally not picking up what this kind of press could do for his political career. But I highly doubted that.

"And besides all that Sasuke is a good boy; he's diligent in his studies, and has some of the best manners I've ever seen." Which is dad for, 'I hope you learn something from him.' Psh, yeah right. "So, Naruto, just try your best to be pleasant when he finally arrives. I mean I know you guys aren't exactly friends but I really need you to try your best. For his sake…" Oh I was weak against my father asking me to do things, especially when he had such a sad tone in his voice.

"Fine." I said. "But if that bastard starts anything with me, I'm ending it."

He patted me on the shoulder. "We'll hope it doesn't come to that. I'm sure Sasuke is a little more humble than before." Oh my old man, he tries to see the good in everyone. I shook my head a little bit but I smiled a little. He smiled back at me. "Oh and don't get mad…" I looked up at him and he was smiling sheepishly back at me. This wasn't going to be good, not at all.

"Oh no, what is it now?"

My father looked around for a second, trying not to make it seem like what he was going to say was a big deal but I knew it was. He had told me not to get mad which was a big hint I was going to do just the opposite of what he wanted. "Sasuke is going to be going to school with you…" I paused for a moment and he started to head out of the room. Oh this man, he knew me all too well. I was going to explode. I could deal only seeing him when I was here because I could just leave and stay with friends but now I was going to see him all day, pretty much everyday! He looked back into the room when a few minutes had passed and I had somewhat composed myself. "I know, I know," Before I could even say anything he was on top of it. "I know you don't want to see him at school and here but, Naruto, I really cannot afford the school he was going to previously. He even said it was fine and he didn't mind going to the school you go to. So, please, just grin and bear it." There was a knock at the door and my mouth fell open as soon as my father got his nervous smile.

"No fucking way. He's already here? When were you going to tell me he was coming today?"

"Naruto, language. And I'm sorry for the short notice, I wanted to put him up as soon as I could. He was just burning through money staying at hotels." My father said as he moved to the living room; I followed behind him, not because I wanted to greet Sasuke or anything, I just wanted to show that I was okay with having a housemate, adopted brother, thing. I leaned against the wall in the archway and my dear old man opened the door.

Sasuke stepped in, taking in the view. His eyes fell on me within a few moments and he smirked, that bastard smirked right at me. Did my dad notice? Hell no. Damn cocky fuck. Humbled by the accident my left nut! Okay….Okay, calm. Don't get in Sasuke's face right away. Dad shut the door behind him as he set his bags on the floor. I decided maybe I shouldn't start with a hostility and walked towards them; my dad smiled and patted me on the shoulder. "Naruto, be a sport and help Sasuke carry his things to the guest room." I nodded and grabbed one of his suitcases, he grabbed the other and the entire time I wondered if he had packed this thing with damn rocks. Shit, this things was HEAVY. It was like carrying a small person. And of course, the guest room was upstairs, right next to my room. I led him up the stairs and he followed obediently. I opened the door, flicked on the lights, and set his things down by the bed. He looked around; the room was pretty good for a guest room. It had a flat screen television, identical to the one in my own room, a comfy leather chair in the corner with a side table, books were stacked on top of it. All considering, without the mess, the posters, and the overall personality, it was like an exact replica of my room. It even had a bathroom connected to it, what a luxury!

"Good enough." Sasuke muttered as he set his other case on the bed. He unbuttoned his windbreaker, something I noticed was very snug on him, as though the fabric was hugging his form. He tossed it on the bed and stretched a little bit. He was wearing so much black it was incredible. The shirt he had on was long sleeve, dark black, nothing on it. He also had dark wash denim skinny jeans on. Hell even his shoes were black. I noticed they were from a foreign exporter because the writing on them was English; they were probably from America. "Aren't you going to say anything?"

"What the hell would I say?"

"Oh I don't know, perhaps anything along the lines of 'Hey Sasuke,' or 'I'm sorry for your loss' or maybe even 'how long are you going to be staying?'" He replied but he wasn't finished. "Or maybe, if you had the balls to say it, 'You look sexy today Sasuke.'"

I scoffed audibly. "Oh yeah, I'm all about what you're packing Sasuke." I could see the slight curl of his lips upwards and I rolled my eyes but found myself unable to leave the room. He was suffering, it was in his body language and how he was holding himself. "…So, how are you holding up?"

