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Last Breath


I cannot believe it, I have only just put my head down for some much needed sleep and now my alarm clock is blaring beside me. I reach my left hand out from beneath my covers and slam my hand down, pressing various buttons until the thing finally shuts up. Sighing I roll onto my back and I run my hands through my long mane of brown hair. I glance over at my alarm, hoping that it will read a different time but nope, no such luck, 6.01 is flickering at me in bright red numerals. I sit up in my huge double bed and rub my eyes, trying to get rid of my morning grogginess, my eyes scan my room as always.

This house that I had brought; with the help of my dad for my twenty first birthday, five years ago still looked like I had just moved in, I basically live out of boxes which annoys my best friend and secret crush of seven years to no end 'Is it weird to still have a crush at twenty six?' I think as I shake my head, I remember the first time we met, she was this tiny little thing that totally captured my attention from the first glimpse I had of her. She was trying with all her might to resuscitate a middle aged man who had collapsed after a heart attack in the middle of Calawah Way. I know that it's probably not the most romantic place to find someone that you could potentially love, but just from the sheer determination she held as her tiny fist punched Mr. Reese's chest had me wanting her in so many ways.

I learnt later that day over a cup of coffee at Forks General hospital; where she is stationed at, that her name was Alice Brandon and she was of course a paramedic. Somehow after the events of Mr. Reese dying later in hospital me and Alice formed a great friendship, and I couldn't see my life being fulfilled without her in it, which led me to having to bottle my emotions up whenever I saw her with her long term boyfriend Jasper. But I guess I would have caught a break when she broke up with him four months ago, if she wasn't straight that is.

'10-' the voice of Deputy Newton's voice stutters through my police radio that's sitting next to my annoying alarm clock, I remove my eyes from the white wall I'm staring at and fix them on the radio '10-39 Sheriff Swan' he finally calls, and I know he would have flicked through his police code book, which he always has attached to his hip as he sits at his desk in the station, leaning over I pick up my radio and hold it to my mouth.

"This is Swan, go ahead" releasing the button so I wasn't transmitting anymore I wait for him to get back to me, Deputy Newton has just been transferred from Seattle, and he was nothing but eager to show that he knew the job inside and out, plus he wasn't shy to suck up to me in hopes of getting some brownie points.

'Sheriff we have a 10-54 in Tilicum Park, over' 'Possible dead body' I think to myself, we don't get many of them in Forks, you are either alive or dead here, no possible about it.

"10-4 I'm heading over, have the paramedics been called?" I ask as I quickly jump out of bed and start to dress in my uniform; which was still in a heap on my bedroom floor from last night.

'Yes, yes' his voice rings through my room as I pull on my black trousers and then my shirt, fumbling with the buttons and tucking the hem into my trousers, I walk into my bathroom and quickly brush my teeth. I run from my bathroom and into the kitchen where I find my gun in its holster and my radio on the rectangle table that's pushed against the wall. I grab them and attach them both to my belt around my waist whilst I stride towards the front door. I fix my radio transmitter to the holster on the top right hand side of my shirt and jam my feet into my boots, kneeling down on my right and then left to tie them up.

Once out of the door with my keys in hand, I jump into my light blue cruiser that has 'Sheriff' written on each side, in big white writing with 'Forks Police Department' underneath in smaller letters. Getting in I start the car and switch on the radio inside to the right channel, I can hear Deputy Emmett Cullen saying that he has arrived at Tilicum Park and that he is cordoning the area off. I quickly pull my hair into a messy ponytail; with the hair band that I keep around my wrist at all times, and then put on the black cap that has 'Sheriff' written on the front in white, fixing it so that my ponytail is out of the hole in the back.

I pull out of my driveway and start to make my way through town and towards the park, as I'm driving it suddenly dawns on me that today was my busiest day of the week. On Sundays I always have to attend the towns weekly meeting's, where I will have to listen to everyone moaning about the fact that, the streets are too littered or the kids too noisy in the afternoon, and then I will have to go around town answering to those complaints. I love this town don't get me wrong, but the people sometimes can be so petty and annoying, it makes me want to pack my bags and just leave. I also have to go and see Mr. and Mrs. Thompson about their obsession of taking in stray animals, this is one of the complaints I received last week that I haven't got around to doing. Then I have a meeting with my small police department which consists of, four deputy's, my only Captain Edward Cullen and my Under Sheriff Jacob Black, plus just to top it all off, today is my Dads birthday.