He shrugged a little. "Fine I guess, but Itachi has been pissing me off. I would be able to live on my own quite well but he wouldn't let me near the house until he heard I was moving in with you and your father. Then he permitted me to get anything I needed then." He opened up his suitcase and stared at the contents. I noticed during that entire conversation he hadn't looked at me. I wondered why but I decided it was best not to press. I didn't want to bring up anything he didn't want to talk about.

"How is your brother?"

"Slowly progressing away from death." Sasuke muttered. "He's gotten all the surgeries he needed and now all that's ahead of him in the recovery process and taking over the family business." He paused for a moment and crossed his arms over his chest. "He is very grateful that your father bothered to give me a place to stay."

I shrugged a little. "It's what good people do when others are in need; he knew that you would need a place to go and we had a bed open; we could also off a level of stability to you since you life has been thrown upside down."

Sasuke turned his head towards me with a look I couldn't describe. There was something smug about it yet sad. "And what do YOU think about me being here? You and I haven't had the greatest run when it comes to interacting."

"I doesn't bother me that you're here. I'm on board with whatever my dad had planned out because, whether you like it or not, I'm sympathetic towards you and your family. And besides all the bullshit about this being a good experience for you, it may give you a little perspective as to what life is like when you don't have everything handed to you." That's right, snappy comment. But whatever, I'm pretty sure Sasuke appreciated it more than someone trying to hold his hand and feed him lies. If he wanted shit like that he could just walk down the street; people would be all over him in a second.

Sasuke laughed a little at that and turned towards me completely. He leaned back a little with a very amused look on his face. "Oh? Really?" He took a step towards me and eventually our faces were only a few centimeters apart. "You're going to learn very soon Naruto that I always get my way; no matter the situation, or the consequences that may occur."

He was only a few centimeters taller than I was so I had to looked up just a little bit to glare heatedly. Suddenly I realized that I could look him in the eyes, only when I felt the pulse of anger I guess. I shoved him a little and he backed off with an even more amused look springing to his features. "We'll see about that."

"Oh yes, yes we will."


There are no words to describe the pulse of anger filling me at this moment. Not only had I woke up late and only had about ten minutes to throw myself together, Sasuke was already awake, already very composed, and finished with his breakfast. "What the hell Teme?" I said as I stalked down the stairs grabbing my keys from the counter.

Sasuke looked over at me. "Is that going to be your pet name for me? Because I can easily think of one for you too. Though, it has come down to the impassible question of whether I should choose Dobe or Usuratonkachi. Both fit so well."

Oh this guy….He steamed all my vegetables! And by that I mean he's getting on my last nerve; and that's saying something since he hasn't even been here for a full fucking day! I glared at him. "Why didn't you wake me?"

He looked back at me with a slightly aggravated face. "Oh, I did try. You would just roll over and tell me to 'fuck off.' I gave up. And just reset your phone alarm, which went off a total of about twenty times before you actually decided to grace me with your presence." Unfortunately, I could believe that would happen. I was notorious for being the heaviest sleeper alive. Usually, I managed to force myself out of bed but I guess today just wasn't my day.

Sasuke handed me a donut and coffee; I just looked at it. What the fuck is this? A peace offering? Sasuke actually thinking of someone other than himself? This is just plain insanity! I looked back up at him and he just smirked at me. "I had plenty of time to get myself something and since I knew you were going to be late I decided to get you something too." He looked over at the clock and I saw it too. It was a five minute drive to the school from my house and school started at eight, it was currently seven thirty. I liked getting there early so I could mingle, but we also had to get Sasuke's schedule figured out since he was a new student. "You can eat it on the road, but we got to go otherwise I'm going to be late to my first day." Sasuke pulled the keys from his pocket. "Don't spill anything in my car, Dobe. Or I will skin you alive."

It is obvious to me now where all of Sasuke's affection was. His car. Of course if I had a sweet ride like he did I wouldn't allow anyone into my car unless they had protective shoes and a vacuum handy. It was a fucking, pure black Lamborghini. The paint had some kind of sparkling effect that made it seem even more magical. I almost didn't want to get in with my donut in hand but when those doors flew up offering me a seat, I almost squeal like a no good fan girl. I could not let Sasuke know I loved everything about his car. I got in and looked over at him. "Isn't this a bit excessive for a five minute ride to school?"

"I refuse to be seen in your car." I looked over at my car, which was sitting in the driveway, minding it's own business. It was an older model, only about five years, but whatever still old in the car world. It was a Mitsubishi and all considering it was in very good condition, no scratches, or dings. But of course if I had to pick between my car and Sasuke's…

I looked back at him. "I understand."

He nodded his head. "And think of it this way Dobe; since my car will be the mode of transportation you might actually get laid by the women who are actually trying to get to me. Strangely, they think something like that would actually work." I actually laughed a little at that. Oh this guy, he's kinda funny. No! I cannot think that Sasuke is kinda funny! I will not allow the acceptance of thinking that Sasuke is not as bad as once thought. He's a bastard underneath this kindness. I can still feel it in me bones! "Oh and I'm already getting my way Naruto. You've already ended that argument the moment you got into my car."

Fucking bastard. Oh he's good, Sasuke is good. Damn, I never thought he'd be able to win that fast! This is so infuriating. But oh well, I guess there are SOME benefits to Sasuke getting his way this time. I get to roll up to school in a sweet ride but I will not allow him to trick me again. I'm far too clever to fall for his nonsense a second time.

Okay so the drive was boring. We didn't really talk because I was stuffing my face with the donut Sasuke had buttered me up with. It was delicious and the coffee was nice. I was feeling very good actually as we pulled up to the school.

I knew I had to escort Sasuke to the office before I did anything else but…My friends were very distracting. I just got out of the car, I mean set one foot on the ground. I didn't even get to stand up before I was tackled to the ground by my main man, Kiba. I laid there for a second with him on top of me. It was like an extremely awkward hug that didn't involve the wrapping of arms. "Hello Kiba."

"Hey Naruto." He started to pick himself up and then offered me a hand. I got to my feet and we initiated the most epic of all the hugs. The bro hug. It was like slapping someone as hard as humanly possible in the back while doing a chest bump. Pure and epic awesomeness.

"Naruto! Good morning." Sakura came up to us, she had just gotten out of her very unappealing to the eye, bubble gum pink Mercedes. Ino was with her since they were like so totally the best friends ever…Yeah. (2) Ah, I'm hilarious. I knew when they were around the others were bound to come filing out of the woodwork. But it wasn't just because they saw me, it was because everybody on campus was staring at Sasuke's car…and Sasuke himself. I totally forgot that guy was looming around in the shadows like a super out of place elephant. Which reminded me I had responsibilities. I turned towards the sidewalk and made a motion for Sasuke to follow me when we were both cut-off by the super best friends, Sakura and Ino.

"Naruto, don't be rude. Aren't you going to introduce us to him?" Ino practically screeched. She shoved me a little and though it was my nature to get in her face and shove her back, I wouldn't, because one, she was a girl, and two, Sakura would punch the crap outta me. That girl was some kind of crazy masculine fighter; I've told her before that she should join the women's chapter of the UFC(3) in America and she just punched me. She has a far worse temper than I ever will.

Ino was giving Sasuke the coy look; one she was known for when flirting. Of course since I had known her for sooooo long, it had no effect on me by disgust. It just made raise an eyebrow and shake my head a little but Sasuke just scoffed a little before completely ignoring her and focusing all of his attention on me. "Lead the way for me Dobe, I don't have all day."

"You're a real prick, Sasuke, you know that?" He just shrugged and actually had the gall to get behind me and push me through Sakura and Ino, who cleared the way for us like they were never an obstacle in the first place. But that's when we ran into obstacle number two, one that was far more immovable. Sai, the most hated member of my friend circle, to me anyway. Everyone else seemed not to care about him because he never directly messed with them, it was always me. Just me. He would just harass the crap outta me and make as many rude jokes as he felt possible. He sometimes messed with Sakura but learned kinda quick that she will outright punch a dude in the face. I would not want to be the sorry mugger or rapist that tried to get Sakura. And she's on the cross country team, she would hunt them down until her rage was released! They would have to file the police report for assault.

"Well, well, good morning Dick-less. And oh, lo and behold you have a new friend with you." I wanted to tell Sai not to press his luck with Sasuke. But knowing this asshole any fair warning would be ignored. I just sighed a little and allowed him to continue to speak. "Hmm, well Dick-less I may have to find you a new name because this guy seems to be overcompensating for something with a car like that."