Sighing with tiredness I turn into the entrance of Tilicum Park and make my way down the dirt track until I see Deputy Cullen's cruiser; which I can see currently has three people in the back, and the Emergency Services Ambulance. Parking next to them, I take my notepad, clipboard that holds all my documents and pen from the dashboard, jumping out of the car I start to walk the short distance towards Emmett "Sheriff Swan" he says politely with a dip of his head.

"Deputy, we know anything yet?" I ask as I stop opposite him and I peer around his large, bulky form so I can get a glimpse of what was happening ahead of us. All I can see are the Paramedics standing around the body, not even attempting to revive him.

"Nothing yet" he says as he looks behind him "Paramedics are a little stumped, I have the two Mallory boys and a girl that won't give her name in the back of my car, they were the ones that called it in"

"Ok, you haven't talked to them yet?"

"Erm would you like me to? I thought that maybe you would want to be the first point of contact"

"Sure I'll head over first and see the body, then I'll question them" I say as I dip my caps brim to him and start to make my way through the slightly wooded park.

"Oh do you want someone to come and take them to the station or?" he calls to me as the idea strikes him.

"Keep them here with you for now, there's no need for them to go in" he nods, turns and returns to his duty; which is basically telling people that they cannot enter the park today.

When I have finally managed to navigate myself through the woods and down a small slope, I come to a stop about ten feet away from the body. I nod towards the two medics before I survey the area. The 'John Doe' is a young male maybe mid-twenties, he's fallen so that he's ended up on his side. His wide, frightened blue eyes looking up at me, his mouth open almost like he had been screaming, his clothing is dirty and ripped, a weird stench coming off him like he hasn't washed in weeks, and the tread on his white trainers are worn to the point where he might as well have been running in his bright yellow shocks that I could see from where the bottom of his trousers had ridden up.

I write down all my findings in my notepad in case there are any questions later that I have to answer "Any ideas on the cause of death" I ask speaking to the medics; who are watching me tread carefully around the body, for the first time.

"None, it's almost like he literally just dropped dead" the female medic; who I recognize is Jessica Stanley from school, answers. It still astounds me, I mean how the hell has she managed to become a medic, her of all people, she is still as dim-witted as she was back then. Clenching my jaw I look over at her partner who is still eyeing her and I wait for him to realize that I'm looking his way.

"Sorry" he mumbles when he glances my way with a shake of his head "No pulse on arrival, checked all vital signs, airways clean, no sign of injuries and no attempts to revive him made. He's been dead too long, approximately fifteen minutes now" he explains with a glance at his watch.

"Thank you" I say to him; at least someone knows how to follow protocol "So no signs of foul play" I ask.

"Not that we can see, until an autopsy has been carried out we won't know cause of death"

"Ok" I sigh, I crouch down next to him, and my nostrils flare from his powerful odor "Do you have any gloves?" I ask looking up at the male medic, I nod my head in thanks as he hands me a pair of blue disposable gloves. Once my right hand is covered from whatever this guy has, I use the tip of my pen to open his left trouser pocket, and I strain my head to have a look in. I can see his wallet, so with the pen; still holding his pocket open, I reach in with my gloved right hand and pull it out.

Standing up straight again I place the brown wallet on my clipboard and open it with my pen again, I find a picture of his face full of life shining up at me from his driving license;

'Mark Tate, D.O.B 12.01.1983, 181 living wood street, Seattle'

"Deputy Newton, come in" I call into my radio as I flick through his wallet some more, I find fifty dollars, a gym card, a couple of credit cards and a photo of him and a cute brunette cuddled up on the settee, it was one of those that you take yourself when your all gooey and in love.

'Go ahead Sheriff'

"Could you check and see if any reports of an abandoned vehicle has come in this morning, and also check if anyone has filed a Mark Tate from Seattle missing, Deputy Cullen, come in"

'10-4' Emmett's voice comes in over the radio.

"Can you come down here whilst I talk to the witnesses, I can't leave the body unattended"

'10-4' he repeats, and with another dip of the brim of my cap at the medics, I start to make my way back up the small hill and towards the vehicles; passing Emmett with a quick 'hi' on the way over. I dispose of my disease ridden pen and the gloves in a small evidence bag that is still in my pocket from yesterday.

I open the passenger side door of his cruiser and get in, and place the clipboard and wallet on the driver's seat "So?" I ask as I opened the glove compartment and find an extra pen for me to use "Why don't one of you tell me what happened" I say, turning around in my seat; so that I can see them through the caged divider, with a pleasant smile plastered on my face. When really I'm pissed off, as if I don't have enough to deal with, now I have to stay with a dead body all day, but of course I can't let it show, if I do they will clamp up on me and I won't be able to get anything out of them.

"Well it's just like we told that other officer he just…died" one of the Mallory boys mumbles.

"Just so I can picture it in my head, could you explain it to me" I ask, my pen hovering over a blank page ready to take notes.

"Well we were walking through the park from a part-"

"Josh shut up" the girl hisses at him, I turn my attention to her and as her eyes fix on me she scowls, before deciding it's better to look out of the window instead of at me.

"Look I don't care where you were last night, all I know is I have a dead body down there and you three were the last to see him alive, so please just tell me what you saw"

"Ok" Josh starts again, he glances at the girl before carrying on "We saw him running through the park, screaming his head off like someone had jumped out on him, we watched him and just as we were gonna help him he fell"

"Right…" I say as I finish writing "What was he screaming, was he shouting anything?"

"Nothing he was just screaming" the other boy answers.

"What direction did he come from?"

"That way" Josh says, pointing out of the window that the girl is still looking through "He was running right at us, but…" he trails off.

"But?" I urge him.

"It was like he couldn't see us, he just kept screaming, man it was scary" he mumbles sheepishly at the end.

"I know that it must have been. Could you tell me how he fell…did he clutch his chest, did he look in any kind of pain, or did he trip?" I add when the boys look at me dumbly.

"No nothing like that he just dropped to floor, almost like he ran into a wall and then his body fell down the hill" that's odd, no sign of him being in any kind of pain, I'm no medical doctor but is this possible, can someone just drop dead like that.

'Sheriff Swan, come in' Newton's voice rings through the car, making Josh jump in fright.

"10-4, I have kids here" I warn him before he discloses something he shouldn't in front of them.

'No vehicles reported and no missing person by that name'

"10-4, over" I say ending the transmission "Wait here" I add to the kids, I pick up my stuff, get out of the car and walk the short distance towards mine. Unlocking it I jump into the driver's seat and put my stuff on the dashboard. I'm debating on who to bring down here so that I can leave. I've come to the conclusion that he must have been drunk or on drugs, some kind of junkie maybe "Martin's come in"

'Martin's' he replies quickly, James Martin's is my oldest Deputy, he has been in the job longer than me, twelve years compared to my six, but whereas I climbed the ladder quickly, he decided some time ago to stay as a Deputy, 'I like to be out on the front line, not stuck behind some desk' I once heard him mutter under his breath when I asked him why he hadn't been promoted.

"We have a 10-55 could you come here and wait with the body"


"Newton 10-55 down at Tilicum Park" I radio through, when he comes back and confirms that he has contacted the coroner, I get out of my car and walk back down towards the body "Emmett wait here until Martin's comes and then return to the cordon, tell Martin's to bag any evidence" I instruct him, I also ask the medics to stay until the coroner arrives, and after they agree I make my way back to my cruiser "You three come on" I say opening the car door of Emmett's to let them out and then mine for them to get in.

After dropping the Mallory boys off at their house and speaking to their parents, I had the hard and trying task of finding out the girls name, but when she got bored of me saying that she wasn't in any trouble she finally relented and told me that her name is Lucy Webber, Angela Webber's niece, I take her home and explain what had happened to her parents.

I get everything I need from my car and get out, outside of Forks Police Station the place looks more like a hut than anything else, as it's made of thick wooden walls, walking through the glass door and into the front holding room where family members wait for detainees to be released, or complainants who came to, well complain. It's a basic room, the dark, wooden front desk straight ahead which is hardly every manned; so we place a bell there so people can get our attention when we are in the back. Two grey settees either side of me and various plastic chairs placed against the walls. I lift the divider at the left side of the desk and walk through the door that leads into the back office and holding cells "Deputy" I greet Mike Newton who's sat at his desk with the stations radio in front of him.

"Sheriff, is there anything I could get you?"

"I'm fine thank you, is there anything I should know, bar for the obvious" I add, as I walk towards my desk which is next to the only window we have, and when I sit at it, if I turn my head to the left I can see into the cells, doing just that as I stand there I can see a male balled up on the makeshift metal bed.