I moved out of the way. Just moved out of the way, with a slight push from Sasuke. He stepped forward, getting a few centimeters from Sai's face before leaning down just a little, staring him in the eye. Did I ever mention that Sasuke could be very intimidating? Well he can. The look he was giving Sai gave me chills, and everyone around us was staring like this was going to be the best fight on campus since Kiba almost curb-stomped some guy for calling Hinata ugly.

Sai wasn't smiling like he always was; he actually looked kind of scared but then he got a sudden look as if he realized something. "Oh wait! I know who you are, you're Uchiha Sasuke. The guy who lost both parents in that car accident. Perhaps I should call you the Orphan."

OH MY FUCKING GODS! Sasuke was gunna snap, I could see it! His facial expression changed from a cold glare to something so scarily hot that it was threatening to scorch everything around it. Sasuke was going to kill him, he was going to rip out Sai's spine and beat him with it! His body language was reeking of revenge and anger to the highest degree. I grabbed his arm but he slapped my hand away getting even farther in Sai's face before I finally managed to grab the fist which was threatening to come up and promising the sweet kiss of a knock out. I couldn't let Sasuke get suspended his first day, or you know, go to jail for murdering this insensitive bastard. But hey, Sasuke didn't know Sai was an emotionless asshole. I started to drag Sasuke away from Sai but that bastard was practically glued to his spot.

Finally, fucking finally, I was able to drag him away and get him in the direction of the office. Sasuke was taking a couple deep breaths and before long he was completely composed. I wanted to say something to him but no words came to mind. There was this part of me that wanted to comfort him but I just couldn't do it. I didn't want him to think I was pitying him like everyone else was; I could tell he needed a sense of normal, someone who wouldn't just keep throwing him pity parties. But he also needed someone who would be able to read situations…Unlike Sai who is a completely and utter asshole who I swear thrives the pain and misery of others.

We got into the office and Shizune, the secretary, attendance lady…Whatever, was sitting there and smiled when we came in. She stood up and hugged me. Sasuke looked over at me. "She knows me well." I commented. Sasuke smirked a little bit as she looked over at us.

"You didn't get in a fight with the new kid already did you Naruto?" I looked over at her. I had some sense of self-control. I wouldn't just fly off the handle and beat the crap outta everybody who gave me a weird look.

"I resent that question."

She shrugged. "Well, can you blame me?" I really couldn't. I always ended up in the office for fighting because Kiba somehow always got me to join on whatever escapade he was doing that week. And I always had to fight someone. Somehow the press never gets a hold of all the fighting I've done, but of course my dad always knows. Totally sucks balls. But whatever, I just need to stop upholding Kiba's sense of the 'Bro Code'. "So you're the new transfer student Uchiha Sasuke. Let me just get this out of the way and tell you I am sorry for your lose." Sasuke nodded a little bit before Shizune printed out a copy of Sasuke's schedule, locker number, and school ID number. She handed it to him and he thanked her.

I snatched it from his hand and looked over his schedule. There was no doubt in my mind that my dear old man and Sasuke had been planning this for awhile since he already had his schedule made and ready to go. I was surprised while looking at it. They were all crazy, ridiculous classes like AP Calculus and AP Physics. Was this dude trying to kill himself? I think he might have been. I sighed a little. "I'll show you to your classrooms since we still have time…And apparently first period together." Sasuke glanced at his schedule.

"You're taking AP Literature and Composition? I didn't think you had it in you." Indeed, as shocking as my D average sounds, there's a reason why it's not an F average. That class was the only one I had an A in. And Sasuke was going to be in for a shock but we also had PE and AP Physics together. Which means three of six classes. How delightful, I got spend half my school day with him. And oh, lunch too. Super duper.

I pointed out all of Sasuke's classrooms, the lunchroom, the other random things like the gym, the theater which I had no idea why since he probably wasn't going to need it, the video room which had a green screen and who knows what else since I haven't taken any kind of photography or video class. Also a pointless point out. And eventually we got to first period with the greatest, laziest teacher in all of existence Hatake Kakashi. Oh this guy, he was a piece of work. Always late. No matter what. I was actually surprised that he hadn't been fired or something but then again when he actually teaches, it's like the wisdom of god being shoved into my brain.

Sasuke and I walked in. "Oh I should tell you know now that we can probably be about thirty minutes or so late to this class and the teacher won't even care." Sasuke raised an eyebrow at me and pointed to Kakashi's desk. No sign of him. "He's always late and gives some crazy bullshit excuse like 'my path was crossed by a black cat so I had to take the long way around while praying to eight different religions and jogging in place at the same time.'" Sasuke smirked a little at that as we took a seat. Sakura showed up a little later and decided to sit next to Sasuke, who paid her no mind. He was too focused with staring out the window and ignoring everyone in the room like it was just him and no one else. But of course when Sai finally decided to show up, Sasuke's attention was grabbed, and it was grabbed harshly.

Sasuke stared him down, I mean he mean-mugged the crap outta him as he took a seat on the other side of me so he was sitting between me and Sakura, staring across our desk groupings at Sasuke. He smiled a little obviously brushing off his face to face encounter with death. "I've decided on a nickname that you won't kill me over."

"I believe I'll be the judge of that." Sakura and I stared at each other. I was actually waiting for him to reach across the desks and just take him to the floor. I mean no one in the room would pass up a good fight and ha, it's not like Kakashi was here to report to the office or anything.

Sai leaned forward and looked Sasuke dead in the eye. "Interloper." We all kind of looked at each other like 'whaaaa'. I had not be expecting something that had some kind of tact attached to it. I mean, this is Sai we're talking about. "It's perfect if you think about it. You're like the complete opposite of everyone in the friend circle, yet since you've come pre-packaged with dick-less over here then you get an automatic in. Plus all the girls are already suckers for you're beautiful face, cold demeanor, and tortured past. Right now, I can see Sakura is thinking of ways she can save you from your own darkness." He said the last part with a breathiness that seemed like a woman would use to describe their perfect romance. I wanted to laugh a little but Sakura had already turned her head and was about to punch Sai. Sasuke smirked a little then.

"Yes, well. We can't all be as lucky as me to get the girl every time." Sakura started blushing then for some reason. Sasuke hadn't even addressed the statement towards her yet she was blushing like he had singled her out and kissed her in the moonlight or something. I rolled my eyes but that's when Sai got a little too close for comfort. I hated it when he invaded my space because he was actually one of the only friends who would do something; I mean Kiba would tackle me to the ground and all but Sai was daring, and good at pushing his luck.

"You can have Fists over there, and skanky blond; hell you can even have Shy but as long as I have my dick-less, I'll always be complete." He was holding me as he said that, practically pulling me out of my chair. I saw the flash of fists before I could even really process what was happening. Sai fell out of his seat and landed on the floor. I looked up at Sasuke who seemed frozen and I knew why within the instant; Kakashi had just walked into the room, his Icha Icha Paradise in hand. He sighed a little and pointed towards the door.

"Uchiha Sasuke, principal's office. You too Sai." Both of them left without a single word. Kakashi turned to the class. "That was one hell of a first impression. I think I like him." The class couldn't help but agree. Sai wasn't exactly well liked and we all know he deserved more than he got.

But one question was still ringing in my mind as I sat up and looked at Sakura, who looked just about as confused as I did. "What the hell just happened?" Sasuke was supposed to be a better person than me, not as short fused, nor as aggressive. So why? Why would this media proclaimed 'good' son suddenly lose his cool and just knock Sai across the floor? It just didn't make any sense. I knew a good bit of what Sasuke did was for show but I didn't actually think breaking character could be so easily accomplished by someone who was more easily able to get under my skin...So what the hell could this possibly mean?

1. Japanese politics time. Japan is a constitutional monarchy which means they have an emperor and a set up like America; a congress if you will. They have a House of Representatives and The House of Councilors(like the American Senate) So if you want, it's like Minato is running for Senator…Only in Japan. Except it is far harder to get into the House of Councilors…Go look it up for more details :P
2. In your head, you have to read that statement like a valley girl would say it. Naruto is mocking them of course and it's hilarious.
3. The UFC, in case you don't know, is the Ultimate Fighters Championship. It's mixed martial arts fighting and the women are so scary and beefy yet amazingly hot with their awesome bodies! And if you really think about it…Sakura would kinda be a good contestant for the show.

LE FIN. The first chapter is finished. And I finished it on a wonderful suspenseful note. I'm contemplating whether or not the next chapter will begin at lunch or whatever. We'll see.

Sasuke: You've started another...
Me: Yes. I had a void in my life.
Sasuke:-shakes head- You have like a pile of updates you need to do and you screw around. But I guess it's what you do best.
Me: You're such a dick. But that's okay because I understand you.
Sasuke: Sure you do. This was Hitoko-sama.