"Nothing apart from him, Gus Carter, Drunk and Disorderly outside Lucy's this morning" letting out an angry huff I slam my clipboard down on my desk and I'm satisfied when Gus jumps awake, turning his head his green eyes narrow at me.

"Again Gus? I should start charging you breakfast and board, I could make a fortune with the amount of time you spend here" he grunts something unintelligible at me, wipes his greasy, grey hair out of his face before laying his head back down on the blue mat. Gus Carter is our local menace and for a man of his age he should have calmed down on the drinking by now, but it seems that with age he keeps getting worse.

"Speaking of breakfast I haven't been fed yet Sheriff" he spits at me.

"You haven't fed him?" I whisper over to Mike, he whitens immediately like I've just fired him, he fumbles around with the paperwork and radio wires at his desk "hey don't worry, I'll head over to Lucy's now before the meeting, you want anything?" I ask kindly.

"Erm, no I'm good thanks"

I walk across the road and to the conveniently placed café that I always go to for breakfast, lunch and sometimes if I cannot be bothered cooking dinner, which is more often than not. I don't have a life, I'm the sort that's married to the job, it consumes me, when I'm not here I am thinking about it and when I am, well I'm simply in my element.

I know though, that only one person can make me watch the clock tick down until the end of my shift, like everyone else who has a family that they can't wait to get home to, but I have no such luck in that department.

Entering Lucy's I hear the door chime, signaling my entrance to the whole café, many people greet me with a welcome smile, but others avoid my gaze as I walk towards the counter. I stand there, my arms resting on the counter, my right leg behind me slightly, the toe of my boot tapping the ground as I wait patiently for Lucy to come through from the back "Be with you in a second Sheriff" she shouts from the kitchen.

"No rush Luce" I call back to her, I glance at the people behind me; simply for just something to do, and see that their concerned faces are looking up at the portable TV Luce had put up on the wall to stop the customers from moaning. I frown when I see what they are watching; a news reporter in his studio, down at the bottom of the screen is what is capturing everyone's attention though

Breaking News: Panic spreading across America, civil unarrest taking place throughout America, Reports of people dropping dead in the streets

The TV is muted so there's no sound coming from the reporter, snapping my eyes away from the screen I search the counter for the remote. When I find nothing but menus plus salt and pepper shakers, I jump up onto it so that my stomach is resting on the counter, and I can see over the other side, which thankfully is where the remote is held. Picking it up I quickly raise the volume and the man's voice fills the room "We are now going to head over to Jill Westbourne who is reporting from New York"

"Thank you Richard" a blonde headed news reporter; who's stood in the middle of Times Square, says. People who are shopping or heading to work can be seen standing behind her in a state of shock, all of them are facing in the same direction, and piercing screams can be heard from what sounds like hundreds of people not far away from them "Since early this morning there have been cases of grouped people running throughout our cities, now these people seem to be in some form of shock or injury. In some instances it has been reported that these people have dropped dead and medics are baffled as to why" the reporter glances to her right and I can see her face pale underneath her makeup "We are about to come into contact with - oh my god" is the last thing we hear as someone barrels into the reporter and camera man; knocking his camera from his hands, the newsroom quickly switches back to Richard who is sat there with his mouth open, no doubt from watching what we just have.

"What can I get you Sheriff?" Lucy asks from behind the counter, closing my own mouth; which is also agape, I turn to look at her. I can feel the room's attention was suddenly on me, so I try to act natural, like the scene I have just witnessed didn't affect me.

"Bacon and sausage sandwich and a coffee to go please" I ask politely as I pull my wallet out of my pocket along with the evidence bag; which holds the pen and gloves I used earlier 'Is this connected, was Mark Tate suffering from the same thing, the screaming and just dropping dead added up with the other stories' I think to myself.

"Sheriff what do think we should do" a middle aged man asks, from where he was sat at a table with his two young children.

"I'm sure there is nothing to worry about, there is no cause to be alarmed-" I'm cut off from my well-practiced, reassuring speech that I have become excellent at, by my radio and Deputy Doyle's panicked voice blaring out of it.

"I need assistance on Pine Avenue, male running and screaming his head off, I can't catch him on foot in need of assistance over" 'Shit'

Codes: 10-39 come to the radio, 10-54 possible dead body, 10-4 message received/understood, 10-55 coroners' case.